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Freshwater Fishes

Welcome to our most visited catalogue.

We list about 200 items (excluding reprints), in an easy to browse catalogue running to less than 10 pages.

The complete aquaculture, fisheries and ichthyology catalogue comprises 650 - 700 items.

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Freshwater Fishes

Fishes, Ichthyology
:Freshwater Fishes

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Chinese Fishes, Noakes, D.L.G ; A. Romero, Y. Zhao & Y. Zhou (editors)
131 Noakes, D.L.G ; A. Romero, Y. Zhao & Y. Zhou (editors) Chinese Fishes
9048134579 / 9789048134571 New
2009. 26cm. Pp.255. Hardbound.

Chinese Fishes documents the current state of research by Chinese scientists on fish biology and fisheries and brings together manuscripts by authors from research institutions, universities and government agencies.

There are papers on aquaculture, life history, genetics, marine and freshwater biology, conservation, physiology, new species descriptions, and truly amazing hypogean fishes.

There are papers dealing with some of the largest fishes and some of the smallest cave species. There are papers dealing with some of the most traditional forms of aquaculture and others with the most modern molecular techniques.

The volume includes papers on critically threatened native fishes as well as the most common food species, such as grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella). The information on rare and threatened species shows how China is dealing with their endangered fishes. The information on their carp species will be invaluable to those in other countries who will either take advantage of the productive carp species in aquaculture or try to manage them as invasive species outside China. For the first time we bring together a complete overview of the state of fisheries research in China.

Price: 126.50 GBP
A Revision of the African Electric Catfishes, Family Malapteruridae (Teleostei, Siluriformes), Norris, S
132 Norris, S A Revision of the African Electric Catfishes, Family Malapteruridae (Teleostei, Siluriformes)
9075894449 / 9789075894448 New
2002. 30cm. Pp.155. Frontispiece (Malopterurus electricus, Boulenger), 78 figures, photos & maps, 14 tables, annotated bibliography. Paperback.

A Revision of the African Electric Catfishes delineates and diagnoses 2 genera, encompassing 19 species (14 new to science).

Price: 35.00 GBP
The Threatened World of Fish, Osse, Jan W. M. & Charles E. Hollingsworth (editors)
133 Osse, Jan W. M. & Charles E. Hollingsworth (editors) The Threatened World of Fish
Clean secondhand
Proceedings of the seventh International Ichthyology Congress The Hague (The Netherlands), August 26-30, 1991. Ned. J. Zool., 1992. 24cm. Pp.129-524. Text figures. Softbound.

Presents 21 peer-reviews papers, a cross-section of most of the major fields of ichthyology.

Price: 44.00 GBP
Freshwater Fish of the Northeast, Patterson, D.A. & M. Patterson
134 Patterson, D.A. & M. Patterson Freshwater Fish of the Northeast
1584658193 / 9781584658191 New
2010. 26cm. Pp.144. 62 colour plates. Paperback.

Freshwater Fish of the Northeast is an illustrated guide to more than 60 freshwater fish from the ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams of New England and New York. Most anglers and locals are well aware of the most popular game fish that inhabit the waters of the Northeast, including the largemouth bass, the rainbow trout, and the yellow perch. But the habitats of New England and New York's inland waters boast a much broader array of fish than first meets the eye or hook. In "Freshwater Fish of the Northeast", the father-and-son team of David A. Patterson and Matt Patterson have fished the waters of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and, New York to catch and illustrate more than 60 of the region's most popular (or sometimes obscure) fish, from game fish to bait fish, and those in between.

This helpful guide includes detailed information on each species, describing their habits and habitats, behaviors, history, and lore. The Pattersons organize the book by fish family, including sunfish and bass (Centrarchidae), perch and darters (Percidae), salmon and trout (Salmonidae), bullhead and catfish (Ictaluridae), and many others. Each species is rendered in lifelike detail in pencil and acrylic paint, with close attention given to each fish's unique physical characteristics. Most of the illustrations are based on the authors' own live catches, in order to best capture the colours and traits of these fish in their native waters.

Price: 24.00 GBP
The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa. Poissons d'eaux Douces et Saumatres de l'Afrique de l'Ouest, Paugy, D., C. Leveque & G. G. Teugels
135 Paugy, D., C. Leveque & G. G. Teugels The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa. Poissons d'eaux Douces et Saumatres de l'Afrique de l'Ouest
9075894597 / 9789075894592 New
Second edition, revised & updated. 2004. 2 volumes & CD-ROM. 26cm. Pp.1274. 24 pages of colour photos, numerous illustrations and distribution maps for freshwater species. Softbound.

The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa is the standard reference covering the area from the Senegal river basin in the north-west to the Chad basin in the north-east and the Cross River in the south, includes the majority of the Sahelo-Sudan basins, except for the Nile, and the western Guinea area covering the Atlantic coastal basins from Guinea to western Ivory Coast.

The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa / Poissons d'eaux Douces et Saumatres de l'Afrique de l'Ouest is a quality identification guide to 584 species in 192 genera, particular reference to iconography. Text is in both English and French.

Price: 79.95 GBP
The Inland Water Fishes of Africa. Diversity, Ecology and Human Use, Paugy, D., C. Leveque & O. Otero (editors)
136 Paugy, D., C. Leveque & O. Otero (editors) The Inland Water Fishes of Africa. Diversity, Ecology and Human Use
9789492669100 New
2017. 26cm. Pp.678. Photos, figures, maps. Softbound.

Summarizes the current state of knowledge on African fishes and their populations, highlighting the mechanisms regulating their equilibrium and the causes contributing to their erosion.

Covers the diversity of environments, the origin and evolution of species, survival and adaptive strategies, the structure of fish communities, and the impact of human activity. It also devotes a section to fisheries and fish culture.

It is a reference not just for readers involved in African aquatic environments, but for anyone interested in biodiversity conservation in general.

Price: 58.50 GBP
The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa - with - The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of Lower Guinea, West-Central Africa, Paugy, D., M. Stiassny and others
137 Paugy, D., M. Stiassny and others The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa - with - The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of Lower Guinea, West-Central Africa
9075894597 / 9789075894592 New
2004-2008. 4 volumes. 26cm. Pp.2074. Colour photos, numerous text figures & maps, keys to species. Softbound.

Set comprising 'The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa / Poissons d'eaux Douces et Saumatres de l'Afrique de l'Ouest', second edition (revised & updated) together with 'The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of Lower Guinea, West-Central Africa / Poissons d’eaux douces et saumâtres de Basse Guinée, ouest de l’Afrique centrale', complete in 4 volumes. Text in both English and French.

Price: 150.00 GBP
Fishes of Lakes and Rivers, Pecl, Karl
138 Pecl, Karl Fishes of Lakes and Rivers
1854228447 / 9781854228444 Sold
(Aventium, Praha, 1990), English edition, Magna Books, 1995. 23cm. Pp.223. Hundreds of fine plain & coloured figures by Jiri Maly & Kvetoslav Hisek. Hardbound.

Easily the best illustrated of the budget field guides dealing with 157 species of fresh and brackish water fish and lamprey species from Europe.


Price: 0.00 GBP
Tilapia in Intensive Co-culture, Perschbacher, Peter W. & Robert R. Stickney (editors)
139 Perschbacher, Peter W. & Robert R. Stickney (editors) Tilapia in Intensive Co-culture
1118970667 / 9781118970669 New
2017. 26cm. Pp.368. Colour photos, figures. Hardbound.

Intensive tilapia co-culture is the commercial production of various species of tilapia in conjunction with one or more other marketable species. Tilapia are attractive as a co-cultured fish because of their potential to improve water quality, especially in penaeid shrimp ponds, by consuming plankton and detritus and by altering pathogenic bacterial populations while increasing marketable production.

Following introductory chapters covering ecological aspects of co-culture, tilapia feeding habits, historical use, and new models, Tilapia in Intensive Co-Culture is divided into co-culture in freshwater and marine environments. Co-culture core information is presented on Vibrio control, high-rate aquaculture processes, aquaponics, tilapia nutrient profile, and tilapia niche economics and marketing in the U.S, and with carp, catfish, freshwater and marine shrimp in the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia.

Tilapia in Intensive Co-Culture will be of great use and interest to researchers, producers, investors and policy makers considering tilapia co-culture in terms of environmental and economic sustainability.

Price: 130.00 GBP
Northern Pike, Ecology, Conservation, and Management History, Pierce, Rodney B
140 Pierce, Rodney B Northern Pike, Ecology, Conservation, and Management History
0816679541 / 9780816679546 New
2012. 26cm. Pp.260. Colour photos, map, bibliography. Hardbound.

Northern Pike is the most complete collection of information to date on the species, for everyone from scientists and conservation biologists to general readers and recreational anglers, synthesizing the long history of northern pike management and describing recent efforts to better understand and manage this species.

Price: 34.00 GBP
Biology and Ecology of Carp, Pietsch, Constanze & Philipp Hirsch
141 Pietsch, Constanze & Philipp Hirsch Biology and Ecology of Carp
1482206641 / 9781482206647 New
2015. 28cm. Pp.400. 24 colour plates, 66 figures. Hardbound.

Carp are the backbone of a growing aquaculture industry. Ornamental koi carp fascinate hobby breeders. Carp allow for scientific progress as a model species in laboratories, concern ecosystem managers as an invasive species, and mesmerize anglers as big game. This book covers all these facets of carp.

Informative and engaging contributions from experts renowned in their fields present original results and review the current state of research on carp. Thirteen cross-linked chapters provide an easily accessible and exhaustive treatise of carp aquaculture, natural and artificial reproduction, feeding and growth, ecosystem effects of carp, and effects of disease agents and toxic substances on carp. Colour illustrations and infoboxes help the reader navigate technical terms and complex concepts, explaining how carp interact with their natural or artificial environments.

This book is suitable for everyone interested in carp—from scholars to anglers.

Price: 97.00 GBP
Keys to Larvae and Juvenile Stages of Coarse Fishes from Fresh Waters in the British Isles, Pinder, A. C
142 Pinder, A. C Keys to Larvae and Juvenile Stages of Coarse Fishes from Fresh Waters in the British Isles
0900386673 / 9780900386671 New
2001. 25cm. Pp.136. Colour photos, figures. Paperback.

Keys to Larvae and Juvenile Stages of Coarse Fishes provides a series of keys to the early stages of 'coarse fishes' i.e. non-game fishes, that occur in British fresh waters.

During the first month of free existence, these fishes develop through a number of stages that are difficult for aquatic biologists (and most ichthyologists) to recognise. This difficulty in distinguishing one species from another has led to considerable neglect of these early stages and their impact on the surrounding biota as predators, competitors and prey. Until recently, studies on recruitment in these early stages were also few and far between. This series of keys provides a most necessary tool to assist such studies.

Keys to Larvae and Juvenile Stages of Coarse Fishes comprises keys to five developmental stages of coarse fish : free embryos, young larvae, intermediate larvae, older larvae and young juveniles. Clearly illustrated with line-drawings and colour photographs, it also includes notes on the collection, preparation and preservation of material.

Price: 31.99 GBP
Biosecurity in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry, Ploeg, Alex ; Gerald Bassleer & Roberto Hensen
143 Ploeg, Alex ; Gerald Bassleer & Roberto Hensen Biosecurity in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry
9075352786 / 9789075352788 New
2009. 26cm. Pp.148. Paperback.

Biosecurity in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry discusses the characteristics of disease causing agents and biosecurity risk in all stages of the industry, possible approaches per type of operator are outlined.

Price: 26.00 GBP
International Transport of Live Fish in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry, updated and expanded edition, Ploeg, Alex ; Svein A. Fosså, Gerald M.O. Bassleer, Shane Willis & Lim Lian Chuan
144 Ploeg, Alex ; Svein A. Fosså, Gerald M.O. Bassleer, Shane Willis & Lim Lian Chuan International Transport of Live Fish in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry, updated and expanded edition
9789491354052 New
2012. 26cm. Pp.159. Paperback.

International Transport of Live Fish in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry ; this highly successful book is updated and expanded with additional chapters on Invasive Alien Species, Biosecurity and a template for creating Fish Health Certificates.

All aspects of transporting ornamental fish are discussed including legislation, preparation for shipment, mortalities due to transport and treatment on arrival.

Price: 26.00 GBP
Révision des Synodontis Africains (famille Mochocidae), Poll, Max
145 Poll, Max Révision des Synodontis Africains (famille Mochocidae)
1971. 26cm. Pp.iv, 497. 13 plates, 219 text figures & maps. Softbound.

Valuable analysis of the catfishes of Africa, each finely illustrated with several drawings and a distribution map. French text.

Price: 80.00 GBP
Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh, Second edition, Rahman, A. K. M. Ataur
146 Rahman, A. K. M. Ataur Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh, Second edition
984322180 Sold out
2006. 28cm. Pp.400. Colour photos, figures. Hardbound.

This second edition of Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh provides updated descriptions, identification keys and illustrations of all 265 species including their current status, nomenclature and availability.

This edition incorporates pictures and figures of all the recorded species including coloured photographs of most. Supplemented by a comprehensive reference list and scientific index, the book offers additional short accounts on the physical features of the land, climate, fish habitats, and an historical perspective of the exotic species introduced in the country.

Out of print

Price: 0.00 GBP
Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong, Rainboth, W. J
147 Rainboth, W. J Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong
9251037434 / 9789251037430 New
1996. 26cm. Pp.265. 216 colour photos. Binding : ebook.

Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong includes approximately 500 species of present or potential interest to, or likely to be encountered in, fisheries in the Cambodian Mekong. This covers all species historically recorded from Cambodian reaches of the Mekong as well as numerous new records by the author. It also includes species expected to occur in Cambodia which have been recorded from, or found by the author, in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. An overview is given on the factors that have contributed to the diversity of the Mekong along with a basic introduction to taxonomy. A section on technical terms and measurements illustrates the characters used for the identification. As an aid to identification to higher taxonomic levels, an illustrated guide to orders and families is included. The species accounts provide information on synonyms and misidentifications, English names, Cambodian names (in Cambodian script), sizes, diagnostic features, one or more illustrations, and notes on fisheries, distribution, habitat and biology. The guide is fully indexed and a list of further literature is appended. Finally, 216 colour photographs of fishes of the Cambodian Mekong are presented. ebook, 51.1MB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.

Price: 21.00 GBP
Lampreys of the World. An annotated and illustrated catalogue of lamprey species known to date, Renaud, C.B
148 Renaud, C.B Lampreys of the World. An annotated and illustrated catalogue of lamprey species known to date
925106928X / 9789251069288 New
2011. 30cm. Pp.116. Paperback.

Lampreys of the World provides an account for each of the 39 species. Each species account gives information on the taxonomy including synonyms, common names, diagnostic features of ammocoetes and adults, habitat and biology, geographic distribution, interest to fisheries and references.

Lampreys are widely distributed in the northern and southern hemispheres, but virtually absent in the intervening tropical zones.

Price: 22.50 GBP
The Endemic Cichlids of Madagascar, Rham, Patrick de & Jean-Claude Nourissat
149 Rham, Patrick de & Jean-Claude Nourissat The Endemic Cichlids of Madagascar
2951350201 / 9782951350205 New
30cm. Pp.192. 280 colour photos, distribution and drainage maps. Hardbound.

Superbly illustrated handbook and guide to the native cichlid species of Madagascar. Endemic Cichlids of Madagascar includes the identification of some 19 endemic species (with more underway and close to 50 species and geographical populations recorded).

Covers the genera Paratilapia, Ptychochromis, Ptychochromoides, Oxylapia and Paretrophus with notes on their systematics, general biology and breeding. The biodiversity of Madagascar is also covered with photos and notes on the other fishes, reptiles and amphibians.

Price: 58.50 GBP
Native Fishes of Ohio, Rice, Daniel L. & Gary Meszaros
150 Rice, Daniel L. & Gary Meszaros Native Fishes of Ohio
1606352083 / 9781606352083 New
2014. 28cm. Pp.128. 136 colour photos, maps. Softbound.

Native Fishes of Ohio documents the more than 130 species originally found in the state and describes how their aquatic habitats have evolved as a result of agriculture and industrial development.

Ohio’s original heavily forested landscape included glacial lakes, large rivers, and streams that teemed with an abundant variety of fish, most of which remain resident today. Naturalist Dan Rice and photographer Gary Meszaros draw upon more than 40 years of fieldwork and recent hands-on experience to detail the natural history of each species of Ohio fish.The authors provide field identification characteristics and describe each fish’s habitat, ecology, and distribution. The book is profusely illustrated with Gary Meszaros’s spectacular colour photographs of live specimens in their natural environment.

Price: 28.50 GBP
Gouramis and other Anabantoids, Richter, Hans-Joachim
151 Richter, Hans-Joachim Gouramis and other Anabantoids
0866229418 / 9780866229418 Clean secondhand
1988, first English edition. 24cm. Pp.224. Hundres of colour photos. Hardbound.

Originally published in German as 'Das Buch der Labyrinthfische', Neumann Verlag, Leipzig. Clean secondhand copy.

Price: 12.00 GBP
Extremophile Fishes. Ecology, Evolution, and Physiology of Teleosts in Extreme Environments, Riesch, Rüdiger ; Michael Tobler & Martin Plath (editors)
152 Riesch, Rüdiger ; Michael Tobler & Martin Plath (editors) Extremophile Fishes. Ecology, Evolution, and Physiology of Teleosts in Extreme Environments
3319133616 / 9783319133614 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.xii,326. 30 photos & figures (16 in colour). Hardbound.

Summarizes the key adaptations enabling extremophile fishes to survive under harsh environmental conditions. Reviews the most recent research on acidic, Antarctic, cave, desert, hypersaline, hypoxic, temporary, and fast-flowing habitats, as well as naturally and anthropogenically toxic waters, while pointing out generalities that are evident across different study systems. Knowledge of the different adaptations that allow fish to cope with stressful environmental conditions furthers our understanding of basic physiological, ecological, and evolutionary principles. In several cases, evidence is provided for how the adaptation to extreme environments promotes the emergence of new species. Furthermore, a link is made to conservation biology, and how human activities have exacerbated existing extreme environments and created new ones. The book concludes with a discussion of major open questions in our understanding of the ecology and evolution of life in extreme environments.

Price: 126.00 GBP
Freshwater Fishes of South Carolina, Rohde, Fred C;   Rudolf G. Arndt,  Jeffrey W. Foltz  & Joseph M. Quattro
153 Rohde, Fred C; Rudolf G. Arndt, Jeffrey W. Foltz & Joseph M. Quattro Freshwater Fishes of South Carolina
1570036802 / 9781570036804 New
2009. 26cm. Pp.544. 332 colour & 36 BW illustrations. Hardbound.

A scientific milestone, this comprehensive illustrated guide to the characteristics, distribution, and ecology of freshwater fishes in South Carolina marks the first such endeavor since 1860 to document this aspect of the Palmetto State's diverse natural history.

"Freshwater Fishes of South Carolina" is the result of longterm collaboration between a quartet of leading experts on the state's freshwater fishes - Fred C. Rohde, Rudolf G. Arndt, Jeffrey W. Foltz, and Joseph M. Quattro.

From mudminnows and sunfishes to lampreys and sturgeons, the guide describes more than one hundred fifty species of freshwater and coastal estuarine fishes that spend all or major portions of their lives in the fresh waters of South Carolina.

For each species the authors provide diagnostic characteristics including size, markings, similar species, and sexual dimorphism as well as information on biology, habitat, and distribution. Colour photographs and detailed distribution maps accompany each description.

The volume also includes a history of ichthyology in South Carolina, a chapter on methods for the collection and identification of fishes, and a chapter on conservation biology documenting species of concern for the state and reasons for their decline. This handsome reminder of the rich biodiversity in South Carolina's rivers, streams, and lakes serves not only as a vital scientific tool for marine researchers, students, resource managers, ecologists, and state policy makers but also as a valuable resource for sportsmen and natural history enthusiasts interested in the region.

Price: 65.95 GBP
Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes, Ross, Stephen T
154 Ross, Stephen T Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes
0520249453 / 9780520249455 New
2013. 26cm. Pp.486. Hardbound.

Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes provides readers with a broad understanding of why specific species and assemblages occur in particular places. Additionally, the text explores how individuals and species interact with each other and with their environments, how such interactions have been altered by anthropogenic impacts, and the relative success of efforts to restore damaged ecosystems.

Ecology of North American Freshwater Fishes is the only textbook to provide advanced undergraduate and graduate students and researchers with an up-to-date and integrated view of the ecological and evolutionary concepts, principles, and processes involved in the formation and maintenance of one of the most diverse and thoroughly researched temperate fish faunas in the world.

Price: 62.95 GBP
Peces Pampeanos - Guía y Ecología, Rosso, J. J
155 Rosso, J. J Peces Pampeanos - Guía y Ecología
9509725668 / 9789509725669 New
2006. 23cm. Pp.224. Colour photos. Paperback.

Peces Pampeanos describes and illustrates the 28 species of fishes of the Argentine pampas. Spanish text.

Price: 29.95 GBP
Cichlid Atlas Volume 2, Römer, Uwe
156 Römer, Uwe Cichlid Atlas Volume 2
3882440414 / 9783882440416 Clean secondhand
Natural History of South American Dwarf Cichlids Part 2. 2006. 19cm. Pp.1320. 1280 colour photos, 400 figures, numerous diagrams & tables, 125 maps. Hardbound.

Presents an overview of Apistogramma species with nominal lists of valid, invalid and still undescribed species and a completely revised and updated identification key to genera and species (one new genus and several new species introduced recently to the aquarium hobby are presented here for the first time). Several chapters cover systematics, biogeography and evolution and the bulk of the book presents species descriptions and photographs for Apistogramma (including as yet undescribed species and morphs), Biotoecus, Cleithracara, Dicrossus, Ivanacara gen. n., Mikrogeophagus, and Nannacara. The book offers both the hobbyist and the scientist a valuable pictorial reference with a wealth of supplementary information.

Price: 65.00 GBP
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