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Freshwater Fishes

Welcome to our most visited catalogue.

We list about 200 items (excluding reprints), in an easy to browse catalogue running to less than 10 pages.

The complete aquaculture, fisheries and ichthyology catalogue comprises 650 - 700 items.

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Freshwater Fishes

Fishes, Ichthyology
:Freshwater Fishes

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L'ichtyofaune du bassin de la Malagarasi (systeme de la Tanganyika), de Vos, L; L. Seegers et al
53 de Vos, L; L. Seegers et al L'ichtyofaune du bassin de la Malagarasi (systeme de la Tanganyika)
9075894341 / 9789075894349 New
Contained in Ann. Mus. R. Afr. Cent. (Zool.), Vol.285, Miscellanea 1. 2001. 28cm. Pp.117-135. 3 tables, 1 figure, 2 maps, appended are 10 colour photos of biotopes and 39 colour photos of fishes, bibliography. Paperback.

L'ichtyofaune du bassin de la Malagarasi comprises 108 species, about 15% appear to be endemic. French text.

The entire volume is 152 pages with 216 figures and 55 colour photos.

Price: 36.00 GBP
Synopsis of Biological Data on the Tor Maseer Tor tor (Hamilton, 1822), Desai, V. R
54 Desai, V. R Synopsis of Biological Data on the Tor Maseer Tor tor (Hamilton, 1822)
9251049335 / 9789251049334 New
2003. 30cm. Pp.43. 19 figures & maps, 20 tables. Binding : ebook.

Among Indian mahseers, Tor mahseer Tor tor (Hamilton, 1822) is the most important food and game fish of India after Tor putitora (Hamilton, 1822). It constitutes an outstanding fishery in the Narmada River in central India. It has also settled in some Indian reservoirs which have been stocked with this fish. However, the building of dams across certain rivers has created reservoirs that have destroyed the natural breeding grounds of the fish and caused mortality of brood and juvenile fish indiscriminately. The mahseer fishery of India is further declining as a result of low recruitment of the fish. Stocking rivers and reservoirs with mahseer is therefore essential to restore the fishery. This synopsis is the compilation of biological data for Tor tor – Tor mahseer collected from different sources. The detailed biological information on Tor tor, including the feeding habits, breeding and growth patterns contained in this synopsis, will be useful in planning the development of the mahseer fishery in India. ebook / pdf 845KB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.

Price: 17.00 GBP
Morphological Evolution, Adaptations, Homoplasies, Constraints, and Evolutionary Trends: Catfishes as a Case Study on General Phylogeny & Macroevolution, Diogo, R
55 Diogo, R Morphological Evolution, Adaptations, Homoplasies, Constraints, and Evolutionary Trends: Catfishes as a Case Study on General Phylogeny & Macroevolution
1578082919 / 9781578082919 New
2004. 26cm. Pp.600. Hardbound.

The major aim of this work is, to help clarify the interrelationships of catfishes, with major implications on the study of the general evolution of these fishes.

A great part of this work, therefore, deals with a cladistic analysis of catfish higher-level phylogeny based on extensive morphological data, in which are included some terminal taxa not included in previous analyses, but principally a large number of characters traditionally excluded from those analyses, with particular attention being given to catfish morphology.

This analysis gives particular importance to complex, integrated structures. Morphological Evolution, Adaptations, Homoplasies, Constraints, and Evolutionary Trends will be interest to students, ichthyologists and biologists working in evolution, taxonomy and phylogeny.

Price: 113.00 GBP
FishBase 2004 DVD, DVD
56 DVD FishBase 2004 DVD
Full information on 28,500+ species, containing the complete database and all pictures.

FishBase is a relational database with information to cater to different professionals such as research scientists, fisheries managers, zoologists, aquarists, conservationists and others (detailed information on population dynamics, genetics, morphology, trophic ecology, physiology, ecotoxicology, reproduction, etc. is included).

System requirements : the database uses Microsoft Access 2000 and thus needs Windows 98 or above as the operating system and a DVD player.

Price: 40.00 GBP
A Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Tanzania, Eccles, David H
57 Eccles, David H A Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Tanzania
925103186X / 9789251031865 New
1992. 26cm. Pp.v, 145. Line drawings for each species. Binding : eBook / pdf.

Field Guide to the Freshwater Fishes of Tanzania includes background remarks on the fauna and a basic introduction to taxonomy. A section on technical terms and measurements illustrates the characters used for identification. The species accounts include illustrations and information on synonyms, standard names, local names, maximum size, distribution, habitat and miscellaneous remarks. A useful illustrated scientific field guide designed for the quick and accurate identification of the species. ebook, 26.1MB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.

Price: 17.00 GBP
Ecology and Evolution of Poeciliid Fishes, Evans, J.P; A. Pilastro & I. Schulpp (editors)
58 Evans, J.P; A. Pilastro & I. Schulpp (editors) Ecology and Evolution of Poeciliid Fishes
0226222748 / 9780226222745 New
2011. 28cm. Pp.424. 54 maps, 34 line drawings, 25 tables. Hardbound.

Found throughout tropical and subtropical waters, poeciliids exhibit a fascinating variety of reproductive specializations, including viviparity, matrotrophy, unisexual reproduction, and alternative mating strategies.

Ecology and Evolution of Poeciliid Fishes is a much-needed overview of the scientific potential and understanding of these live-bearing fishes. Chapters by leading researchers take up a wide range of topics, including the evolution of unisexual reproduction, life in extreme environments, life-history evolution, and genetics.

Price: 68.00 GBP
Catfish Atlas Volume 1, Evers, H.-G. & I. Seidel
59 Evers, H.-G. & I. Seidel Catfish Atlas Volume 1
3882440643 / 9783882440645 New
English edn., 2005. 19cm. Pp.944. 1000 colour photographs. Hardbound.

The family Loricariidae, suckermouth -or armoured- catfishes, contains over 650 described species and a great number of still undescribed forms. Many of these are popular aquarium fishes. This first volume presents the subfamilies Hypoptopomatinae and Loricariinae, and the families Cetopsidae, Nematogenydae, and Trichomycteridae. An extensive introduction to their natural history is given with special emphasis on aspects of breeding and ecology.

Price: 39.95 GBP
The Shocking History of Electric Fishes, from Ancient Epochs to the Birth of Modern Neurophysiology, Finger, Stanley & Marco Piccolino
60 Finger, Stanley & Marco Piccolino The Shocking History of Electric Fishes, from Ancient Epochs to the Birth of Modern Neurophysiology
0195366727 / 9780195366723 New
2011. 28cm. Pp.464. 302 photos & figures. Hardbound.

The Shocking History of Electric Fishes looks at how three kinds of strongly electric fishes literally became "electrical", and how they helped to change the sciences and medicine. These fishes are the flat torpedo rays common to the Mediterranean, the electric catfishes of Africa, and an "eel" from South America. The discovery of the electrical nature of these fishes in the second half of the 18th century was the starting point of the two fundamental advances in the sciences: on the physiological side, the demonstration that nerve conduction and muscle excitation are electrical phenomena, and on the physical side, the invention of the electric battery.

Price: 125.00 GBP
Tanganyika, Africa's Inland Sea, Fitor, Angel
61 Fitor, Angel Tanganyika, Africa's Inland Sea
3936027943 / 9783936027945 New
2008. 26cm. Pp.192. 300 colour underwater photographs. Hardbound.

From breathtaking volcanic sceneries, to pygmy shell-dwelling fishes, from freshwater jellyfishes, to fighting featherfin cichlids. Rare species, fascinating behaviours - this is Tanganyika alive !

Every double-page spread inside the book tells a vibrant life story about one of the last pristine underwater realms on Earth. Now you can enjoy this unique environment in a high quality limited edition coffee-table book.

Price: 69.95 GBP
Annotated Checklist of Fish and Lamprey Species (Gnathostomata and Petromyzontomorphi) of Turkey, Fricke, R; M. Bilecenoglu & M,H, Sari
62 Fricke, R; M. Bilecenoglu & M,H, Sari Annotated Checklist of Fish and Lamprey Species (Gnathostomata and Petromyzontomorphi) of Turkey
2007. 26cm. Pp.169. 3 figures, 8 tables. Paperback.

Annotated Checklist of Fish and Lamprey Species of Turkey includes a Red List of threatened and declining species

Price: 52.50 GBP
Identifying Corydoradine Catfish, Fuller, Ian & Hans-George Evers
63 Fuller, Ian & Hans-George Evers Identifying Corydoradine Catfish
3936027803 / 9783936027808 New
21cm. Pp.384. 463 colour photos. Hardbound.

Identifying Corydoradine Catfish is the most uptodate handbook, covering all the known species of Corydoradinae catfish; Aspidoras, Brochis, Corydoras, Scleromystax and C-Numbers, with their type locality, nomenclature, size and observations for each species.

Price: 29.95 GBP
The Status and Distribution of Freshwater Biodiversity in Northern Africa, García, Nieves ; Annabelle Cuttelod &  Dania Abdul Malak
64 García, Nieves ; Annabelle Cuttelod & Dania Abdul Malak The Status and Distribution of Freshwater Biodiversity in Northern Africa
2831712718 / 9782831712710 New
2010. 28cm. Pp.141. Binding : ebook.

The Status and Distribution of Freshwater Biodiversity in Northern Africa is the first overview of the conservation status of 877 northern African freshwater species belonging to five taxonomic groups : fish, molluscs, dragonflies and damselflies, freshwater crabs and aquatic plants. Species at risk of regional extinction are mapped and conservation measures are proposed to reduce the probability of future declines.

ebook, 5.86MB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.

Price: 17.00 GBP
Cichlids of the World, Goldstein, Robert J
65 Goldstein, Robert J Cichlids of the World
Clean secondhand
TFH., 1973. 22cm. Pp.382. Colour & BW photos. Hardbound.

Price: 7.95 GBP
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia. Volumes 4 & 5. Fishes I, Fishes II and Amphibians, Grzimek, B. and others (editors)
66 Grzimek, B. and others (editors) Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia. Volumes 4 & 5. Fishes I, Fishes II and Amphibians
0442230389 / 9780442230388 Clean secondhand
(Kinder Verlag, 1968), first English paperback edition, VNR., 1984. 2 volumes. 25cm. Pp.531 ; 555. Very many colour photos & text figures. Softbound, nice set.

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia was published in 13 volumes.

Price: 22.00 GBP
Sea Trout, Biology, Conservation & Management, Harris, Graeme & Nigel Milner
67 Harris, Graeme & Nigel Milner Sea Trout, Biology, Conservation & Management
1405129913 / 9781405129916 New
2007. 26cm. Pp.520. 133 photos & figures. Hardbound.

The brown trout displays widely divergent life history strategies involving, variously, usage of streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries and the sea. The sea trout is the full sea-going form, it is very common and competes with salmon for the position of the most sought after migratory salmonid in many countries. Its use of freshwater, estuaries and coastal waters gives it a unique position as a sentinel species of environmental quality across these habitats. Although a commercially and recreationally important fish species, the management and scientific knowledge about sea trout has often been overshadowed by a focus on the salmon. However the First International Symposium for the Biology, Management and Conservation of Sea Trout sought to address this when a group of world class experts convened to share their research and form the basis for this impressive volume, covering: stocks and fisheries; genetics and life history; ecology and population dynamics; and the management of stocks and world fisheries.

Price: 178.00 GBP
Katanga, Des animaux et des hommes, Hasson, Michel
68 Hasson, Michel Katanga, Des animaux et des hommes
9789492244178 New
2015. 2 volumes, 28cm. Pp.296 ; 496. Colour photos, lists of species. Hardbound, slipcase.

The first complete guide to the vertebrates of Katanga.

The first volume provides an overview of the province’s geographic and historical context before exploring customs and beliefs regarding the fauna. The author then discusses the animal-related activities that are hunting and fishing, before ending with the more contemporary concern of nature conservation.

The second volume is a guide to the vertebrates of Katanga. For each featured species, the description of biological characteristics is accompanied by details on folklore, beliefs, or hunting practices. Invertebrates are also examined in the context of their interactions with humans, and discussed in areas as varied as medicine, agriculture, and folklore.

French text, Latin nomenclature.

Price: 95.00 GBP
Fishes: A Guide to Their Diversity, Hastings, Phillip A & H. J. Walker Jr.
69 Hastings, Phillip A & H. J. Walker Jr. Fishes: A Guide to Their Diversity
0520283538 / 9780520283534 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.336. Colour photographs & illustrations. Softbound.

Showcases the basic anatomy and diversity of all 82 orders of fishes and more than 150 of the most commonly encountered families, focusing on their distinctive features.

Accurate identification of each group, including its distinguishing characteristics, is supported with clear photographs of preserved specimens, primarily from the archives of the Marine Vertebrate Collection at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. This diagnostic information is supplemented by radiographs, additional illustrations of particularly diverse lineages, and key references and ecological information for each group.

This unique and comprehensive reference gives a broad overview of fish morphology arranged in a modern classification system for students, fisheries scientists, marine biologists, vertebrate zoologists, and the general reader.

Price: 44.95 GBP
The Diversity of Fishes: Biology, Evolution, and Ecology, Second Edition, Helfman, Gene ; Bruce B. Collette, Douglas E. Facey & Brian W. Bowen
70 Helfman, Gene ; Bruce B. Collette, Douglas E. Facey & Brian W. Bowen The Diversity of Fishes: Biology, Evolution, and Ecology, Second Edition
1405124946 / 9781405124942 New
2009. 28cm. Pp.736. Hardbound.

The second edition of The Diversity of Fishes represents a major revision of the world’s most widely adopted ichthyology textbook.

Expanded and updated, the second edition is illustrated throughout with striking colour photographs depicting the spectacular evolutionary adaptations of the most ecologically and taxonomically diverse vertebrate group. The text incorporates the latest advances in the biology of fishes, covering taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, biogeography, ecology, and behavior. A new chapter on genetics and molecular ecology of fishes has been added, and conservation is emphasized throughout. Hundreds of new and redrawn illustrations augment readable text, and every chapter has been revised to reflect the discoveries and greater understanding achieved during the past decade.

Written by a team of internationally-recognized authorities, the first edition of The Diversity of Fishes was received with enthusiasm and praise, and incorporated into ichthyology and fish biology classes around the globe, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The second edition is a substantial update of an already classic reference and text.

Price: 59.50 GBP
Standard Names for Freshwater Fishes in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry, Hensen, Robert; Alex Ploeg and Svein Fosså
71 Hensen, Robert; Alex Ploeg and Svein Fosså Standard Names for Freshwater Fishes in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry
9075352867 / 9789075352863 New
2010. 26cm. Pp.148. Paperback.

The proper scientific names for over 5300 fish species are listed and the principles of taxonomy are explained. Over 200 fish species are pictured.

Price: 26.00 GBP
The Goldfish, Revised edition, Hervey, George F & Jack Hems
72 Hervey, George F & Jack Hems The Goldfish, Revised edition
Clean secondhand
Faber and Faber, (1948), revised edition 1968. 22cm. Pp.271. Colour frontispiece (Veiltail Goldfish), 15 plates from photos by Laurence Perkins, 50 text figures. Hardbound, jacket, clean secondhand.

Published 50 years ago and still in constant demand.

Price: 53.00 GBP
The Sturgeons and Paddlefishes of the World : Biology and Aquaculture, Third edition, Hochleithner, Martin & Joern Gessner
73 Hochleithner, Martin & Joern Gessner The Sturgeons and Paddlefishes of the World : Biology and Aquaculture, Third edition
1470086077 / 9781470086077 New
2012. 23cm. Pp.248. Colour photos & figures. Paperback.

The Sturgeons and Paddlefishes of the World : Biology and Aquaculture, Third edition has the style of a species synopsis coupled with everything anyone needs to know concerning the reproduction and culture of sturgeons.

It summarizes the current knowledge on all sturgeon and paddlefish species worldwide into a practitioner-oriented working guide, including the experience and research data of the authors for more than a decade.

New edition, updated, extended with many new colour photos and an updated bibliography.

The book is structured into four sections, comprising :

-An introduction, gross morphology, general ecology, systematics of sturgeons, and the sturgeon hybrids, as well as a revised key to the species.

-A species section, with details of all known species worldwide including their description, their distribution, their ecology, and their economy.

-An aquaculture section including the different methods of management, handling, propagation, incubation, feeding, management and ongrowing strategies in tanks, pond and cages. As well as an overview on fisheries techniques, stock management, product processing.

-An annex, including sturgeon egg and larval development, parasites and prey organisms as well as international names and synonyms for the species.

Price: 75.00 GBP
Intertidal Fishes. Life in Two Worlds, Horn, M.H. and others (editors)
74 Horn, M.H. and others (editors) Intertidal Fishes. Life in Two Worlds
0123560403 / 9780123560407 New
1998. 26cm. Pp.399. Hardbound.

Intertidal Fishes describes the fishes inhabiting the narrow strip of habitat between the high and low tide marks along the rocky coastlines of the world.

It analyzes the specialized traits of these fishes that have adapted to living in the dynamic and challenging space where they are alternately exposed to the air and submerged in water with the ebb and flow of the tides.

This book provides a comprehensive account of fishes largely overlooked in many previous studies of intertidal organisms and emphasizes how they differ from fishes living in other deeper-water habitats.

Coverage includes air breathing, movements and homing, sensory systems, spawning and parental care, feeding habits, community structure, systematic relationships, distribution patterns, and the fossil record in the intertidal zone.

Price: 95.00 GBP
Ecology of Australian Freshwater Fishes, Humphries, Paul & Keith Walker (editors)
75 Humphries, Paul & Keith Walker (editors) Ecology of Australian Freshwater Fishes
0643097430 / 9780643097438 New
2013. 28cm. Pp.440. Colour photos, figures, maps. Hardbound.

Ecology of Australian Freshwater Fishes reviews the past and present understanding of the ecology of Australian freshwater fishes. It compares patterns and processes in Australia with those on other continents, discusses the local relevance of ecological models from the northern hemisphere and considers how best to manage the species and their habitats in the face of current and future threats. In view of these challenges, the need for redress is urgent. The chapters are written by some of the foremost researchers and managers, developing themes that underpin the knowledge of the ecology, conservation and management of fish and fish habitats. For each theme, the authors formulate a synthesis of what is known, consider the need for new perspectives and identify gaps and opportunities for research, monitoring and management. The themes have an Australian context but draw upon ideas and principles developed by fish biologists in other parts of the world.

This book offers an introduction for students, researchers and managers, one that the authors hope will carry Australian fish biology and resource management to new levels of understanding.

Contents :




1 The ecology of Australian freshwater fishes: an introduction

2 Biogeography

3 Evolutionary processes and biodiversity

4 Habitats

5 Movements and migration

6 Trophic ecology

7 Reproduction and early life history

8 Age and growth

9 Dynamics of populations

10 Assemblages

11 Fishes from elsewhere

12 Conservation and management

13 Looking ahead


Index to species

Index to subjects

Price: 110.00 GBP
The Fish & Fisheries of the Gold Coast, Irvine, F. R
76 Irvine, F. R The Fish & Fisheries of the Gold Coast
Clean secondhand
Crown Agents, 1947. 26cm. Pp.xv, [i], 352. 217 text figures. Original cloth, dustjacket, head of spine with 1cm split, jacket torn with loss. Trewavas / Banister copy with both signatures, newspaper obituary of Frederick Irvine pasted to fep.

Includes Fishes of the Gold Coast - Marine Fishes (Norman & Irvine) pp.81-220, and Fresh-water Fishes (Trewavas & Irvine) pp.221-282, both with keys to genera, and an illustrated chapter on the crustaceans, sea turtles and marine mammals.

Price: 20.00 GBP
Ecology of Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout, Jonsson, Bror & Nina Jonsson
77 Jonsson, Bror & Nina Jonsson Ecology of Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout
9789400711884 New
2011. 26cm. Pp.xxii,708. 153 photos & figures (35 colour). Hardbound.

Destruction of habitat is the major cause for loss of biodiversity including variation in life history and habitat ecology. Each species and population adapts to its environment, adaptations visible in morphology, ecology, behaviour, physiology and genetics.

Here, the authors present the population ecology of Atlantic salmon and brown trout and how it is influenced by the environment in terms of growth, migration, spawning and recruitment.

Salmonids appeared as freshwater fish some 50 million years ago. Atlantic salmon and brown trout evolved in the Atlantic basin, Atlantic salmon in North America and Europe, brown trout in Europe, Northern Africa and Western Asia. The species live in small streams as well as large rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal seas and oceans, with brown trout better adapted to small streams and less well adapted to feeding in the ocean than Atlantic salmon. Smolt and adult sizes and longevity are constrained by habitat conditions of populations spawning in small streams. Feeding, wintering and spawning opportunities influence migratory versus resident lifestyles, while the growth rate influences egg size and number, age at maturity, reproductive success and longevity. Further, early experiences influence later performance. For instance, juvenile behaviour influences adult homing, competition for spawning habitat, partner finding and predator avoidance.

The abundance of wild Atlantic salmon populations has declined in recent years ; climate change and escaped farmed salmon are major threats. The climate influences through changes in temperature and flow, while escaped farmed salmon do so through ecological competition, interbreeding and the spreading of contagious diseases.

In Ecology of Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout the authors pinpoint essential problems and offer suggestions as to how they can be reduced. In this context, population enhancement, habitat restoration and management are also discussed. The text closes with a presentation of what the authors view as major scientific challenges in ecological research on these species.

Price: 245.00 GBP
Kansas Fishes, Kansas Fisheries Committee
78 Kansas Fisheries Committee Kansas Fishes
0700619615 / 9780700619610 New
2014. 28cm. Pp.496. 184 colour figures, 121 maps. Hardbound.

Profiles each of the 144 fish species inhabiting the waterways of Kansas - as well as 27 others that might make their way to the state from nearby river basins. profiles each of the 144 fish species inhabiting the waterways of Kansas - as well as 27 others that might make their way to the state from nearby river basins. Very well illustrated.

Price: 45.50 GBP
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