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Aquaculture, Fisheries, Fish Diseases

We offer a wide variety of fisheries and aquaculture material.

Books on Fish Diseases are held as a subcategory here.

Aquaculture, Fisheries, Fish Diseases<br>

Aquaculture, Fisheries, Fish Diseases

   -Fish Diseases

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Small-Scale Fisheries Management: Frameworks and Approaches for the Developing World, Mills, D.J., L. Evans & A. Charles
53 Mills, D.J., L. Evans & A. Charles Small-Scale Fisheries Management: Frameworks and Approaches for the Developing World
1845936078 / 9781845936075 New
2011. 26cm. Pp.258. Hardbound.

Small-scale fisheries make up a large proportion of world's fisheries, both by catch and participation. Effective management is essential to ensure access to fish for food and income. Covering social and economic aspects of the fishery management and governance challenge, Small-Scale Fisheries Management provides guidance on innovative and alternative management measures and methods for small-scale fisheries. The book covers key topics such as rights, policy, co-management, communications and trade, and is an important reference for researchers and students in fisheries science and management as well as fisheries research organizations and policymakers.

Price: 80.00 GBP
Paddlefish Aquaculture, Mims, Steven
54 Mims, Steven Paddlefish Aquaculture
0813810582 / 9780813810584 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.320. Colour & BW photos, text figures, tables. Hardbound.

Paddlefish have become of increasing interest to the aquaculture community in recent years, as a potential new source of food and caviar. Native to North America, paddlefish show great promise both domestically and internationally as a commercially viable farmed species.

Paddlefish Aquaculture examines all aspects of the biology and culture of these fish, exploring their physiology, production, end products and the economics underlying a successful paddlefish operation. Chapters specifically cover paddlefish biology, propagation and early culture techniques, production for meat and caviar, international culture and history, paddlefish food products, bioaccumulants of contaminants in paddlefish, parasites and diseases, and the economics of paddlefish aquaculture.

Price: 119.00 GBP
Aquaculture Pond Fertilization, Impacts of Nutrient Input on Production, Mischke, Charles C. (editor):
55 Mischke, Charles C. (editor): Aquaculture Pond Fertilization, Impacts of Nutrient Input on Production
0470959223 / 9780470959220 New
2012. 28cm. Pp.308. Hardbound.

Aquaculture Pond Fertilization provides state-of-the-art information for successful fertilization strategies for a broad range of pond-raised species and attempts to rectify the seemingly contradictory nutrient recommendations by clearly defining the goals of specific types of aquaculture.

Chapters are divided into three sections. The first reviews basic concepts in fertilization applicable to all pond-based production. The second looks at specific nutrient management approaches. The third and final section of chapters looks specifically at key freshwater pond species ranging from tilapia to perch and discusses specific fertilization needs for the successful rearing of these in-demand fish.

Price: 176.00 GBP
The Knowledge Base for Fisheries Management, Motos, L. & D. Wilson (editors)
56 Motos, L. & D. Wilson (editors) The Knowledge Base for Fisheries Management
0444528504 / 9780444528506 New
2006. 28cm. Pp.476. Hardbound.

Fisheries are in a state of crisis throughout the world. While there has been some success, truly effective fisheries management seems beyond our grasp. The knowledge needed for proper management contains a broad array of facts and connections from statistical stock assessments, to the information that allows government agencies to track compliance with rules and beyond.

The Knowledge Base for Fisheries Management describes the state-of-the-art knowledge about fishery systems. Seldom seen in a scientific publication regarding fisheries science, this book presents a multidisciplinary perspective of fisheries management. Leading fisheries scholars with backgrounds in biology, ecology, economics and sociology ask how management institutions can learn and put their lessons to use. The Knowledge Base for Fisheries Management offers a unique overview of the world of fisheries management and provides the background to draw conclusions of what is needed to improve management. Covering a wide range of regimes, case studies and professional perspectives, this publication will be an obligatory reference to anyone involved on fisheries management, assessment, policy making or fisheries development around the world.

Price: 160.00 GBP
Aquaculture Ecosystems, Adaptability and Sustainability, Mustafa, Saleem & Rossita Shapawi (editors)
57 Mustafa, Saleem & Rossita Shapawi (editors) Aquaculture Ecosystems, Adaptability and Sustainability
1118778545 / 9781118778548 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.424. Colour photos & figures. Hardbound.

Focuses on incorporating the elements of adaptability and sustainability in aquaculture for changing the course of its development towards the ecosystem approach.

The contents have been structured to justify the importance of forging synergies of aquaculture with other methods of seafood production for addressing the numerous challenges and meeting production targets. With the stabilization of capture fisheries, there is no alternative to aquaculture in seafood security, and this requires changing the course of production methods.

This uptodate reference contains synthesis of information on current practices and the wisdom of capitalizing on gains from established practices, and identifies new areas for reforms in charting the way forward. It suggests the need for new models of development that evolve in an innovation ecosystem for accelerating the merger of time-tested approaches with the modern knowledge deeply rooted in environmental compatibility.

Price: 130.00 GBP
Billfishes of the World. An Annotated and Illustrated Catalogue of the Marlins, Sailfishes, Spearfishes and Swordfishes Known to Date, Nakamura, I
58 Nakamura, I Billfishes of the World. An Annotated and Illustrated Catalogue of the Marlins, Sailfishes, Spearfishes and Swordfishes Known to Date
9251022321 / 9789251022320 New
1985. 30cm. Pp.iv,42. 24 figs & maps, 19 tables. Paperback.

Billfishes of the World includes the two families and all 12 species of billfishes known to date. It provides a comprehensive and illustrated key to families and species, with a glossary of technical terms and measurements. Within each family are given individual accounts of species which include drawings, scientific and vernacular names, information on habitat, biology and fisheries, and a distribution map. The section including family and species accounts is followed by a table indicating the distribution of each species by major marine fishing areas. The work is fully indexed and there is ample reference to pertinent literature.

Price: 44.00 GBP
Multilingual Dictionary of Fish and Fish Products, Fifth Edition, OECD
59 OECD Multilingual Dictionary of Fish and Fish Products, Fifth Edition
1405157607 / 9781405157605 New
26cm. Pp.368. Hardbound.

The Multilingual Dictionary of Fish and Fish Products is a world standard guide to the names of fish and fish products traded internationally.

This fifth edition comprises 1187 items, with descriptions in English and French and the equivalents for the main headings in 18 other languages: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Indexes are provided for each language, including an index of scientific names for species of fish, shellfish, etc. This is an essential reference for all those working in the arena of fisheries, aquaculture, seafood processing and the world trade in aquatic products. The information included is of great commercial use and importance.

Price: 125.00 GBP
Introductory Fisheries Analyses with R, Ogle, Derek R
60 Ogle, Derek R Introductory Fisheries Analyses with R
148223520X / 9781482235203 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.317. 76 photos. Hardbound.

Introductory Fisheries Analyses with R provides detailed instructions on performing basic fisheries stock assessment analyses in the R environment. Accessible to practicing fisheries scientists as well as advanced undergraduate and graduate students, the book demonstrates the flexibility and power of R, offers insight into the reproducibility of script-based analyses, and shows how the use of R leads to more efficient and productive work in fisheries science.

The first three chapters present a minimal introduction to the R environment that builds a foundation for the fisheries-specific analyses in the remainder of the book. These chapters help you become familiar with R for basic fisheries analyses and graphics.

Subsequent chapters focus on methods to analyze age comparisons, age-length keys, size structure, weight-length relationships, condition, abundance (from capture-recapture and depletion data), mortality rates, individual growth, and the stock-recruit relationship. The fundamental statistical methods of linear regression, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and nonlinear regression are demonstrated within the contexts of these common fisheries analyses. For each analysis, the author completely explains the R functions and provides sufficient background information so that you can confidently implement each method.

Additional Web Resource - the authorís website at includes the data files and R code for each chapter, enabling you to reproduce the results in the book as well as create your own scripts. The site also offers supplemental code for more advanced analyses and practice exercises for every chapter.

Price: 56.99 GBP
The Threatened World of Fish, Osse, Jan W. M. & Charles E. Hollingsworth (editors)
61 Osse, Jan W. M. & Charles E. Hollingsworth (editors) The Threatened World of Fish
Clean secondhand
Proceedings of the seventh International Ichthyology Congress The Hague (The Netherlands), August 26-30, 1991. Ned. J. Zool., 1992. 24cm. Pp.129-524. Text figures. Softbound.

Presents 21 peer-reviews papers, a cross-section of most of the major fields of ichthyology.

Price: 44.00 GBP
Manual of Fish Sclerochronology, Panfili, J and others (editors)
62 Panfili, J and others (editors) Manual of Fish Sclerochronology
2709914905 / 9782709914901 New
24cm. Pp.464. Numerous illustrations. Softbound with interactive DVD.

Sclerochronology, the study of calcified structures to reconstruct the past history of living organisms, is central to fish biology and fisheries management. Manual of Fish Sclerochronology aims to provide an overview of the current theoretical and practical aspects of sclerochronological studies. By providing information on the nature of calcified structures (otoliths, scales, skeleton), their uses in fish research and methods for preparation and examination, the manual constitutes a comprehensive guide for researchers, technicians and students either new to the field or interested in expanding their range of expertise. English language edition.

Price: 125.00 GBP
Monogenea of Inland Water Fish in Africa, Paperna, I
63 Paperna, I Monogenea of Inland Water Fish in Africa
Clean secondhand
1979. 25cm. Pp.viii,230. 48 plates, 43 tables, 2 maps. Paperback.

Price: 53.00 GBP
Sparidae: Biology and Aquaculture of Gilthead Sea Bream and Other Species, Pavlidis, Michalis & Constantinos Mylonas (editors)
64 Pavlidis, Michalis & Constantinos Mylonas (editors) Sparidae: Biology and Aquaculture of Gilthead Sea Bream and Other Species
1405197722 / 9781405197724 New
2011. 26cm. Pp.352. Hardbound.

The Sparidae, commonly known as breams and porgies, is a family of fishes of the order Perciformes, and includes about 115 species of mainly marine coastal fish of high economic value, exploited and farmed for human consumption, as well as for recreational purposes.

Sparidae: Biology and Aquaculture of Gilthead Sea Bream and Other Species brings together a huge wealth of information on the biology and culture of gilthead sea bream and other Sparidae species. Commencing with an overview of the current status of aquaculture of Sparidae, the book continues with comprehensive coverage of the familyís phylogeny, evolution and taxonomy, stress and welfare issues, and reproduction and broodstock management. Further chapters include coverage of early development and metabolism, production systems, nutrition, quality, and health management. A final cutting-edge chapter looks at genomic-proteomic research in Sparidae and its application to genetic improvement.

Price: 151.00 GBP
Tilapia in Intensive Co-culture, Perschbacher, Peter W. & Robert R. Stickney (editors)
65 Perschbacher, Peter W. & Robert R. Stickney (editors) Tilapia in Intensive Co-culture
1118970667 / 9781118970669 New
2017. 26cm. Pp.368. Colour photos, figures. Hardbound.

Intensive tilapia co-culture is the commercial production of various species of tilapia in conjunction with one or more other marketable species. Tilapia are attractive as a co-cultured fish because of their potential to improve water quality, especially in penaeid shrimp ponds, by consuming plankton and detritus and by altering pathogenic bacterial populations while increasing marketable production.

Following introductory chapters covering ecological aspects of co-culture, tilapia feeding habits, historical use, and new models, Tilapia in Intensive Co-Culture is divided into co-culture in freshwater and marine environments. Co-culture core information is presented on Vibrio control, high-rate aquaculture processes, aquaponics, tilapia nutrient profile, and tilapia niche economics and marketing in the U.S, and with carp, catfish, freshwater and marine shrimp in the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia.

Tilapia in Intensive Co-Culture will be of great use and interest to researchers, producers, investors and policy makers considering tilapia co-culture in terms of environmental and economic sustainability.

Price: 130.00 GBP
Stress and Fish, Pickering, A. D. (editor)
66 Pickering, A. D. (editor) Stress and Fish
0125545509 / 9780125545501 Good ex-library
Academic Press, 1981. 24cm. Pp.xiv, 367. Text figures. Hardbound, good ex-library.

Wide ranging symposium proceedings presenting original research in the context of a detailed review of the existing information with particular reference to the endocrinological/physiological responses of fish to stress and the problems of stress associated with intensive fish aquaculture.

Price: 35.00 GBP
Biosecurity in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry, Ploeg, Alex ; Gerald Bassleer & Roberto Hensen
67 Ploeg, Alex ; Gerald Bassleer & Roberto Hensen Biosecurity in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry
9075352786 / 9789075352788 New
2009. 26cm. Pp.148. Paperback.

Biosecurity in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry discusses the characteristics of disease causing agents and biosecurity risk in all stages of the industry, possible approaches per type of operator are outlined.

Price: 26.00 GBP
Health Maintenance and Principal Microbial Diseases of Cultured Fishes, 3rd Edition, Plumb, J. A. & L.A. Hanson
68 Plumb, J. A. & L.A. Hanson Health Maintenance and Principal Microbial Diseases of Cultured Fishes, 3rd Edition
0813816939 / 9780813816937 New
2010. 28cm. Pp.400. Hardbound

Health Maintenance and Principal Microbial Diseases of Cultured Fishes is divided into sections on health maintenance, viral diseases, and bacterial diseases, and covers a wide variety of commercially important species, including catfish, salmon, trout, sturgeon, and tilapia.

Fully revised and updated, this book is a valuable resource for professionals and students in the areas of aquaculture, aquatic health maintenance, pathobiology, and aquatic farm management.

Presents a major revision of the valuable fish health maintenance section and covers new pathogens and advances in the field, illustrates methods for maintaining fish health through management of disease and offers sections on health maintenance, viral diseases, and bacterial diseases covering a wide variety of fish species.

Price: 147.00 GBP
Fish Reproduction, Strategies and Tactics, Potts, G.W. & R.J. Wootton (editors)
69 Potts, G.W. & R.J. Wootton (editors) Fish Reproduction, Strategies and Tactics
0125636601 / 9780125636605 Clean secondhand
Academic Press, 1984. 24cm. Pp.xiv,410. Photos, figures, tables. Hardbound, jacket, clean secondhand.

Fish Reproduction, Strategies and Tactics presents a series of articles covering aspects of theoretical modelling, ecology, behaviour and experimental laboratory studies and deals with some of the more commercially important aspects of fish reproduction with respect to aquaculture and fisheries biology. Special reference is given to the adaptive significance of reproductive patterns observed in teleost fishes.

Price: 195.00 GBP
Handbook of Microalgal Culture, Second edition, Richmond, Amos  & Hu, Qiang (editors)
70 Richmond, Amos & Hu, Qiang (editors) Handbook of Microalgal Culture, Second edition
0470673893 / 9780470673898 New
2013. 26cm. Pp.730. Hardbound.

This important book comprises comprehensive reviews of the current available information on microalgal culture, written by over 40 contributing authors from around the globe.

The second edition of Handbook of Microalgal Culture will contain 36 chapters. Nineteen of these will be written by new authors. In all there will be 11 totally new chapters covering important new aspects including novel photobioreactors, techno-economic analysis of algal mass culture, outdoor mass cultivation of oil-bearing microalgae, and the biology and large scale culture of several newly exploited species including Chlorella, Spirulina and Dunaniella.

Handbook of Microalgal Culture is an essential purchase for all phycologists and also those researching aquatic systems, aquaculture and plant sciences. There is also much of great use to researchers and those involved in product formulation within pharmaceutical, nutrition and food companies. Libraries in all universities and research establishments teaching and researching in chemistry, biological and pharmaceutical sciences, food sciences and nutrition, and aquaculture will need copies of this book on their shelves.

Price: 225.00 GBP
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Reproductive Physiology of Fish, Richter, C.J.J. & H.J.Th. Goos (compliers)
71 Richter, C.J.J. & H.J.Th. Goos (compliers) Proceedings of the International Symposium on Reproductive Physiology of Fish
9022008185 / 9789022008188 Good ex-library
PUDOC., Wageningen, 1982. 24cm. Pp.x, 256. Photos, text figures, tables. Hardbound, good ex-library.

About 100 papers and posters presented at the Second International Symposium on Reproductive Physiology of Fish dealing with the applies aspects of fish reproduction and the daily challenges of fish farming.

Price: 45.00 GBP
Fish Pathology, 4th Edition, Roberts, Ronald J
72 Roberts, Ronald J Fish Pathology, 4th Edition
1444332821 / 9781444332827 New
2012. 30cm. Pp.576. Hardbound.

Fish Pathology, the new and fully updated full colour fourth edition with comprehensive details of the anatomy and physiology of teleosts, pathophysiology and sytematic physiology, immunology, neoplasia, virology, parasitology, bacteriology, mycology, nutritional pathology and other non-infectious diseases.

Price: 170.00 GBP
Risk Analysis in Aquatic Animal Health, Rodgers, C.J. (editor)
73 Rodgers, C.J. (editor) Risk Analysis in Aquatic Animal Health
9290445211 / 9789290445210 New
2001. 30cm. Pp.x, 346. Photos & figures. Softbound.

Risk Analysis in Aquatic Animal Health is a compilation of the presentations, session discussions and reports from the OIE International Conference held in Paris from 8 to 10 February 2000. This Conference provided the first opportunity to bring together experts in this important developing discipline. The meeting was held with the objective of provoking international dialogue and providing the latest information to scientists, academics and regulators responsible for developing, evaluating and implementing measures intended to protect aquatic animal health.

The poorly understood aspects of the life-cycles and survival parameters of fish and shellfish pathogens make the application of risk assessment difficult, even to the most studied models. However, as research is lacking in some important areas, risk assessment can be used to highlight research priorities. The Proceedings of this Conference therefore represent an attempt to resolve some of the surrounding issues and clarify the understanding of the risk analysis mechanism as applied to aquatic animals.

The contemporary nature of this topic is reflected in the content of the Proceedings which answers the current need for a reference work providing explanatory background detail. The final balance is a unique compilation of information that can be used both as an entry point for anyone wanting to learn more about the subject, as well as a tool for those who require the latest developments in the field.

The sections provide a combination of overview and more specific information on aquatic animal health related to risk analysis methodology, areas of application, standardisation of monitoring programmes, pathogen survival and detection techniques. Forward-looking recommendations are also made and appendices include the text of the Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS Agreement) and a list of useful websites.

These Proceedings provide an indispensable collection of authorative papers that will promote advances in risk analysis for aquatic animal health and produce the necessary impetus for generating further interest.

Price: 36.00 GBP
Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals, Third edition, Ross, L. & R
74 Ross, L. & R Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals, Third edition
1405149388 / 9781405149389 New
2008. 26cm. Pp.240. 39 photos & figures. Hardbound.

Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals provides the fisheries and aquaculture industry with vital information on the use of sedation and anaesthetics in the avoidance of stress and physical damage, which can easily be caused by crowding, capture, handling, transportation and release.

Now fully revised and expanded, the third edition has maintained its accessible format and incorporates new material with emphasis on: fish pain and welfare, a rapidly developing area of interest and debate, and anaesthesia and legislation, with an international perspective.

Price: 117.00 GBP
Functional Genomics in Aquaculture, Saroglia, Marco & Zhanjiang (John) Liu (editors)
75 Saroglia, Marco & Zhanjiang (John) Liu (editors) Functional Genomics in Aquaculture
0470960086 / 9780470960080 New
2012. 26cm. Pp.416. Hardbound.

Functional Genomics in Aquaculture looks at the advances in this field as they directly relate to key traits and species in aquaculture production.

Functional Genomics in Aquaculture opens with two chapters that provide a useful general introduction to the field of functional genomics. The second section of the book focuses on key production traits such as growth, development, reproduction, nutrition, and physiological response to stress and diseases. The final five chapters focus on a variety of key aquaculture species. Examples looking at our understanding of the functional genomes of salmonids, Mediterranean sea bass, Atlantic cod, catfish, shrimp, and molluscs, are included in the book.

Price: 176.00 GBP
Electrofishing and Its Harmful Effects on Fish, Snyder, Darrell E
76 Snyder, Darrell E Electrofishing and Its Harmful Effects on Fish
2003. 28cm. Pp.vii,149. 19 photo & figures (3 colour), 3 tables. Paperback.

Electrofishing and Its Harmful Effects on Fish is a comprehensive synthesis of the literature of electrofishing with emphasis on adverse effects to fish. A thorough overview covering the principles of electrofishing, concepts of electrical transmission in water and fish, and ways to reduce fish injury and mortality.

Price: 53.00 GBP
Tarpons. Biology, Ecology, Fisheries, Spotte, Stephen S
77 Spotte, Stephen S Tarpons. Biology, Ecology, Fisheries
1119185491 / 9781119185499 New
2016. 28cm. Pp.332. Hardbound.

Tarpons arose from an ancient lineage, and just two species exist today, confined to the tropics and subtropics: Megalops atlanticus in the western and eastern Atlantic and Megalops cyprinoides distributed widely across the Indo-west Pacific. The Atlantic tarpon is considered king of the saltwater sport fishes and supports a multi-billion dollar recreational fishery in the U.S. alone. The Pacific tarpon, which is much smaller, is less valued by anglers. Both have limited commercial value but offer considerable potential for future aquaculture because of their hardiness, rapid growth, and ease of adaptation to captivity.

This book is the latest and most thorough text on the biology, ecology, and fisheries (sport and commercial) of tarpons. The chapters comprise clear, intricate discourses on such subjects as early development and metamorphosis, population genetics, anatomical and physiological features and adaptations, migrations, reproductive biology, and culminate with a concise overview of the world's tarpon fisheries. A comprehensive appendix includes Spotte's original translations of important papers published previously by others in Spanish and Portuguese and unavailable until now to English readers.

Price: 110.00 GBP
Aquaculture, An Introductory Text, 3rd edition, Stickney, R. R
78 Stickney, R. R Aquaculture, An Introductory Text, 3rd edition
1786390094 / 9781786390097 New
2017. 28cm. Pp.352. Colour photos, figures. Hardbound.

Providing a broad and readable overview of the subject, this updated third edition of Aquaculture: An Introductory Text covers issues associated with sustainable aquaculture development, culture systems, hatchery methods, nutrition and feeding of aquaculture species, reproductive strategies, harvesting and many other topics. While its main focus is on the culture of fish, molluscs and crustaceans for food, the book also covers other forms of aquaculture, such as the production of seaweeds, recreational fish and ornamental species, and live foods such as algae and rotifers that are used to feed larval shrimp and marine fish.

Thoroughly updated and revised, the third edition of this essential textbook now includes:
- Increased coverage of species under culture
- Increased scope to cover species for enhancement, recreational fishing, commercial fishing and aquaria
- Newly developed culture systems
- Information on predictive impacts of climate change
- Updated aquaculture production statistics

Aquaculture remains one of the most rapidly growing agricultural disciplines and this book remains an essential resource for all students of aquaculture and related disciplines.

Contents :
-: Foreword
1: General Overview of Aquaculture
2: Getting Started
3: Culture Systems
4: Understanding and Maintaining Water Quality
5: Diseases and Parasites of Aquaculture Species
6: Reproduction and Early Rearing
7: Prepared Feeds
8: Aquatic Animal Nutrition
9: A Pot-pourri of Additional Topics

Price: 95.00 GBP
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