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Vietnamese Cuisine for India edited by Thilaka Baskaran, Thomas, Nhung
131 Thomas, Nhung Vietnamese Cuisine for India edited by Thilaka Baskaran
Clean secondhand
Cre-A, first edition, 1984. 18cm. Pp.114. Text figures. Paperback.

Vietnamese Cuisine for India
Price: 35.00 GBP
La Cocina Catalana : platos y vinos de Cataluña, Torres, Marimar
132 Torres, Marimar La Cocina Catalana : platos y vinos de Cataluña
8440647174 / 9788440647177 Clean secondhand
Grafos, Barcelona, 1995. 25cm. Pp.xxvii, (ii), 172 with 2 maps, 17 colour photos, index. Hardbound, very nice copy with the dustjacket. Text in Spanish.

This is the Spanish edition of the author's 'The Catalan Country Kitchen : food and wine from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean sea coast of Barcelona', 1992.

Price: 26.00 GBP
World Distribution of Atmospheric Water Vapour Pressure, Tunnell, G. A
133 Tunnell, G. A World Distribution of Atmospheric Water Vapour Pressure
Clean secondhand
Met. Office, 1958. 28cm. Pp.60. Seasonal maps. Wrappers, spine taped.

World Distribution of Atmospheric Water Vapour Pressure
Price: 10.00 GBP
Cozinha Regional Portuguesa, Valente, M. O. C
134 Valente, M. O. C Cozinha Regional Portuguesa
Clean secondhand
Porto. No date [1970s]. 24cm. Pp.267. Hardbound.

Cozinha Regional Portuguesa, regional Portuguese cookery, Portuguese text.
Price: 35.00 GBP
Ixodid Ticks (Acarina, Ixodidae) of Central Africa, Volumes I - V, Van der Borght-Elbl, A. & G.Anastos
135 Van der Borght-Elbl, A. & G.Anastos Ixodid Ticks (Acarina, Ixodidae) of Central Africa, Volumes I - V
1966-1977. 5 volumes (all published). 26cm. Pp.xiv,275; x,205; x,555; x,412; xii,158. 98 figures, 79 maps. Paperbound.

Ixodid Ticks of Central Africa comprising Volume I, General Introduction, Genus Amblyomma Koch, 1844 ; Volume II, Genus Ixodes Latreille, 1795 ; Volume III, Genus Rhipicephalus Koch, 1844 ; Volume IV, Genera Aponomma Neumann, 1899, Boophilus Curtice, 1891, Dermacentor Koch, 1844, Haemaphysalis Koch, 1844, Hyalomma Koch, 1844, and Rhipicentor Nuttall and Warburton, 1908, Lists and Bibliography ; Volume V. The larval and nymphal stages of the more important species of the genus Amblyomma Koch, 1884.

Standard systematic account of the hard ticks of central Africa.

Volume I pictured.

Price: 116.00 GBP
Material Culture in Himbaland, Northern Namibia, van Wolputte, S
136 van Wolputte, S Material Culture in Himbaland, Northern Namibia
907589449X / 9789075894493 New
2002. 26cm. Pp.328. 19 colour & 200 BW photos, map. Softbound.

Price: 39.99 GBP
At the Fringes of Modernity, van Wolputte, S. and G. Verswijver
137 van Wolputte, S. and G. Verswijver At the Fringes of Modernity
9075894627 / 9789075894622 New
2005. 26cm. Pp.240. 51 BW photos, 3 maps, 1 table. Softbound.

Herding communities in Africa take up a 'special' place in modernist imagery. Once confined to the outskirts of the colonial land- and mindscape, nowadays they are found at the fringes of the contemporary nation-state: modernist discourse, quite literally, 'has no place' for herders and nomads.'At the Fringes of Modernity', a collection of five essays, focuses on cultural transformation, whether within the context of ritual or in that of resistance against (post)colonial rule. Like the first volume in this series, it advocates a social and cultural anthropology of the everyday, the common, the quotidian. It examines the way common people in eastern and southern Africa deal with violence and trauma, with development efforts (which, in the context of African pastoralism, are directed mainly towards famine relief and wildlife conservation), with the power exerted by a colonial regime aimed mainly at eradicating the basis and source of their life and livelihood, with the way they continuously re-invent their 'tradition' (and hence themselves) to overcome alienation and with the way they deal with animals and the sociology of gift and exchange.

These histories and subjectivities challenge ready-made and easy or common dichotomies such as oppression versus resistance, dominator versus dominated, powerful versus powerless, hegemony versus counter-hegemony, and so on. They highlight and contradict different aspects of experience, or are phrased from within a different mindset, epistemology or symbolic-metaphoric universe. At times, local actors deliberately inscribe themselves in (post)colonial discourse, at others they vehemently oppose it or simply defy or disengage from it.
Price: 39.99 GBP
La Cusina de Milan, Vaona, Martino
138 Vaona, Martino La Cusina de Milan
887955073X / 9788879550734 Clean secondhand
Libreria Meravigli, 1995. 25cm. Pp.174. Text illustrations. Card covers.

La Cusina de Milan, the Cookery of Milan, text in English, Italian and Milanese.
Price: 35.00 GBP
Guide to the Classification of Actinomycetes and their Antibiotics, Waksman, S. A. & H. A. Lechevalier
139 Waksman, S. A. & H. A. Lechevalier Guide to the Classification of Actinomycetes and their Antibiotics
Clean secondhand
Williams & Wilkins, first edn., 1953. 24cm. Pp.[ix],246. Original cloth

J.Nash-Wortham's mushroom bookplate to front paste down, very good copy.
Price: 20.00 GBP
Food and The Memory, Walker, H (editor)
140 Walker, H (editor) Food and The Memory
1903018161 / 9781903018163 New
Proc. Oxford Symp. Food, Cookery and Food History. Prospect Books, 2000. 24cm. Pp.318. Figures. Paperback.

Food and The Memory, was about GBP£30.00 new, fine copy.
Price: 20.00 GBP
The Genus Rhipicephalus (Acari, Ixodidae), A Guide to the Brown Ticks of the World, Walker, Jane B ; James E. Keirans & Ivan G. Horak
141 Walker, Jane B ; James E. Keirans & Ivan G. Horak The Genus Rhipicephalus (Acari, Ixodidae), A Guide to the Brown Ticks of the World
052101977X / 9780521019774 New
28cm. Pp.656. 352 photos & figures. Paperback.

The Genus Rhipicephalus (Acari, Ixodidae), A Guide to the Brown Ticks of the World provides identification keys for adult ticks from the Afrotropical regions and elsewhere. For the nymphs and larvae, unique plates have been compiled in which line drawings of the capitula of similar species are grouped together to facilitate identification ; the highly-illustrated keys are to immature stages as well as adults. Brief well-illustrated descriptions of the known stages of every species are given, plus information on their hosts, distribution, and disease relationships. Tables providing data on host/parasite relationships and disease transmission are also included.
Price: 74.00 GBP
Arthropods of Economic Importance - Diaspididae of the World, Watson, G. W
142 Watson, G. W Arthropods of Economic Importance - Diaspididae of the World
9075000480 / 9789075000481 Sold
Platform : Hybrid CD. System requirements: Windows: 32-bit (x86) processor, Windows XP/Vista/7 or above. This title is not compatible with 64-bit Windows systems. Mac: PowerPC processor, Mac OS 8.6-9.2 or Mac OS X 10.1-10.4 (Classic). This title is not compatible with Intel Macs.

Armoured scale insects are important agricultural, horticultural and forestry pests that are difficult to indentify.

Arthropods of Economic Importance - Diaspididae of the World holds an interactive identification guide and information source on economically important diaspidids of the world. It aims to enable agricultural entomologists working in agriculture, horticulture and forestry and plant quarantine inspectors to indentify the most important species for themselves. The CD-ROM contains a pictorial key to adult females of 100 species in 48 genera, detailed information on their taxonomy, and information on their host-plants, biology and ecology, economic impact, natural enemies, distribution and common names. Diagnostic characters, distribution and host-plant information are provided on a further 85 similar species. This work was composed using the most recent literature from the best experts in the field and illustrations provided by numerous scientists, institutes and publishers around the world.


Price: 0.00 GBP
Longevity of Mammals in Captivity; from the Living Collections of the World, Weigl, Richard
143 Weigl, Richard Longevity of Mammals in Captivity; from the Living Collections of the World
3510613791 / 9783510613793 New
2005. 30cm. Pp.214. Paperback.

Longevity of Mammals in Captivity presents data of historical and present longevities of captive mammals, much from previously unpublished sources, including information on extinct and very rare species and subspecies. 3398 mammalian taxa have been exhibited in zoos and institutions. This is a record of their exact dates of arrival, birth, movement out of the collection or date of death, showing day, month and year. Anecdotal records have not been included.

One (1) copy left.
Price: 35.00 GBP
A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia, Whyte, Robert & Greg Anderson
144 Whyte, Robert & Greg Anderson A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia
064310707X / 9780643107076 New
2017. 22cm. Pp.464. 1300+ colour photos. Softbound.

Filling a major gap in the natural history of Australia 'A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia' uses photographs of living animals to help people identify many of the spiders they encounter. Covers all the known families of Australian spiders with stunning macro-photography revealing fascinating details not discernible to the naked eye. Containing the most uptodate taxonomic information this is the most comprehensive account of Australian spiders ever published.

Robert Whyte is an honorary researcher in arachnology at the Queensland Museum, having developed an interest in spiders with the encouragement of arachnologist Robert Raven. He has participated in five Bush Blitz bio-discovery expeditions in remote parts of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. He is an accomplished editor, author and journalist, with skills in photography and publication design.

Greg Anderson is a biomedical research scientist and heads the Chronic Disorders Program at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane. He has been interested in spiders since his early life in Newcastle and has travelled extensively around Australia and other parts of the world studying and photographing spiders. He has a particular interest in Comb-footed spiders.

Abbrevitated table of contents:
Foreword, Preface
Acknowledgements, Introduction
From arachnophobia to arachnophilia
How to use this book
Determining species – everything helps, including genitals
Australia’s rich arachnological history
Parts of a spider: the need-to-know terms
Shortcuts to identification
Spider families from A to Z (from page 46)
Little-known Spider Families
Photo credits
Spiders: family tree

Price: 38.50 GBP
Properties and Applications of Diamond, Wilks, E. & J
145 Wilks, E. & J Properties and Applications of Diamond
0750619155 / 9780750619158 New
1994. 26cm. Pp.525. Paperback.

Properties and Applications of Diamond provides a unique consolidation of all useful information, as well as a comprehensive survey of literature.

No other book covers this topical field with such breadth and clarity, making it both a fundamental introduction and an invaluable on-going reference.

Contents : Diamonds today; The Structure of Diamond; Impurities in diamond; Optical absorption and colour; Luminescence; The morphology of diamond; Geometric defects in the diamond lattice; Mechanical properties; Strength and fracture; Plastic deformation of diamond; Polishing and shaping diamond; Mechanical differences between diamonds; Friction; Polycrystaline diamond (PCD); Applications and Wear of Diamond; Wear and surface characteristics; Turning, boring and milling; Grinding; Sawing and drilling; Miscellaneous applications; Appendix 1 Some numerical values; Appendix 2 Units and conversion factors.
Price: 75.00 GBP
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