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Fishes, Ichthyology

Fishes, Ichthyology<br>

Fishes, Ichthyology

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The Cichlids of Surinam (Teleostei: Labroidei), Kullander, Sven & H. Nijssen
235 Kullander, Sven & H. Nijssen The Cichlids of Surinam (Teleostei: Labroidei)
9004090770 / 9789004090774 Clean secondhand
1989. 24cm. Pp.xxxii,256. 135 photos, figures and maps, keys to species. Softbound, small stamp to title page, clean secondhand.

R.H. Lowe-MConnell's review copy, a few pages of manuscript notes tipped in.

Price: 79.00 GBP
Poissons de Nouvelle-Caledonie, Laboute, P. & R. Grandperrin
236 Laboute, P. & R. Grandperrin Poissons de Nouvelle-Caledonie
2950578438 / 9782950578433 New
2004. 28cm. Pp.520. 1800 colour photos and maps. Hardbound.

Poissons de Nouvelle-Caledonie covers the entire spectrum of fishes in New Caledonia : coral-reef, brackish and freshwater species and the fishes of the open ocean and abyss, each illustrated by one or more photographs. Details of nomenclature, anatomy and general biology are given for each. French text

Price: 125.00 GBP
237 Lachner, E.A. & J.F. McKinney A Revision of the Indo-Pacific Fish Genus Gobiopsis with a Description of Four New Species (Pisces : Gobiidae)

Smith. Contrib. Zool. No.262. 1978. 26cm. Pp.iii,52. 11 plates of figures & photos, 7 text figs & maps, 8 tables, key to species. Paperback.

10 species, 4 here described as new.
Price: 6.00 GBP
238 Lachner, E.A.. & J.F. McKinney Two New Gobiid Fishes of the Genus Gobiopsis and a Redescription of Feia nympha Smith

Smith. Contrib. Zool. 299. 1979. 26cm. Pp.iii,18. 11 photos & figures (some composite), tables. Paperback.
Price: 5.00 GBP
Sound Communication in Fishes, Ladich, Friedrich (editor)
239 Ladich, Friedrich (editor) Sound Communication in Fishes
370911845X / 9783709118450 New
2105. 26cm. Pp.ix, 244. 59 photos & figures (42 in colour). Hardbound.

Examines fish sounds that have a proven signal function, as well as sounds assumed to have evolved for communication purposes. It provides an overview of the mechanisms, evolution and neurobiology behind sound production in fishes, and discusses the role of fish sounds in behaviour with a special focus on choice of mate, sex-specific and age-specific signaling. Furthermore, it highlights the ontogenetic development of sound communication and ecoacoustical conditions in fish habitats and the influence of hormones on vocal production and sound detection.

Sound Communication in Fishes offers a must-have compendium for lecturers, researchers and students working in the fields of animal communication, fish biology, neurobiology and animal behaviour.

Price: 107.00 GBP
The Cichlid Fishes of Western Africa, Lamboj, Anton
240 Lamboj, Anton The Cichlid Fishes of Western Africa
392881933X / 9783928819336 New
26cm. Pp.256. 622 colour photos. Hardbound.

The Cichlid Fishes of Western Africa covers every cichlid species from western Africa ; those from West and Central Africa (from Senegal to the Congo), are discussed, as are species from the most northern and southwestern drainages. In addition to the better-known and commonly kept species, several rarely featured and undescribed varieties are included. Three chapters discuss general systematics, natural habits and care of cichlids from western Africa but the book’s main focus is the description of every species; most are illustrated with good quality photographs.

Information on the identification, distribution, ecology and breeding biology, as well as keeping and breeding in aquaria, are presented for each species where known.

The superb photography, combined with the individual descriptions, aid the determination of nearly every species. The book is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource currently available to scientists and aquarists interested in the cichlids of western Africa. Published price GBP£56.00.

Hundreds sold.

Price: 18.95 GBP
Rays of the World, Last, Peter ; William White, Marcelo de Carvalho, Bernard Séret, Matthias Stehmann & Gavin Naylor (editors)
241 Last, Peter ; William White, Marcelo de Carvalho, Bernard Séret, Matthias Stehmann & Gavin Naylor (editors) Rays of the World
1501705326 / 9781501705328 New
2016. 26cm. Pp.[x], 790. Colour illustrations, maps, glossary, checklist, key to families, bibliography, scientific and common name indices. Hardbound.

The first illustrated guide to over 630 known species of freshwater and marine rays found on the planet.

Rays are among the largest fishes and evolved from shark-like ancestors nearly 200 million years ago. They share with sharks many life history traits: all species are carnivores or scavengers; all reproduce by internal fertilisation; and all have similar morphological and anatomical characteristics, such as skeletons built of cartilage. Rays of the World is the first complete pictorial atlas of the world’s ray fauna and includes information on many species only recently discovered by scientists while undertaking research for the book. It includes all 26 families and 633 valid named species of rays, but additional undescribed species exist for many groups.

Rays of the World features a unique collection of paintings of all living species by Australian natural history artist Lindsay Marshall. This comprehensive overview of the world’s rays summarises information such as general identifying features and distributional information about these iconic, but surprisingly poorly known, fishes. It will enable readers to gain a better understanding of the rich diversity of rays and promote wider public interest in the group.

Price: 99.99 GBP
Sturgeons and Paddlefish of North America, Le Breton, G.T.O., F.W.H.Beamish & R.S.McKinley (editors)
242 Le Breton, G.T.O., F.W.H.Beamish & R.S.McKinley (editors) Sturgeons and Paddlefish of North America
1402028326 / 9781402028328 New
2004. 26cm. Pp.x,323. Hardbound.

Modern North American sturgeons and paddlefish are the result of 100 million years of evolution. Once an integral part of aboriginal culture, their numbers were decimated by overfishing and habitat destruction during the past two centuries.

Sturgeons and Paddlefish of North America details the extensive science aimed at helping these remarkable species recover from the brink of extinction, and describes the historical, biological, and ecological importance of North American sturgeon and paddlefish.

The text is enhanced by photographs and detailed line drawings. This comprehensive volume will be an invaluable resource for researchers, educators, and consultants, in academic and government settings, who work to further scientific understanding of these fishes. No other single compilation has documented current information in such detail.

Price: 170.00 GBP
The World of Caviar, LeGoff, Oliver
243 LeGoff, Oliver The World of Caviar
0785810846 / 9780785810841 Clean secondhand
1999. 30cm. Pp.143. Colour photos & figures. Hardbound.

Useful introductory, general and photographic reference to the sturgeon species, their economic and social history and uses.

Price: 15.00 GBP
Les Poissons des eaux Continentales Africaines, Diversite, Ecologie et Utilisation par l'Homme, Leveque, C. & D. Paugy (editors)
244 Leveque, C. & D. Paugy (editors) Les Poissons des eaux Continentales Africaines, Diversite, Ecologie et Utilisation par l'Homme
2709915898 / 9782709915892 New
2006. 24cm. Pp.564. 8 colour plates including 20 colour photos, 161 figures & maps. Paperback.

Les Poissons des eaux Continentales Africaines is a synthesis of multiple research activities on African freshwater fishes covering the diversity of environments, origins and ecology, biology and evolution, population richness and structure, the impacts of human activities on fish species and ichthyological populations, and a study of local fishing methods and fish farming. French text.
Price: 64.00 GBP
Labyrinthfische, Linke, Horst
245 Linke, Horst Labyrinthfische
3897452049 / 9783897452046 New
2013. 26cm. Pp.352. 616 colour photos. Softbound.

The first comprehensive book on the subject. Very well illustrated. German text.

Schon lange gab es kein umfassendes, alle Arten und sehr viele Zuchtformen der Labyrinthfische vorstellendes Standardwerk. Der Altmeister der Bettas, Makropoden und Guramis Horst Linke hat all seine Erfahrungen in dieses opulent ausgestattete Buch eingebracht. Hunderte von Arten hat er erfolgreich gepflegt und gezüchtet, in unzähligen Reisen sehr viele Biotope besucht und analysiert. Nur er konnte dieses Buch verfassen und mit seinen zauberhaften Farbaufnahmen ausstatten. Zu jeder Art gibt es komprimiert und detailliert Angaben über Vorkommen, Pflege und Zucht. Die sehr beliebten Bettas werden mit den neuesten, spektakulären Zuchtformen besonders ausführlich vorgestellt.

Price: 49.95 GBP
Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management, Lobón-Cerviá, Javier
246 Lobón-Cerviá, Javier Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management
1119268311 / 9781119268314 New
2017. 26cm. Pp.450. Hardbound.

This book summarizes the important aspects of brown trout’s biology and ecology. It includes several chapters focused on the impact caused by the species and on potential management strategies to, first, maintain numerous damaged populations within their natural distributional range and, second, ameliorate its impacts on exotic environments. Authors from all over the world involved in their study and management offer reviews and case studies that provide insight into theory and practice.

Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management will provide scientists, researchers and experts in salmonids with attempts to uncover the exit from the complex maze of controversies and challenges associated with this species.

Price: 180.00 GBP
247 Loiselle, Paul V A Revision of the Genus Hemichromis Peters 1858 (Teleostei: Cichlidae)

1979. 26cm.,124. 29 figures, 16 tables. Paperback.

A Revision of the Genus Hemichromis comprises :(I) The Hemichromis fasciatus species group; (II) The Hemichromis bimuculatus group; (III) The Hemichromis guttatus species group; (IV) The Hemicromis letourneauxi Species Group
Price: 12.00 GBP
248 Lowe-McConnell, R.H. (editor) Man-Made Lakes

Symposia of the Institute of Biology No.15. 1966. 24cm. Pp.xiii,218. Text figures & maps. Hardbound, worn jacket, editor's copy, a few pencil annotations to text, signature to front endpaper.

Man-Made Lakes, clean secondhand
Price: 12.00 GBP
Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes - 1993. Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes held in Olsztyn, Poland August 22-27, 1993, Luczynski, Miroslav (editor)
249 Luczynski, Miroslav (editor) Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes - 1993. Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes held in Olsztyn, Poland August 22-27, 1993
3510470478 / 9783510470471 New
1995. 24cm. Pp.viii,485. 190 figures, 116 tables. Paperback.

Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes - 1993 contains the proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes. The objectives of the symposium were to address all aspects of biology, genetics, aquaculture and management of coregonid fishes, throughout their entire geographic range. The conference themes were: biology, life history and population dynamics; genetics and systematics; aquaculture; fisheries and fisheries management and human interventions.

Price: 89.00 GBP
ANSP Special Catfish Volume, Lundburg, John (editor)
250 Lundburg, John (editor) ANSP Special Catfish Volume
0910006660 / 9780910006668 New
2008. 26cm. Pp.234. Plates, figures. Paperback.

ANSP Special Catfish Volume : 13 papers on the taxonomy and systematics of catfishes from Africa, Asia and South America including descriptions of one new tribe, one new genus and thirteen new species, and phylogenetic studies of the families Mochokidae and Amblycipitidae.

Price: 53.00 GBP
Fish Behaviour, Magnhagen, Carin ; Victoria A. Braithwaite, Elisabet Forsgren & B.G. Kapoor (editors)
251 Magnhagen, Carin ; Victoria A. Braithwaite, Elisabet Forsgren & B.G. Kapoor (editors) Fish Behaviour
1578084350 / 9781578084357 New
2008. 26cm. Pp.662. Photos & figures. Hardbound.

Fish Behaviour is an exciting overview of the many new insights offered by recent research on fish behaviour. The chapters are written by prominent international scientists and are aimed not only at fish biology students and researchers but anyone interested in the interplay between behaviour, ecology and evolution.

Price: 106.00 GBP
Keys to the Freshwater Fish of Britain and Ireland, with Notes on their Distribution and Ecology, Maitland, P.S
252 Maitland, P.S Keys to the Freshwater Fish of Britain and Ireland, with Notes on their Distribution and Ecology
0900386711 / 9780900386718 New
2004. 25cm. Pp.248. 48 colour photos, figures, maps. Paperback.

Revised edition, enlarged and updated. Fifty-seven species are recognised in a checklist for Britain and Ireland, several new.

Additionally, Sterlet, Siberian Sturgeon, Grass Carp, Channel Catfish and Brown Bullhead are also included in the keys to species (though not illustrated) because they may be encountered in fresh and estuarine waters within the British Isles.

All species in the checklist are illustrated by line drawings accompanying the relevant key couplets. Accurate identification is assisted by additional text in a new section summarising important external features of each species, their general body size, habitat, reproduction, food, distribution, and use for angling and fisheries.

In addition to the keys for identifying 23 families and 62 species of adult fish, keys to family level are also provided for identifying the eggs and post-larval stages, and the scales of adult fish; the scales are illustrated with photographs and line drawings emphasising the most important diagnostic features.

Price: 34.75 GBP
Freshwater Fishes of the British Isles, Maitland, P.S. & R.N. Campbell
253 Maitland, P.S. & R.N. Campbell Freshwater Fishes of the British Isles
0007308507 / 9780007308507 New
(1992), 2009 reprint. 26cm. Pp.368. 21 colour photos, 2 colour plates, 150 b/w illustrations. Hardbound.

An in-depth look at the 55 species of fish that inhabit the fresh waters of Britain and Ireland. These include famous members of the salmon family, such as the Atlantic Salmon and the Brown Trout, and the obscure whitefish, species of which are confined to just a few lakes.

Freshwater Fishes of the British Isles gives a comprehensive overview of the life cycle of fish, as well as details on diet, behaviour and ecology. The book also contains the most up to date identification key to both the families and individual species of fish, allowing every species of freshwater fish to be conclusively identified.

As well as detailed descriptions of each family, there are also seven chapters on more general subjects, including fish conservation and the future of the fish fauna in Britain.

Price: 65.00 GBP
Atlas of Larvae and Juveniles of Freshwater Fishes of Russia, Makeyeva, Alla P ; D.S. Pavlov & D.A. Pavlov
254 Makeyeva, Alla P ; D.S. Pavlov & D.A. Pavlov Atlas of Larvae and Juveniles of Freshwater Fishes of Russia
5873177147 / 9785873177141 New
2011. 30cm. Pp.383. Hardbound. In Russian.

Atlas of Larvae and Juveniles of Freshwater Fishes of Russia - The Atlas is the second edition of the monograph “Freshwater Ichthyoplankton of Russia (Atlas)”, Moscow University, 1998. The illustrations of prelarvae (free embryos), larvae, and juveniles of 175 fish species are included. Brief characteristics of reproductive biology are given for each family and species. The illustrations are accompanied by morphological characteristics. A short review on the reproduction of fishes and development of the young is presented. Of use to ichthyologists, zoologists and fish breeders interested in the freshwater fishes of the largest country in the world. Regretably the first author, Alla P. Makeyeva, passed away in August 2011, before seeing the work published. Text in Russian. Table of contents available on request.

АТЛАС МОЛОДИ ПРЕСНОВОДНЫХ РЫБ РОССИИ - Атлас является вторым изданием монографии «Ихтиопланктон пресных вод России (Атлас)» (М: МГУ, 1998), в которое включены иллюстрации, предличинок, личинок и ювенильных особей 175 видов костных рыб и миног. Даны краткие характеристики биологии размножения для каждого семейства и вида. Иллюстрации сопровождаются морфологическими характеристиками. Приведён краткий обзор литературы по размножению рыб и развитию молоди. Для ихтиологов, зоологов, экологов, рыбоводов, студентов и аспирантов университетов и ВУЗов, а также широкого круга любителей природы.

Already out of print, we have one (1) copy in stock.

Price: 95.00 GBP
Faune des Poissons des Eaux Douces de la Reserve de la Biosphere et Dimonika (Mayome, Congo), Mamonekene, Victor
255 Mamonekene, Victor Faune des Poissons des Eaux Douces de la Reserve de la Biosphere et Dimonika (Mayome, Congo)
1993. 28cm. Pp.126. 31 colour photographs, 35 text figures and maps, 49 tables. Paperback.

Standard systematic Congo ichthyofauna, French text, well illustrated.

Price: 24.50 GBP
The Fishes of Zimbabwe and their Biology, Marshall, Brian
256 Marshall, Brian The Fishes of Zimbabwe and their Biology
0620475358 / 9780620475358 New
2011. 30cm. Pp.300. Coloured figures. Softbound.

The Fishes of Zimbabwe covers all 158 species known to occur in Zimbabwe, these are illustrated and their distributions mapped. There are numerous graphs and tables pertaining to the biology of species.

Limited edition publication, 250 copies only for the European market.

Price: 40.00 GBP
The Life of Fishes, Marshall, N.B
257 Marshall, N.B The Life of Fishes
Clean secondhand
Weidenfeld & Nicholson, first edn., 1965. 25cm. Pp.[xi],402. Photos & figures. Hardbound, binding trifle worn, otherwise in good condition.

Marshall's The Life of Fishes, R.H.Lowe-McConnell's copy, signature to front endpaper.

Price: 8.00 GBP
Beach-Spawning Fishes: Reproduction in an Endangered Ecosystem, Martin, Karen L. M.
258 Martin, Karen L. M. Beach-Spawning Fishes: Reproduction in an Endangered Ecosystem
1482207974 / 9781482207972 New
2014. 26cm. Pp.223. 10 colour plates, 43 figures. Hardbound.

Beach-spawning fishes from exotic locations on most continents of the world provide spectacular examples of extreme adaptations during the most vulnerable life cycle stages. The beauty, intriguing biology, and importance of these charismatic fishes at the interface of marine and terrestrial ecosystems have inspired numerous scientific studies. Adaptations of behavior, physiology, development, and ecology are gathered together for the first time in this book.

Beach-Spawning Fishes: Reproduction in an Endangered Ecosystem is a comprehensive guide to beach spawning, a charismatic animal behaviour that is seen in a surprising number of teleost species. This unexpected form of reproduction provides a window into the ecology of coastal areas, the behaviours and physiology necessary for fishes and their eggs to adapt to terrestrial conditions, and the threats and challenges for conservation and management. Beach-spawning species include important forage fishes such as the capelin, exotic fishes such as the fugu puffer, and the spectacular midnight runs of the California grunion.

Price: 67.99 GBP
259 Matsuura, Keiichi Phylogeny of the Superfamily Balistoidea (Pisces : Tetraodontiformes)

1979. 26cm. Pp.120. Figures, tables. Paperback.
Price: 6.00 GBP
A Bibliography of African Freshwater Fish, Matthes, H
260 Matthes, H A Bibliography of African Freshwater Fish
Clean secondhand
1973. 27cm. Pp.(x),[v],299. Colour map of drainages. Paperback.

A Bibliography of African Freshwater Fish, long out of print, one (1) copy in stock
Price: 32.00 GBP
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