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Fishes, Ichthyology

Fishes, Ichthyology<br>

Fishes, Ichthyology

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Synopsis of Biological Data on the Tor Maseer Tor tor (Hamilton, 1822), Desai, V. R
105 Desai, V. R Synopsis of Biological Data on the Tor Maseer Tor tor (Hamilton, 1822)
9251049335 / 9789251049334 New
2003. 30cm. Pp.43. 19 figures & maps, 20 tables. Binding : ebook.

Among Indian mahseers, Tor mahseer Tor tor (Hamilton, 1822) is the most important food and game fish of India after Tor putitora (Hamilton, 1822). It constitutes an outstanding fishery in the Narmada River in central India. It has also settled in some Indian reservoirs which have been stocked with this fish. However, the building of dams across certain rivers has created reservoirs that have destroyed the natural breeding grounds of the fish and caused mortality of brood and juvenile fish indiscriminately. The mahseer fishery of India is further declining as a result of low recruitment of the fish. Stocking rivers and reservoirs with mahseer is therefore essential to restore the fishery. This synopsis is the compilation of biological data for Tor tor – Tor mahseer collected from different sources. The detailed biological information on Tor tor, including the feeding habits, breeding and growth patterns contained in this synopsis, will be useful in planning the development of the mahseer fishery in India. ebook / pdf 845KB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.

Price: 17.00 GBP
106 Deutsche Cichliden-Gesellschaft (editors) Cichliden, Festschrift zum 25 jaehrigen Jubilaeum der DCG
3980461408 / 9783980461405 
1995. 22cm. Pp.256. Colour & BW photos, figures. Hardbound.

Cichliden, Festschrift zum 25 jaehrigen Jubilaeum der DCG presents about 29 papers on cichlids from around the world, with the emphasis on African species. German text.
Price: 15.00 GBP
Morphological Evolution, Adaptations, Homoplasies, Constraints, and Evolutionary Trends: Catfishes as a Case Study on General Phylogeny & Macroevolution, Diogo, R
107 Diogo, R Morphological Evolution, Adaptations, Homoplasies, Constraints, and Evolutionary Trends: Catfishes as a Case Study on General Phylogeny & Macroevolution
1578082919 / 9781578082919 New
2004. 26cm. Pp.600. Hardbound.

The major aim of this work is, to help clarify the interrelationships of catfishes, with major implications on the study of the general evolution of these fishes.

A great part of this work, therefore, deals with a cladistic analysis of catfish higher-level phylogeny based on extensive morphological data, in which are included some terminal taxa not included in previous analyses, but principally a large number of characters traditionally excluded from those analyses, with particular attention being given to catfish morphology.

This analysis gives particular importance to complex, integrated structures. Morphological Evolution, Adaptations, Homoplasies, Constraints, and Evolutionary Trends will be interest to students, ichthyologists and biologists working in evolution, taxonomy and phylogeny.

Price: 113.00 GBP
108 Doadrio, I Leuciscus carolitertii n.sp. from the Iberian Peninsula (Pisces: Cyprinidae)

1987. 22cm. Pp.9. 4 figs., 1 map, 1 table. Offprint.
Price: 4.00 GBP
Fish Locomotion: An Eco-ethological Perspective, Domenici, Paulo (editor)
109 Domenici, Paulo (editor) Fish Locomotion: An Eco-ethological Perspective
1578084482 / 9781578084487 New
2010. 26cm. Pp.549. Hardbound.

Fish accomplish most of their basic behaviors by swimming. Swimming is fundamental in a vast majority of fish species for avoiding predation, feeding, finding food, mating, migrating and finding optimal physical environments. Fish exhibit a wide variety of swimming patterns and behaviours.

Fish Locomotion: An Eco-ethological Perspective looks at fish swimming from the behavioral and ecological perspectives rather than from the more traditional biomechanics, ecomorphology and physiological perspectives used in studies of fish swimming. The book is therefore largely integrative by its own nature, and it includes considerations related to fisheries, conservation and evolution. It is aimed at students and researchers interested in fish swimming from any organismal background, be it biomechanics, ecomorphology, physiology, behavior or ecology.

Price: 110.00 GBP
Metamorphosis in Fish, Dufour, Sylvie ; Karine Rousseau & B. G. Kapoor
110 Dufour, Sylvie ; Karine Rousseau & B. G. Kapoor Metamorphosis in Fish
1578087139 / 9781578087136 New
2012. 28cm. Pp.270. Hardbound.

Metamorphosis in Fish gathers current data on the two types of fish metamorphoses and their endocrine controls. It will be of interest for fish biologists as well as comparative physiologists and endocrinologists.

Metamorphosis is a major developmental phase characterized by morphological and physiological changes. It prepares organisms for a drastic shift in habitat and behaviour. Among vertebrates, besides the well-known larval metamorphosis in amphibians, two types of metamorphosis are also described in the life cycle of some fish species.

Larval metamorphosis, also called first metamorphosis or true metamorphosis, is encountered in lampreys, representative species of basal vertebrates as well as in some teleost groups, elopomorphs and pleuronectiforms, and possibly also in some other teleost species. Secondary metamorphosis occurs in juveniles of some diadromic migratory teleosts, such as salmons and eels, and compared to larval metamorphosis, involves less drastic morphological changes.

Price: 65.99 GBP
FishBase 2004 DVD, DVD
111 DVD FishBase 2004 DVD
Full information on 28,500+ species, containing the complete database and all pictures.

FishBase is a relational database with information to cater to different professionals such as research scientists, fisheries managers, zoologists, aquarists, conservationists and others (detailed information on population dynamics, genetics, morphology, trophic ecology, physiology, ecotoxicology, reproduction, etc. is included).

System requirements : the database uses Microsoft Access 2000 and thus needs Windows 98 or above as the operating system and a DVD player.

Price: 40.00 GBP
Devonic Fishes of the New York Formations, Eastman,  Charles R
112 Eastman, Charles R Devonic Fishes of the New York Formations
NY State Mus. 60th Annual Report 1906. Vol.5. Appendix 7 (continued). 1908. 30cm. Pp.235. 15 plates. Original green buckram, gilt, spine trifle marked.

Devonic Fishes of the New York Formations, good clean copy.

Price: 20.00 GBP
Triassic Fishes of Connecticut, Eastman, Charles R
113 Eastman, Charles R Triassic Fishes of Connecticut
Used ex-library
Connecticut State Geological and Natural History Survey Bulletin No.18, Hartford, 1911. 23cm. Pp.77. 11 plates, 8 figures. Original wrappers, worn, ex-library copy, no internal markings and in very good clean condition, could be usefully rebound and priced accordingly.

Price: 17.00 GBP
Deep-Sea Cartilaginous Fishes of the Indian Ocean, Volume 1. Sharks. Volume 2. Batoids and Chimaeras, Ebert, David A
114 Ebert, David A Deep-Sea Cartilaginous Fishes of the Indian Ocean, Volume 1. Sharks. Volume 2. Batoids and Chimaeras
9251079676 / 9789251079676 New
2014. 2 volumes. 30cm. Pp.264; 132. 400 figures & maps. Softbound.

Provides accounts for all orders, families, and genera and all keys to taxa are fully illustrated. A species representative account of each genus is also provided and includes : valid modern names and original citation of the species; synonyms; the English, French, and Spanish FAO names for the species; a lateral view and often other useful illustrations; field marks; diagnostic features; distribution, including a GIS map; habitat; biology; size; interest to fisheries and human impact; local names when available; a remarks sections; and literature.

Fully indexed and also includes sections on terminology and measurements including an extensive glossary, and a dedicated bibliography.

Volume 1 pictured.

Price: 120.00 GBP
Aqualog The Puffers of Fresh and Brackish Waters, Ebert, K
115 Ebert, K Aqualog The Puffers of Fresh and Brackish Waters
393170260X / 9783931702601 New
28cm. Pp.96. 300 colour photos. Hardbound.

Aqualog The Puffers of Fresh and Brackish Waters is the first aquarium hobby monograph on fresh- and brackish-water pufferfishes. The author, who has been keeping these fishes for more than 40 years, provides detailed maintenance data on 29 species from this fascinating group. All known fresh- and brackish-water species, from all over the world, are portrayed in the identification section (many for the first time) with some 300 stunning colour photographs offering proof that puffers are not only useful snail-eaters but also colourful fishes, extraordinary in their form.

This book has much to offer not only the novice but also aquarists and scientists specialising in puffers. Like every Aqualog the unique code-number system permits precise identification, even in the case of colour variants with no individual scientific name.

Price: 19.95 GBP
A Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Tanzania, Eccles, David H
116 Eccles, David H A Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Tanzania
925103186X / 9789251031865 New
1992. 26cm. Pp.v, 145. Line drawings for each species. Binding : eBook / pdf.

Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Tanzania includes background remarks on the fauna and a basic introduction to taxonomy. A section on technical terms and measurements illustrates the characters used for identification. The species accounts include illustrations and information on synonyms, standard names, local names, maximum size, distribution, habitat and miscellaneous remarks. A useful illustrated scientific field guide designed for the quick and accurate identification of the species. ebook, 26.1MB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.

Price: 17.00 GBP
Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes - 1996. Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes held in Konstanz, Germany September 23-26, 1996, Eckmann, Reiner; Alfred Appenzeller & Roland Rösch (editors)
117 Eckmann, Reiner; Alfred Appenzeller & Roland Rösch (editors) Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes - 1996. Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes held in Konstanz, Germany September 23-26, 1996
3510470524 / 9783510470525 New
1998. 24cm. Pp.xi,533. 207 figures, 93 tables, 1 appendix. Paperback.

Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes 1996 presents 54 specialist papers covering the biology, genetics, fisheries, stocking and management of coregonid fishes.

Price: 101.00 GBP
Hagfish Biology, Edwards, Susan L. & Gregory G. Goss (editors)
118 Edwards, Susan L. & Gregory G. Goss (editors) Hagfish Biology
1482233452 / 9781482233452 New
2015. Pp.393. 32 colour photos, 87 BW photos and text figures. Hardbound.

There are over 70 species of hagfishes inhabiting the depths of the world’s oceans. Hagfishes are essential benthic organisms that play a vital role in our understanding of the evolutionary origins of vertebrate life and in the maintenance of the oceanic ecosystem. Hagfish Biology provides an avenue of synergy between the scientists interested in the physiology, molecular and evolutionary biology, morphology, and protection of these unique animals. This timely book will be of interest to scientists in a range of fields, particularly to comparative physiologists, conservation biologists, and physiologists.

Price: 94.00 GBP
Morphology, Phylogeny and Paleobiogeography of Fossil Fishes, Honoring Meemann Chang, Elliott, David K., John G. Maisey, Xiaobo Yu & Desui Miau (editors):
119 Elliott, David K., John G. Maisey, Xiaobo Yu & Desui Miau (editors): Morphology, Phylogeny and Paleobiogeography of Fossil Fishes, Honoring Meemann Chang
3899371224 / 9783899371222 New
2010. 26cm. Pp.472. 13 coloured and 194 black-and-white figures, 14 tables, 9 appendices. Hardbound

The study of fossil fishes has advanced significantly over the past few years, giving scientists a rare opportunity to understand the origin and early evolution of major vertebrate groups, ranging from the jawless agnathans to piscine gnathostomes (placoderms, acanthodians, chondrichthyans and osteichthyans).

Morphology, Phylogeny and Paleobiogeography of Fossil Fishes presents recent findings on the morphology, phylogeny and paleobiogeography of fossil fishes, as a tribute to Professor Meemann Chang for her contributions to paleoichthyology and to the study of early vertebrate evolution.

With a foreword by Dr. Henry Gee (Senior Science Editor of Nature), an introduction, 22 research papers by leading vertebrate paleontologists from 14 countries, and 220 photos and illustrations, this book covers important fossil forms ranging from the Paleozoic to the Cenozoic and reflects research advances based on traditional paleontological methods as well as new techniques such as CT scanning.

Price: 120.00 GBP
Ecology and Evolution of Poeciliid Fishes, Evans, J.P; A. Pilastro & I. Schulpp (editors)
120 Evans, J.P; A. Pilastro & I. Schulpp (editors) Ecology and Evolution of Poeciliid Fishes
0226222748 / 9780226222745 New
2011. 28cm. Pp.424. 54 maps, 34 line drawings, 25 tables. Hardbound.

Found throughout tropical and subtropical waters, poeciliids exhibit a fascinating variety of reproductive specializations, including viviparity, matrotrophy, unisexual reproduction, and alternative mating strategies.

Ecology and Evolution of Poeciliid Fishes is a much-needed overview of the scientific potential and understanding of these live-bearing fishes. Chapters by leading researchers take up a wide range of topics, including the evolution of unisexual reproduction, life in extreme environments, life-history evolution, and genetics.

Price: 68.00 GBP
Catfish Atlas Volume 1, Evers, H.-G. & I. Seidel
121 Evers, H.-G. & I. Seidel Catfish Atlas Volume 1
3882440643 / 9783882440645 New
English edn., 2005. 19cm. Pp.944. 1000 colour photographs. Hardbound.

The family Loricariidae, suckermouth -or armoured- catfishes, contains over 650 described species and a great number of still undescribed forms. Many of these are popular aquarium fishes. This first volume presents the subfamilies Hypoptopomatinae and Loricariinae, and the families Cetopsidae, Nematogenydae, and Trichomycteridae. An extensive introduction to their natural history is given with special emphasis on aspects of breeding and ecology.

Price: 39.95 GBP
Early Stages of Fishes in the Western North Atlantic Ocean, (Davis Strait, Southern Greenland and Flemish Cap to Cape Hatteras), Fahay, Michael P.
122 Fahay, Michael P. Early Stages of Fishes in the Western North Atlantic Ocean, (Davis Strait, Southern Greenland and Flemish Cap to Cape Hatteras)
2007. 2 volume set. 29cm. Pp.1696. 3000 drawings of eggs, larvae and juveniles and 2000 references. Hardbound.

Volume 1: Acipenseriformes through Syngnathiformes, pp.1 - 931. Volume 2: Scorpaeniformes through Tetraodontiformes, pp.932 - 1696.

Early Stages of Fishes in the Western North Atlantic Ocean is the only up-to-date textbook providing detailed descriptions and accurate drawings of the early life-history stages of the fishes from the Northwest Atlantic Ocean north of 35°N and west of 40°W. The region covers the world’s most famous fishing grounds and includes the Davis Strait, southern Greenland, Flemish Cap, Georges Bank, northern Sargasso Sea and Middle Atlantic Bight to Cape Hatteras.

Includes : a checklist of 1075 fish species occurring in the study area ; descriptions of egg, larval and juvenile stages of 760 species from 196 families ; synopses of habitats from estuarine to abyssal ; updated ranges and many species’ range extensions, often based on early stages ; identification facilitated by numerous descriptive tables ; morphological characters of developmental stages summarized and tabulated for 28 orders of teleosts, 15 suborders of Perciformes, 26 families of Percoidei and several other major groups, and appendices with tabulations of meristic characters, museum reference material sources and collection data for original material.

Edition limited to 200 copies, few only.

Price: 112.00 GBP
The Basking Shark in Scotland, Natural History, Fishery and Conservation, Fairfax, D
123 Fairfax, D The Basking Shark in Scotland, Natural History, Fishery and Conservation
1862320942 / 9781862320949 New
Tuckwell Press, first (only) edn., 1998. 25cm. Pp.xvi,206. Frontispiece, 61 photos & figures. 9 maps. Hardbound.

Based on archival sources, early historical works and interviews with surviving shark hunters The Basking Shark in Scotland covers the anatomy of the Basking shark, its biology in so far as it is known, and the history of its fishery for liver oil (first used as a lamp fuel, then later as a source of industrial chemicals) and fins (for the Asian food market). Published price GBP16.99, nearly 20 years ago.

Acquired as a remainder, we had 300 copies, now fewer than 30 available.

Price: 12.99 GBP
Encyclopedia of Fish Physiology, from Genome to Environment, Farrell, Anthony P
124 Farrell, Anthony P Encyclopedia of Fish Physiology, from Genome to Environment
0123745454 / 9780123745453 New
2011. 29cm. Pp.2272. Hardbound.

The definitive encyclopedia for the field of Fish Physiology.

Encyclopedia of Fish Physiology in three volumes comprehensively covers the entire field in over 300 entries written by experts, with detailed coverage of the basic functional physiology of fishes, physiological themes in fish biology and comparative physiology.

Details the genomic bases of fish physiology and biology and the use of fish as model organisms in human physiological research.

Price: 900.00 GBP
Fish Respiration and Environment, Fernandes, M.N. (editor)
125 Fernandes, M.N. (editor) Fish Respiration and Environment
1578083575 / 9781578083572 New
2007. 26cm. Pp.328. Hardbound.

Gills of healthy fishes are their lifeline to meet the challenges arising from their changing environment: oxygen gradient, alkalinity, temperature fluctuations and pollutants. The diverse and ever changing aquatic environment has a major impact on the organization of various organ-systems of fishes.

Fish Respiration and Environment contains seventeen chapters covering bony fishes focal to current study.

Price: 95.00 GBP
The Shocking History of Electric Fishes, from Ancient Epochs to the Birth of Modern Neurophysiology, Finger, Stanley & Marco Piccolino
126 Finger, Stanley & Marco Piccolino The Shocking History of Electric Fishes, from Ancient Epochs to the Birth of Modern Neurophysiology
0195366727 / 9780195366723 New
2011. 28cm. Pp.464. 302 photos & figures. Hardbound.

The Shocking History of Electric Fishes looks at how three kinds of strongly electric fishes literally became "electrical", and how they helped to change the sciences and medicine. These fishes are the flat torpedo rays common to the Mediterranean, the electric catfishes of Africa, and an "eel" from South America. The discovery of the electrical nature of these fishes in the second half of the 18th century was the starting point of the two fundamental advances in the sciences: on the physiological side, the demonstration that nerve conduction and muscle excitation are electrical phenomena, and on the physical side, the invention of the electric battery.

Price: 125.00 GBP
Fish Larval Physiology, Finn, R.N. & B.G. Kapoor (editors)
127 Finn, R.N. & B.G. Kapoor (editors) Fish Larval Physiology
1578083885 / 9781578083886 New
2008. 26cm. Pp.742. 26 colour photos, figures. Hardbound.

Fish Larval Physiology aims at providing a single-volume treatise that explains how fish larvae develop and differentiate, how they regulate salt, water and acid-base balance, how they transport and exchange gases, acquire and utilise energy, how they sense their environment, and move in their aquatic medium, how they control and defend themselves, and finally how they grow up.

It is intended as a resource for students and researchers interested in developmental biology and physiology and specifically addresses the larval stages of fish. Fish larvae (and fish embryos) are not small juveniles or adults. Rather they are transitionary organisms that bridge the critical gap between the single celled egg and sexually immature juvenile. Fish larvae represent the stage of the life cycle that is used for differentiation, feeding and distribution.

Price: 105.00 GBP
Tanganyika, Africa's Inland Sea, Fitor, Angel
128 Fitor, Angel Tanganyika, Africa's Inland Sea
3936027943 / 9783936027945 New
2008. 26cm. Pp.192. 300 colour underwater photographs. Hardbound.

From breathtaking volcanic sceneries, to pygmy shell-dwelling fishes, from freshwater jellyfishes, to fighting featherfin cichlids. Rare species, fascinating behaviours - this is Tanganyika alive !

Every double-page spread inside the book tells a vibrant life story about one of the last pristine underwater realms on Earth. Now you can enjoy this unique environment in a high quality limited edition coffee-table book.

Price: 69.95 GBP
Modern Coral Reef Aquarium Vols.1-4, set, Fossa, S.A. & A.J. Nilsen
129 Fossa, S.A. & A.J. Nilsen Modern Coral Reef Aquarium Vols.1-4, set
Clean secondhand
BSV., 2003. 4 volumes. 26cm. Pp.1808. 3500 colour photos, numerous figures. Hardbound.

Modern Coral Reef Aquarium complete set, clean secondhand.

Volume 2 pictured

Price: 220.00 GBP
Annotated Checklist of Fish and Lamprey Species (Gnathostomata and Petromyzontomorphi) of Turkey, Fricke, R; M. Bilecenoglu & M,H, Sari
130 Fricke, R; M. Bilecenoglu & M,H, Sari Annotated Checklist of Fish and Lamprey Species (Gnathostomata and Petromyzontomorphi) of Turkey
2007. 26cm. Pp.169. 3 figures, 8 tables. Paperback.

Annotated Checklist of Fish and Lamprey Species of Turkey includes a Red List of threatened and declining species

Price: 52.50 GBP
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