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Marine Fishes

Fishes, Ichthyology
:Marine Fishes

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The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Fishes, Day, F
27 Day, F The Fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Fishes
Taylor and Francis, 1889. 2 volumes. 26cm. Pp.xviii, 548 ; xiv, 509. Text figures. Original cloth, gilt, good set.

The scarce original issue.

Price: 295.00 GBP
Angelfishes - A Comprehensive Guide to Pomacanthidae, Debelius, Helmut; Hiroyuki Tanaka & Rudie H Kuiter
28 Debelius, Helmut; Hiroyuki Tanaka & Rudie H Kuiter Angelfishes - A Comprehensive Guide to Pomacanthidae
0953909751 / 9780953909759 New
26cm. Pp.208. Colour photos. Hardbound.

Amongst reef-fishes, few could compete with the beauty of angelfishes. Many species remain small in size, around the 10 cm mark, and combined with their beauty, and often rarity, are sought after in the aquarium trade. At present 8 genera and at least 88 species are known, some still undescribed, and all are included in Angelfishes - A Comprehensive Guide to Pomacanthidae with stunning colour photographs, including those species that live in deep water. In addition, many new colour morphs are shown. A must for all marine aquarists.

Price: 22.95 GBP
FishBase 2004 DVD, DVD
29 DVD FishBase 2004 DVD
Full information on 28,500+ species, containing the complete database and all pictures.

FishBase is a relational database with information to cater to different professionals such as research scientists, fisheries managers, zoologists, aquarists, conservationists and others (detailed information on population dynamics, genetics, morphology, trophic ecology, physiology, ecotoxicology, reproduction, etc. is included).

System requirements : the database uses Microsoft Access 2000 and thus needs Windows 98 or above as the operating system and a DVD player.

Price: 40.00 GBP
Deep-Sea Cartilaginous Fishes of the Indian Ocean, Volume 1. Sharks. Volume 2. Batoids and Chimaeras, Ebert, David A
30 Ebert, David A Deep-Sea Cartilaginous Fishes of the Indian Ocean, Volume 1. Sharks. Volume 2. Batoids and Chimaeras
9251079676 / 9789251079676 New
2014. 2 volumes. 30cm. Pp.264; 132. 400 figures & maps. Softbound.

Provides accounts for all orders, families, and genera and all keys to taxa are fully illustrated. A species representative account of each genus is also provided and includes : valid modern names and original citation of the species; synonyms; the English, French, and Spanish FAO names for the species; a lateral view and often other useful illustrations; field marks; diagnostic features; distribution, including a GIS map; habitat; biology; size; interest to fisheries and human impact; local names when available; a remarks sections; and literature.

Fully indexed and also includes sections on terminology and measurements including an extensive glossary, and a dedicated bibliography.

Volume 1 pictured.

Price: 120.00 GBP
Hagfish Biology, Edwards, Susan L. & Gregory G. Goss (editors)
31 Edwards, Susan L. & Gregory G. Goss (editors) Hagfish Biology
1482233452 / 9781482233452 New
2015. Pp.393. 32 colour photos, 87 BW photos and text figures. Hardbound.

There are over 70 species of hagfishes inhabiting the depths of the world’s oceans. Hagfishes are essential benthic organisms that play a vital role in our understanding of the evolutionary origins of vertebrate life and in the maintenance of the oceanic ecosystem. Hagfish Biology provides an avenue of synergy between the scientists interested in the physiology, molecular and evolutionary biology, morphology, and protection of these unique animals. This timely book will be of interest to scientists in a range of fields, particularly to comparative physiologists, conservation biologists, and physiologists.

Price: 94.00 GBP
Early Stages of Fishes in the Western North Atlantic Ocean, (Davis Strait, Southern Greenland and Flemish Cap to Cape Hatteras), Fahay, Michael P.
32 Fahay, Michael P. Early Stages of Fishes in the Western North Atlantic Ocean, (Davis Strait, Southern Greenland and Flemish Cap to Cape Hatteras)
2007. 2 volume set. 29cm. Pp.1696. 3000 drawings of eggs, larvae and juveniles and 2000 references. Hardbound.

Volume 1: Acipenseriformes through Syngnathiformes, pp.1 - 931. Volume 2: Scorpaeniformes through Tetraodontiformes, pp.932 - 1696.

Early Stages of Fishes in the Western North Atlantic Ocean is the only up-to-date textbook providing detailed descriptions and accurate drawings of the early life-history stages of the fishes from the Northwest Atlantic Ocean north of 35°N and west of 40°W. The region covers the world’s most famous fishing grounds and includes the Davis Strait, southern Greenland, Flemish Cap, Georges Bank, northern Sargasso Sea and Middle Atlantic Bight to Cape Hatteras.

Includes : a checklist of 1075 fish species occurring in the study area ; descriptions of egg, larval and juvenile stages of 760 species from 196 families ; synopses of habitats from estuarine to abyssal ; updated ranges and many species’ range extensions, often based on early stages ; identification facilitated by numerous descriptive tables ; morphological characters of developmental stages summarized and tabulated for 28 orders of teleosts, 15 suborders of Perciformes, 26 families of Percoidei and several other major groups, and appendices with tabulations of meristic characters, museum reference material sources and collection data for original material.

Edition limited to 200 copies, few only.

Price: 112.00 GBP
The Basking Shark in Scotland, Natural History, Fishery and Conservation, Fairfax, D
33 Fairfax, D The Basking Shark in Scotland, Natural History, Fishery and Conservation
1862320942 / 9781862320949 New
Tuckwell Press, first (only) edn., 1998. 25cm. Pp.xvi,206. Frontispiece, 61 photos & figures. 9 maps. Hardbound.

Based on archival sources, early historical works and interviews with surviving shark hunters The Basking Shark in Scotland covers the anatomy of the Basking shark, its biology in so far as it is known, and the history of its fishery for liver oil (first used as a lamp fuel, then later as a source of industrial chemicals) and fins (for the Asian food market). Published price GBP16.99, nearly 20 years ago.

Acquired as a remainder, we had 300 copies, now fewer than 30 available.

Price: 12.99 GBP
The Shocking History of Electric Fishes, from Ancient Epochs to the Birth of Modern Neurophysiology, Finger, Stanley & Marco Piccolino
34 Finger, Stanley & Marco Piccolino The Shocking History of Electric Fishes, from Ancient Epochs to the Birth of Modern Neurophysiology
0195366727 / 9780195366723 New
2011. 28cm. Pp.464. 302 photos & figures. Hardbound.

The Shocking History of Electric Fishes looks at how three kinds of strongly electric fishes literally became "electrical", and how they helped to change the sciences and medicine. These fishes are the flat torpedo rays common to the Mediterranean, the electric catfishes of Africa, and an "eel" from South America. The discovery of the electrical nature of these fishes in the second half of the 18th century was the starting point of the two fundamental advances in the sciences: on the physiological side, the demonstration that nerve conduction and muscle excitation are electrical phenomena, and on the physical side, the invention of the electric battery.

Price: 125.00 GBP
Modern Coral Reef Aquarium Vols.1-4, set, Fossa, S.A. & A.J. Nilsen
35 Fossa, S.A. & A.J. Nilsen Modern Coral Reef Aquarium Vols.1-4, set
Clean secondhand
BSV., 2003. 4 volumes. 26cm. Pp.1808. 3500 colour photos, numerous figures. Hardbound.

Modern Coral Reef Aquarium complete set, clean secondhand.

Volume 2 pictured

Price: 220.00 GBP
Annotated Checklist of Fish and Lamprey Species (Gnathostomata and Petromyzontomorphi) of Turkey, Fricke, R; M. Bilecenoglu & M,H, Sari
36 Fricke, R; M. Bilecenoglu & M,H, Sari Annotated Checklist of Fish and Lamprey Species (Gnathostomata and Petromyzontomorphi) of Turkey
2007. 26cm. Pp.169. 3 figures, 8 tables. Paperback.

Annotated Checklist of Fish and Lamprey Species of Turkey includes a Red List of threatened and declining species

Price: 52.50 GBP
Flatfishes: Biology and Exploitation, Second Edition, Gibson, Robin M; Richard D.M. Nash, Audrey J. Geffen & Henk W. Van der Veer
37 Gibson, Robin M; Richard D.M. Nash, Audrey J. Geffen & Henk W. Van der Veer Flatfishes: Biology and Exploitation, Second Edition
1118501195 / 9781118501191 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.576. Hardbound.

Fascinating and instantly recognizable, flatfishes are unique in their asymmetric postlarval body form. With over 800 extant species recognized and a distribution stretching around the globe, these fishes are of considerable research interest and provide a major contribution to commercial and recreational fisheries worldwide. This second edition of Flatfishes: Biology and Exploitation has been completely revised, updated and enlarged to respond to the ever-growing body of research.

Price: 158.00 GBP
A Revision of the Hammerhead Sharks (Family Sphyrnidae), Gilbert, C.H
38 Gilbert, C.H A Revision of the Hammerhead Sharks (Family Sphyrnidae)
Clean secondhand
1967. 24cm. Pp.88. 9 plates, 22 figures, 5 maps, 10 tables. Softbound.

A Revision of the Hammerhead Sharks, original copy

Price: 35.00 GBP
The Indian Oil Sardine, Sardinella longiceps Valenciennes - An Annotated Bibliography, Girijakumari, S
39 Girijakumari, S The Indian Oil Sardine, Sardinella longiceps Valenciennes - An Annotated Bibliography
Restricted circulation bibliography. 1990. 25cm. Pp.80. Paperback.

The Indian Oil Sardine, An Annotated Bibliography offers 400 references covering the systematics and distribution, fishery, biology, stock estimation and processing of Sardinella longiceps in the Indian Ocean with some reference to adjacent areas.

Price: 25.00 GBP
Fish Prints, Glass Instrument Company
40 Glass Instrument Company Fish Prints
The following decorative prints were published by the Glass Instrument Company as a supplement to their calendar for 1976.

Each is printed on white artists' card, and is mounted in a black core Palazzo bevelled art box, card backed, cello-wrapped, and ready for framing.

The images are striking black, grey and white, of modern style and depicting the fishes at rest or in motion. Each measures 300x230 mm (width x height) with a window size of 210 x 140 mm.

All in fine condition, price is for the set of 12 prints.

1. BLUEFIN TUNA (Thunnus thynnus), a small shoal.

2. ANCHOVY (Engraulis ringens), a group swimming.

3. ELECTRIC RAY (Torpedo marmorata), at rest.

4. GOLDFISH (Carassius auratus), three plump fishes looking out.

5. ELEPHANT-NOSE FISH (Gnathonemus petersii), handsome fish probing river bed (pictured).

6. TRANSPARENT KNIFEFISH (Eigenmannia virescens), with a BLACK GHOST KNIFEFISH (Sternarchus albifrons), both swimming.

7. ANGLERFISH (Lophius piscatorius), everything an anglerfish should be.

8. KILLIFISH (Fundulus heteroclitus), two killis swimming.

9. SKATE (Raja clavata), one swimming, one cruising to rest.

10. BRISTLE MOUTH FISH (Vinciguerria nimbaria), bizarre.

11. HATCHETFISH (Gasteropelis levi), two fishes in fine form.

12. TOADFISH (Opsanus tau), camouflaged at rest.

Price: 225.00 GBP
Fish Invasions of the Mediterranean Sea, Golani, D. & B. Appelbaum-Golani (editors)
41 Golani, D. & B. Appelbaum-Golani (editors) Fish Invasions of the Mediterranean Sea
9546425265 / 9789546425263 New
2010. 25cm. Pp.332. Colour photos, maps, figures. Paperback.

Focuses on fish invasions of the Mediterranean and presents the latest research on this subject.

Fish Invasions of the Mediterranean Sea includes chapters written by experts on paleontology, climate change, zoogeography, genetics, parasitology, biological monitoring and conservation, as well as chapters devoted to regional and local issues of countries surrounding the Mediterranean.

Price: 69.50 GBP
Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast, Gomon, Martin ; Dianne Bray & Rudie Kuiter (editors)
42 Gomon, Martin ; Dianne Bray & Rudie Kuiter (editors) Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast
1877069183 / 9781877069185 New
2010. 28cm. Pp.928. Numerous colour photos. Hardbound.

Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast brings together the latest scientific knowledge on more than 860 species inhabiting Australia’s temperate southern waters, from the Recherche Archipelago at the western end of the Great Australian Bight to Wilsons Promontory in the east, many of which are found nowhere else.

Price: 85.00 GBP
Fishes of the Southern Ocean, Gon, O. & P. Heemstra (editors)
43 Gon, O. & P. Heemstra (editors) Fishes of the Southern Ocean
0868102113 / 9780868102115 New
29cm. Pp.xviii,462. 12 colour plates, 452 figures, numerous distribution maps. Hardbound.

Fishes of the Southern Ocean is a valuable synthesis of information on the distribution, taxonomy and biology of the Antarctic fishes ; all but three of the 272 species and subspecies being meticulously illustrated. Comprehensive bibliography and scientific index.

New copy, both the binding and the dustjacket bumped at the head of spine, but without loss, text block unaffected.

Price: 50.00 GBP
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia. Volumes 4 & 5. Fishes I, Fishes II and Amphibians, Grzimek, B. and others (editors)
44 Grzimek, B. and others (editors) Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia. Volumes 4 & 5. Fishes I, Fishes II and Amphibians
0442230389 / 9780442230388 Clean secondhand
(Kinder Verlag, 1968), first English paperback edition, VNR., 1984. 2 volumes. 25cm. Pp.531 ; 555. Very many colour photos & text figures. Softbound, nice set.

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia was published in 13 volumes.

Price: 22.00 GBP
Sharks, Skates, and Rays: The Biology of Elasmobranch Fishes, Hamlett, W.C. (editor)
45 Hamlett, W.C. (editor) Sharks, Skates, and Rays: The Biology of Elasmobranch Fishes
0801860482 / 9780801860485 New
1999. 28cm. Pp.525. 228 photos & figures. Hardbound.

Successor to the classic work in shark studies, The Elasmobranch Fishes by John Franklin Daniel (first published 1922, revised 1928 and 1934), Sharks, Skates, and Rays provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of elasmobranch morphology.

Coverage has been expanded from anatomy to include modern information on physiology and biochemistry. The new volume also provides equal treatment for skates and rays. The authors present general introductory material for the relative novice but also review the latest technical citations, making the book a valuable primary reference resource.

Price: 130.00 GBP
Sea Trout, Biology, Conservation & Management, Harris, Graeme & Nigel Milner
46 Harris, Graeme & Nigel Milner Sea Trout, Biology, Conservation & Management
1405129913 / 9781405129916 New
2007. 26cm. Pp.520. 133 photos & figures. Hardbound.

The brown trout displays widely divergent life history strategies involving, variously, usage of streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries and the sea. The sea trout is the full sea-going form, it is very common and competes with salmon for the position of the most sought after migratory salmonid in many countries. Its use of freshwater, estuaries and coastal waters gives it a unique position as a sentinel species of environmental quality across these habitats. Although a commercially and recreationally important fish species, the management and scientific knowledge about sea trout has often been overshadowed by a focus on the salmon. However the First International Symposium for the Biology, Management and Conservation of Sea Trout sought to address this when a group of world class experts convened to share their research and form the basis for this impressive volume, covering: stocks and fisheries; genetics and life history; ecology and population dynamics; and the management of stocks and world fisheries.

Price: 178.00 GBP
Fishes: A Guide to Their Diversity, Hastings, Phillip A & H. J. Walker Jr.
47 Hastings, Phillip A & H. J. Walker Jr. Fishes: A Guide to Their Diversity
0520283538 / 9780520283534 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.336. Colour photographs & illustrations. Softbound.

Showcases the basic anatomy and diversity of all 82 orders of fishes and more than 150 of the most commonly encountered families, focusing on their distinctive features.

Accurate identification of each group, including its distinguishing characteristics, is supported with clear photographs of preserved specimens, primarily from the archives of the Marine Vertebrate Collection at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. This diagnostic information is supplemented by radiographs, additional illustrations of particularly diverse lineages, and key references and ecological information for each group.

This unique and comprehensive reference gives a broad overview of fish morphology arranged in a modern classification system for students, fisheries scientists, marine biologists, vertebrate zoologists, and the general reader.

Price: 44.95 GBP
Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa, Heemstra,P.C. & E
48 Heemstra,P.C. & E Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa
1920033017 / 9781920033019 New
2005. 24cm. Pp.512. Numerous colour illustrations. Paperback.

Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa covers over 400 species of fishes along the coast of southern Africa.

Easy to navigate and accessible to the layperson, Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa features over 600 original paintings showing changes with growth and sexual differences in colour of many of the fishes.

The species accounts include useful descriptions and other information enabling easy identification and comparison of similar species.

Price: 25.00 GBP
Fish Atlas of the Celtic Sea, North Sea, and Baltic Sea, Heessen, Henk J. L ; Niels Daan & Jim R. Ellis (editors)
49 Heessen, Henk J. L ; Niels Daan & Jim R. Ellis (editors) Fish Atlas of the Celtic Sea, North Sea, and Baltic Sea
9050115373 / 9789050115377 New
2015. 30cm. Full colour. Hardbound.

An in-depth reference work on marine fish, this is the first complete overview of all marine fish species found in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, and Celtic Sea. Whereas European research mainly focuses on species of commercial interest, this atlas documents current data of all Western European fish species caught in the period 1977 to 2013.

The atlas presents a unique set of abundance data to describe the spatial, depth, size, and temporal distribution of demersal and pelagic fish species over an extensive marine area, together with accounts of their biology. A large number of pictures, graphs and distribution maps illustrate the text. By largely avoiding - or at least explaining - scientific terms and providing extensive references, the book should be useful for both laymen and scientists.

The quantitative information on some 200 fish taxa is derived from 72,000 stations fished by research vessels during the period 1977-2013. The area covers the northwest European shelf from the west of Ireland to the central Baltic Sea and from Brittany to the Shetlands.

Although the surveys extend beyond the shelf edge, only taxa reported at least once in waters less than 200 m are included. Typical deep-water species and typical fresh-water species are excluded. We hope this publication will contribute to gaining a better understanding of the ocean ecosystems.

The Fish Atlas of the Celtic Sea, North Sea, and Baltic Sea contains:

description of general goals of research-vessel surveys;
brief account of the oceanographic features of the three ecoregions;
overview of the surveys included in the analysis;
details on the process and interpretation of the extensive data;
variation of species composition by area and in time;
information on 201 taxa, grouped in 78 families;
contributions of 31 authors, affiliated with ICES surveys;
full-colour pictures, clear distribution maps and graphs;
48 text boxes to describe additional details of general interest.

Dr. Henk Heessen and Dr. Niels Daan are experienced marine biologists (IMARES Institute for Marine Resources & Ecosystem Studies, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands), as well as Dr. Jim Ellis (CEFAS, UK). 25 international colleagues contributed to the contents.

Price: 79.95 GBP
The Diversity of Fishes: Biology, Evolution, and Ecology, Second Edition, Helfman, Gene ; Bruce B. Collette, Douglas E. Facey & Brian W. Bowen
50 Helfman, Gene ; Bruce B. Collette, Douglas E. Facey & Brian W. Bowen The Diversity of Fishes: Biology, Evolution, and Ecology, Second Edition
1405124946 / 9781405124942 New
2009. 28cm. Pp.736. Hardbound.

The second edition of The Diversity of Fishes represents a major revision of the world’s most widely adopted ichthyology textbook.

Expanded and updated, the second edition is illustrated throughout with striking colour photographs depicting the spectacular evolutionary adaptations of the most ecologically and taxonomically diverse vertebrate group. The text incorporates the latest advances in the biology of fishes, covering taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, biogeography, ecology, and behavior. A new chapter on genetics and molecular ecology of fishes has been added, and conservation is emphasized throughout. Hundreds of new and redrawn illustrations augment readable text, and every chapter has been revised to reflect the discoveries and greater understanding achieved during the past decade.

Written by a team of internationally-recognized authorities, the first edition of The Diversity of Fishes was received with enthusiasm and praise, and incorporated into ichthyology and fish biology classes around the globe, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The second edition is a substantial update of an already classic reference and text.

Price: 59.50 GBP
Standard Names for Marine Fishes, Crustaceans and Mollusks in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry, Hensen, Roberto ; Alex Ploeg & Gayatri Lilley
51 Hensen, Roberto ; Alex Ploeg & Gayatri Lilley Standard Names for Marine Fishes, Crustaceans and Mollusks in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry
9075352913 / 9789075352917 New
2011. 25cm. Pp.128. 75 photos. Paperback.

Standard Names for Marine Fishes, Crustaceans and Mollusks in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry lists the proper scientific names for over 4000 fish, crustacean and mollusk species, and in addition hard corals, soft corals, sea anemones, sea stars, brittle stars, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. Sustainable collection of marine organisms for the aquarium trade is discussed. Over 75 aquatic animals are pictured.

Price: 26.00 GBP
Deep-Sea Fishes, Hoar, William S & David A Randall (editors)
52 Hoar, William S & David A Randall (editors) Deep-Sea Fishes
0123504406 / 9780123504401 New
23cm. Pp.338. Hardbound.

Deals with the systematics of deep sea fishes, buoyancy and biochemistry at depth, pressure effects on shallow water fish, sensory physiology, and methods of studying deep sea fishes.

Price: 105.00 GBP
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