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401 King, Michael Fisheries Biology, Assessment and Management, Second Edition
140515831X New
2007. 25cm. Pp.408. 275 photos & figures. Paperback.

Fisheries Biology is an extremely well known and respected book around the globe. This important second edition of Fisheries Biology, Assessment and Management represents a culmination of many years' experience by the author Mike King and is an enlarged and fully updated version of this most popular fisheries text book.

Written primarily for those studying this fascinating subject, Fisheries Biology also provides a very useful reference source for fisheries professionals across the globe. In order to address the current increasing concerns about environmental threats to the aquatic environment this new edition includes a brand new chapter covering ecological principles in relation to the aquatic environment. As well as including many new references Fisheries Biology, 2e also includes comprehensive details of now commonplace computer-based analytical tools.

Price: 76.50 GBP
402 Kitazato, Hiroshi & Joan M. Bernhard (editors) Approaches to Study Living Foraminifera, Collection, Maintenance and Experimentation
4431543872 New
2014. Pp.xiv, 227. 79 photos & foigures (44 in colour). Hardbound.

Foraminiferal cultures now serve as tools for researching biological, environmental, and geological topics. However, the biological backgrounds, in particular the natural histories of foraminifera, largely remain unclear. It is also true that the different techniques used in different subdisciplines are a setback to fully understanding the subject. Taken together, these factors prevent progress in experimental approaches to foraminiferal studies.

This book aims to share and exchange knowledge between researchers from different subdisciplines, and the book should interest not only foraminiferal researchers but also scientists who are working with marine organisms to explore questions in relation to biology, geology, and oceanography.

Introduces basic knowledge of the natural history of foraminifera.

Teaches techniques of culture experiments using foraminifera both in the field and in the laboratory.

Gives clear directions of experimental approaches to foraminifera for solving questions on biological, geological, and environmental sciences.

Price: 82.00 GBP
403 Klausewitz, W. (editor) Contributions to the Knowledge of the Cichlid Fishes of the Genus Aulonocara of Lake Malawi (East-Africa)
3510611705 New
1987. 30cm. Pp.139, 8 colour photo-plates, 2 plates of chromosomes, 70 figures & maps, 34 tables. Paperback.

Contributions to the Knowledge of the Cichlid Fishes of the Genus Aulonocara presents 5 papers revising the genus, describing 6 new species with information and analysis of their phylogeny and ecology.

Price: 35.00 GBP
404 Kociolek, Patrick J ; Berengere Laslandes, Danuta Bennett, Evan Thomas, Mariska Brady & Carrie Graeff Diatoms of the United States, Volume 1 - Taxonomy, Ultrastructure and Descriptions of New Species
3443570526 New
2014. 24cm. Pp.188. 80 plates, 1 table. Softbound.

Nearly 50 species of diatoms new to science, collected from lake sediments across the western USA, are presented for the first time. A total of thirty-eight raphid species are described (across eighteen genera), while one non-raphid pennate and nine non-pennate species are also described from these collections. Observations with light and scanning electron microscopy are offered for each taxon.

Nomenclatural and morphological details for previously known species encountered in the author's examination of these sediments are provided and indicate their distribution across the western USA.

80 plates, a taxon index and a comprehensive reference list round up this volume and make it a valuable source of information for biologists and palaeontologists working not only on American but also on diatoms worldwide.

Price: 78.99 GBP
405 Koehler-Rollefson, B ; P.Mundy & E.Mathias A Field Manual of Camel Diseases, Traditional and Modern Veterinary Care for the Dromedary
185339503X New
2006. 26cm. Pp.vxi,i,254. Text figures & maps. Paperback.

The one-humped camel, or dromedary, is one of the worlds hardiest domesticated animals. A vital source of transport, meat, milk and income for pastoralists in the Sahel, East Africa, the Middle East and South Asia, the camel can carry heavy loads for days in some of the worlds most hostile conditions. But even camels fall ill.

A Field Manual of Camel Diseases is the first practical guide to camel diseases designed for use in low technology environments. The manual details some 80 major camel diseases and conditions, ranging from abortions to wry neck syndrome. For each disease, the authors give the disease signs, its causes, and simple prevention and treatment methods. Both scientific and tried and tested traditional treatments are presented, thus enabling the veterinarian or livestock practitioner to make the most appropriate choice in the prevailing circumstances. A section on procedures explains how to examine a camel, take samples for laboratory analysis and apply various types of medicines.

Written in straightforward language, avoiding scientific terminology wherever possible. Technical vocabulary is explained in a comprehensive glossary. Organised by the symptom or sign of the disease and the part of the body most affected to help rapid identification. Local and scientific names of diseases and plants are given, enabling enhanced communication and understanding between pastoralist and veterinarian. A list of common medicines and their dosages acts as an aide-memoire. Illustrated throughout by artists familiar with camels to show clearly the diseases and how to treat them.
Price: 14.95 GBP
406 Konings, Ad Tanganyika Cichlids in their Natural Habitat, 3rd edition
1932892184 New
Third (revised) edn., 2015. 29cm. Pp.408. 1760 photos (mostly colour).Hard bound.

For more than a century the cichlids of Lake Tanganyika have been a focus of scientific attention, and many interesting facts regarding fish behaviour have been learned from study of this complex fish community. During the last five decades almost all of the 219 known species have become available in the aquarium hobby, and most of them have proved to be excellent aquarium residents, allowing aquarists to make a considerable contribution to our knowledge of these fishes through observations in captivity.

This third, revised, edition of the definitive study of Lake Tanganyika cichlids discusses and illustrates more species than any previous publication. Basing his study on more than 750 hours of underwater observations all over the lake, the author characterizes the species by their habitat preferences, distribution, feeding and breeding behavior, and colouration.

The more than 1200 photos illustrate all known Tanganyika cichlids, and the majority were taken in the lake, portraying the fish in their natural habitat. The wealth of information on the natural environment this book contains will render it increasingly possible to maintain each species in the most natural way, allowing it to behave as if it were in the lake. Only by thus duplicating their normal environment can we expect to be treated to the natural behaviour of these beautiful and interesting fishes.

Price: 65.99 GBP
407 Konings, Ad The Cichlids of the Lake Malawi National Park
978932892222 New
2015. 24cm. Pp.288. 650 colour photos. Softbound.

The Cichlids of the Lake Malawi National Park provides detailed profiles for 218 cichlid species each represented by photographs of both male and female fish for easy recognition. Detailed characters are given to distinguish between the various forms that look alike. Almost all the photos were taken in the lake, and the information given is based on the author’s observation, over a period of more than 30 year, of these cichlids in their natural habitat.

Price: 29.95 GBP
408 Konings, Ad Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat, 5th edition
1932892230 New
Fifth (revised) edn., 2016. 28cm. Pp.432. 1760 photos (mostly colour). Hardbound.

Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat, 5th edition. The fifth, revised, edition of the definitive study of Lake Malawi cichlids.

No lake in the world contains such a diversified and distinctive community of cichlid fishes as Lake Malawi. The total number of cichlid species in the lake is now estimated at about 1000, which is about 200 more than all the freshwater fish species of the North American Continent combined! And there is every indication that still more remain to be discovered.

This fifth, revised, edition of the definitive study of Lake Malawi cichlids discusses and illustrates more species than any previous publication. Basing his study on more than 1700 hours of underwater observations all over the lake, the author characterizes the species by their habitat preference, distribution, feeding and breeding behaviour, and colouration. More than 1750 excellent photographs illustrate the cichlid fauna of the entire lake. Almost all of these photographs were taken in the lake and show the fishes in their natural habitat.

Over the years Malawi cichlids, which are among the most colourful freshwater fishes known, have become very popular among aquarists as they are easy to maintain and breed in captivity. And in recent years an ever-increasing number of aquarists, interested in the natural environment of their fishes, have been inspired to visit Malawi and observe the cichlids in the lake itself. Only those who have done so can truly understand the exhilaration and feeling of fulfillment this entails, but this book offers everyone a unique opportunity to share a little of that enjoyment.

Price: 58.50 GBP
409 Konings, Ad Atlas der Malawisee Cichliden Band 3
3898600858 New
2009. 32cm. Pp.240. 1200 colour photos. Hardbound.

Atlas der Malawisee Cichliden Band 3 presents the current and uptodate nomenclature of the cichlids of Lake Malawi from Alticorpus macrocleithrum nigriventer to Tyranochromis, with detailed descriptions and illustrations of new species & varieties.

Provides a comprehensive description and overview of these very popular lake fishes. 1100 colour photographs mostly living fishes in their natural habitat; the perfect overview of the genera, species and varieties of Malawi cichlids. German text. Volumes 1 & 2 are not available.

Price: 49.95 GBP
410 Konings, Ad Celebrating Cichlids from Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika
1932892028 New
2005. 30cm. Pp.176. 400 colour photos. Hardbound.

Each cichlid has an interesting story to tell; Celebrating Cichlids from Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika shows a collection of cichlid fishes that were caught in the act - the act of their behaviour, the act of displaying their splendour - all demonstrating that they are celebrated segments of the rich tapestry of life in the magical lakes of Africa.

Price: 49.95 GBP
411 Konings, Ad Tropheus in their Natural Habitat
1932892125 New
2013. 25cm. Pp.160. 300 colour photos. Hardbound.

Cichlids of the genus Tropheus have fascinated aquarists since they were first exported from Lake Tanganyika in the late 1950s. It may have been their "unconventional" shape, or the fact that females brood their offspring to a relatively large size inside their mouths, that initially appealed to hobbyists. They are still some of the most popular cichlids kept in aquaria.

Over the years much has been said about their incredible diversity of colouration, with almost any new area collected in the Lake resulting in new variants, and the emphasis in the aquarium literature has almost always been on the number of variants, morphs, or species that exist in the lake.

Behaviourists have, however, discovered that Tropheus species exhibit unique breeding behaviour not recorded from any other group of cichlids. Their behaviour in the wild is ruled by ecological factors that cannot realistically be duplicated in the aquarium, and for this reason these fish behave rather differently in captivity.

The information in Tropheus in their Natural Habitat is based on observations in the wild and almost all photographs were taken in the lake and show the fishes in their natural habitat.

Contents: Introduction, Lake Tanganyika, Maps, The Genus, The Species, Geographical Variation, Territory, Feeding, Breeding, Classification, In the Aquarium, References, Index.

Price: 42.95 GBP
412 Koppen, Fr. Th Die Verbreitung des elenthiers im europaischen Russland
Beitrage zur Kenntniss des Russischen Reiches und der angrenzenden Lander Asiens, Zweite Folge, Band VI. Serial part. St. Petersburg, 1883. Pp.105-260. Map. Disbound, loose, but uncut & untrimmed. Prelims aside the text block is in clean condition.

Die Verbreitung des elenthiers im europaischen Russland, rare, even in this state.

Price: 35.00 GBP
413 Kortmulder, K A Comparative Study in Colour Patterns and Behaviour in Seven Asiatic Barbus Species (Cyprinidae, Ostariophysi, Osteichthyes). A Progress Report. B.conchonius, B.nigrofasciatus, B.tetrazona, B.stoliczkanus, B.cumingi, B.phutunio, B.gelus

Brill, 1972. 24cm. Pp.xiii, 331. Text figures. Softbound, used ex-library.
Price: 12.00 GBP
414 Kottelat, Maurice Fishes of Laos, Revised edition
9789559114253 New
2018. 28cm. Pp.358. Colour photos. Hardbound.

Handbook for the identification of the fishes of Laos. All species known from Laotian waters to date are illustrated by colour photographs. Data on the known distributions and habitats are included, as well as indications on synonyms and previous misidentifications.

Revised edition, in preparation, no price or date for publication are available yet, likely due 2018.

The first edition, as illustrated, is out of print.

Price: 0.00 GBP
415 Kottelat, Maurice Conspectus cobitidum : An Inventory of the Loaches of the World (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Cobitoidei)
2012. 30cm. Pp.199. 175 colour photos, a few BW photos & colour and BW figures. Softbound.

The taxonomy and nomenclature of the fishes of the superfamily Cobitoidea (suborder Cobitoidei minus Catostomidae) are reviewed. Original descriptions of all 1499 recorded species-group names and 185 genus-group names were checked for correct spelling, types and bibliographic references. The bibliography includes about 1010 titles. 1043 valid species in 111 valid genera are recognised.

Price: 116.50 GBP
416 Kottelat, Maurice The Fishes of the Inland Waters of Southeast Asia : A Catalogue and core Bibliography of the Fishes known to occur in Freshwaters, Mangroves and Estuaries
2839913445 New
2013. 28cm. Pp.667. Map, bibliography of 4700 titles. Softbound.

Presents the state of the art of the knowledge of the diversity of freshwater fishes of Southeast Asia dealing with the taxonomy and nomenclature of 3108 valid and named native fish species found between the Irrawaddy and Red River drainages, the small coastal drainages between the Red River and Hainan, the whole Indochinese Peninsula, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Indonesia (excluding Papua Province, Waigeo, Aru), and the Philippines.

Price: 116.50 GBP
417 Kottelat, Maurice Freshwater Fishes of Northern Vietnam
2001. 28cm. Pp.170. 161 colour photos, keys. Paperback.

A preliminary check-list of the fishes known or expected to occur in northern Vietnam with comments on systematics and nomenclature.

268 native species are recorded from the freshwaters of Vietnam (from the Ca River basin northwards) and immediately adjacent waters in China and Laos. The systematic status and nomenclature of all species have been reevaluated. Compared to the last synthesis of the fishes known from the same area, 20 (10 %) of the 203 formerly recognised species are invalid, 85 (42 %) additional species are recognised, and the names of 150 (74 %) of the then-known species are shown to be incorrect (either because of misidentifications, or for various nomenclatural reasons). The fish fauna of the Chinese Provinces of Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, and Hainan has been compared with the Vietnamese fish fauna where relevant in an attempt to make the nomenclatures used in the two countries compatible and in agreement with the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature.

Price: 93.00 GBP
418 Kotthaus, A Fische des Indischen Ozeans
Clean secondhand
1967-1981. 24 volumes. 26cm. Pp.506. 2 plates, 540 figures (some colour). Wrappers.

Fische des Indischen Ozeans, ichthyological results of the 'Meteor' Expedition to the Indian Ocean, 1964-1965, edited by S. A. Gerlach, G. Hempel, O. Kinne & W. Klausewitz. German text, Latin nomenclature.

Price: 750.00 GBP
419 Kozuch, L Sharks and Shark Products in Prehistoric South Florida
1881448010 New
1993. 25cm. Pp.vii,52. 11 photos, text figures & maps. Paperback.

Sharks and Shark Products in Prehistoric South Florida is a comprehensive exploration of the economic uses of sharks by Precolumbian natives of south Florida. Laura Kozuch provides a fascinating account of the role of sharks in the culture and economy of south Florida's Native Americans. A zooarchaeologist, Kozuch shows that sharks were regularly hunted by south Florida Indians, for whom they provided meat, shark-liver oil, and teeth for tools and trade. She reviews shark-fishing technology around the world, describes archaeological findings in south Florida, and offers interpretations relevant to the role of sharks in native social and economic systems.

Price: 35.00 GBP
420 Kraberg, Alexandra, Marcus Baumann & Claus-Dieter Durselen Coastal Phytoplankton, Photo Guide for Northern European Seas
3899371135 New
2010. 25cm. Pp.204. 388 colour & 88 BW photos and drawings, 4 tables. Paperback.

Coastal phytoplankton boasts an incredible diversity of life forms. It is not rare to find 40 or 50 different species in just a few drops of water. This book describes the major phytoplankton groups, diatoms and dinoflagellates with additional information on ciliates and smaller flagellates. Taxonomic, ecological and biogeographic information is provided for on more than 130 taxa. As the majority of students and professional plankton analysts will mainly work with the light microscope, the species in the book are documented with light micrographs, giving the reader a realistic view of species as seen in a water sample.
Price: 34.95 GBP
421 Kulczykowska, Ewa Biological Clock in Fish
1578086752 New
2010. 26cm. Pp.280. Hardbound.

Biological Clock in Fish reviews the state of knowledge in sufficient detail and presents the latest contributions to the field, showing fish provide a unique model of the circadian biological clock.

Price: 77.99 GBP
422 Kulke, Holger (editor) Regional Petroleum Geology of the World, Parts I & II
3443110215 New
1994-1995. 2 volumes. 25cm. Pp.xxii,931; xii,730. 754 figures, 82 figures. Bound.

Regional Petroleum Geology of the World features 140 contributions by 50 petroleum geologists working with companies and insitutions all over the world. The contributions provide concise information on petroleum occurrences on all five continents. Figure captions are bilingual (English and German) and about half of the contributions are in English. A detailed subject index provides easy access to the information, be it an oil field or an oil-bearing formation. An extensive reference list affords easy access to more detailed references.
Price: 265.00 GBP
423 Kullander, Fang Fang Phylogeny and Species Diversity of the South and Southeast Asian Cyprinid Genus Danio Hamilton (Teleostei, Cyprinidae)
2001. 26cm. Pp.162. Numerous figures. Paperback.

Detailed review of the genera Danio and Devario, 7 published papers, plus one unpublished manuscript, a combination of papers representing the author's published doctoral dissertation.

A genuinely scarce publication on the Cyprinid genus Danio, this work was never printed commercially.

Price: 125.00 GBP
424 Kullander, Sven Cichlid Fishes of the Amazon River Drainage of Peru
9186510045 Clean secondhand
1986. 24cm. Pp.431. 38 plates, 161 figures and maps. Paperback.

Cichlid Fishes of the Amazon River Drainage of Peru, Ro McConnell's copy.

Price: 71.00 GBP
425 Kullander, Sven & H. Nijssen The Cichlids of Surinam (Teleostei: Labroidei)
9004090770 New
1989. 24cm. Pp.xxxii,256. 135 photos, figures and maps, keys to species. Softbound.

The Cichlids of Surinam comprises a key to the cichlids of Surinam with diagnoses of the genera.

The species are extensively described and illustrated, their distribution is discussed and mapped. Six new species and three new genera are described.

Price: 118.00 GBP
426 Kullander, Sven & H. Nijssen The Cichlids of Surinam (Teleostei: Labroidei)
9004090770 Clean secondhand
1989. 24cm. Pp.xxxii,256. 135 photos, figures and maps, keys to species. Softbound, small stamp to title page, clean secondhand.

R.H. Lowe-MConnell's review copy, a few pages of manuscript notes tipped in.

Price: 79.00 GBP
427 Kunz, R. E Snakes of Taiwan

1963. 27cm. Pp.[iii],80. Frontispiece, colour & BW photos. Cloth.

Price: 55.00 GBP
428 Laboute, P. & R. Grandperrin Poissons de Nouvelle-Caledonie
2950578438 New
2004. 28cm. Pp.520. 1800 colour photos and maps. Hardbound.

Poissons de Nouvelle-Caledonie covers the entire spectrum of fishes in New Caledonia : coral-reef, brackish and freshwater species and the fishes of the open ocean and abyss, each illustrated by one or more photographs. Details of nomenclature, anatomy and general biology are given for each. French text

Price: 125.00 GBP
429 Lacepede, B. G. E. de Histoire Naturelle des Poissons, in, Oeuvres du Compte de Lacepede, Nouvelle Edition dirige par M. A. G. Desmarest
Oeuvres du Compte de Lacepede, Nouvelle Edition, Volumes 1-12, 1826-1834, 184 (mostly) hand-coloured plates, neat contemporary half blue calf over marbled boards, ends & edges, raised bands, gilt, nice set, almost entirely devoted to the fishes.

Histoire Naturelle des Poissons occupies vols.5-11 and includes the notable "Memoires sur plusiers animaux de la Nouvelle-Hollande dont la description n'a pas encore publiee" in vol.7, pp.473-506. French text, Latin nomenclature.

Price: 3700.00 GBP
430 Lachner, E.A. & J.F. McKinney A Revision of the Indo-Pacific Fish Genus Gobiopsis with a Description of Four New Species (Pisces : Gobiidae)

Smith. Contrib. Zool. No.262. 1978. 26cm. Pp.iii,52. 11 plates of figures & photos, 7 text figs & maps, 8 tables, key to species. Paperback.

10 species, 4 here described as new.
Price: 6.00 GBP
431 Lachner, E.A.. & J.F. McKinney Two New Gobiid Fishes of the Genus Gobiopsis and a Redescription of Feia nympha Smith

Smith. Contrib. Zool. 299. 1979. 26cm. Pp.iii,18. 11 photos & figures (some composite), tables. Paperback.
Price: 5.00 GBP
432 Ladich, Friedrich (editor) Sound Communication in Fishes
370911845X New
2105. 26cm. Pp.ix, 244. 59 photos & figures (42 in colour). Hardbound.

Examines fish sounds that have a proven signal function, as well as sounds assumed to have evolved for communication purposes. It provides an overview of the mechanisms, evolution and neurobiology behind sound production in fishes, and discusses the role of fish sounds in behaviour with a special focus on choice of mate, sex-specific and age-specific signaling. Furthermore, it highlights the ontogenetic development of sound communication and ecoacoustical conditions in fish habitats and the influence of hormones on vocal production and sound detection.

Sound Communication in Fishes offers a must-have compendium for lecturers, researchers and students working in the fields of animal communication, fish biology, neurobiology and animal behaviour.

Price: 107.00 GBP
433 Lamb, Andy & Bernard P. Hanby Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest: A Photographic Encyclopedia of Invertebrates, Seaweeds and Selected Fishes
1550173618 New
2005. 29cm. Pp.398. 1700 colour photos. Hardbound, fine secondhand copy, signed by both authors.

With 1,700 superb colour photographs of over 1,400 species, Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest: A Photographic Encyclopedia of Invertebrates, Seaweeds and Selected Fishes is the most comprehensive collection of photographs of Pacific Northwest marine life ever published. It is designed to allow the reader to recognize virtually any coastal organism that might be encountered from southern Alaska to southern Oregon—from sea lettuces and feather boa kelp through to the leopard ribbon worm, Pacific red octopus, spiny-thigh sea spider and gutless awning-clam. Each species is identified with photographs and includes a description with information on range, habitat, appearance and behaviour.

About USD$ 70.00 new, fine copy, virtually as new, signed by both authors.

Price: 22.00 GBP
434 Lamboj, Anton The Cichlid Fishes of Western Africa
392881933X New
26cm. Pp.256. 622 colour photos. Hardbound.

The Cichlid Fishes of Western Africa covers every cichlid species from western Africa ; those from West and Central Africa (from Senegal to the Congo), are discussed, as are species from the most northern and southwestern drainages. In addition to the better-known and commonly kept species, several rarely featured and undescribed varieties are included. Three chapters discuss general systematics, natural habits and care of cichlids from western Africa but the book’s main focus is the description of every species; most are illustrated with good quality photographs.

Information on the identification, distribution, ecology and breeding biology, as well as keeping and breeding in aquaria, are presented for each species where known.

The superb photography, combined with the individual descriptions, aid the determination of nearly every species. The book is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource currently available to scientists and aquarists interested in the cichlids of western Africa. Published price GBP£56.00.

Hundreds sold.

Price: 18.95 GBP
435 Lan, W. H Sichuan Recipes, Chinese-English, Third edition
Clean secondhand
Wan Li Book Co., Hong Kong, third edn., 1986. 26cm. Pp.121. Colour photos. Slick wrappers.

Price: 30.00 GBP
436 Landman, Neil H; Richard A Davis & Royal H Mapes (editors) Cephalopods Present and Past, New Insights and Fresh Perspectives
1402064616 New
2007. 26cm. Pp.398. 194 photos & figures. Hardbound.

Cephalopods Present and Past brings together an international group of scientists who focus on present-day and fossil cephalopods, ranging broadly from Paleozoic ammonoids to today's octopods. It covers systematics and evolution; hard- and soft part morphology; and ecology, biogeography, and taphonomy. The book also includes new evidence for the existence of an ink sac in fossil ammonoids, a biogeographic study of clymeniid ammonoids throughout the world, the first record of a radula in baculite ammonoids, and an in-depth study of octopus ecology in Alaska. Presenting the wide diversity of cephalopods now and in the past, this volume is remarkable in its simultaneous treatment of both fossil and living forms.

Price: 160.00 GBP
437 Larink, Otto & Wilfried Westheide Coastal Plankton, Photo Guide for European Seas, Second edition
3899371275 New
2011. 24cm. Pp.191. 83 colour plates (with 861 coloured and 68 black-and-white figures), 3 coloured & 4 BW figures, 1 table. Paperback.

Coastal Plankton, Second edition, with more than 900 micro- and 40 macrophotographs on 83 colour plates, is an introduction to the most important and most common taxa present in the plankton, and it allows the identification even of numerous common species.

The comprehensively annotated pictures are taken from living organisms, during marine excursions, mainly from the North Sea coastal area but also from other European coastlines, including the western Mediterranean. The book, therefore, is excellently suited to be used in such university courses for students of zoology and marine biology as well as for their teachers, but it is certainly also a comprehensible guide for any amateur microscopist and interested layperson.

Second edition : with a considerable increase in the number of photographs, from 660 to now 930. In particular, numerous Mediterranean species have been added, leading, among others, to the inclusion of entirely new plates on trematodes, sipunculids, pelagic gastropods, several crustacean taxa, enteropneusts, and holothurians.

Price: 33.50 GBP
438 Last, Peter ; William White, Marcelo de Carvalho, Bernard Séret, Matthias Stehmann & Gavin Naylor (editors) Rays of the World
1501705326 New
2016. 26cm. Pp.[x], 790. Colour illustrations, maps, glossary, checklist, key to families, bibliography, scientific and common name indices. Hardbound.

The first illustrated guide to over 630 known species of freshwater and marine rays found on the planet.

Rays are among the largest fishes and evolved from shark-like ancestors nearly 200 million years ago. They share with sharks many life history traits: all species are carnivores or scavengers; all reproduce by internal fertilisation; and all have similar morphological and anatomical characteristics, such as skeletons built of cartilage. Rays of the World is the first complete pictorial atlas of the world’s ray fauna and includes information on many species only recently discovered by scientists while undertaking research for the book. It includes all 26 families and 633 valid named species of rays, but additional undescribed species exist for many groups.

Rays of the World features a unique collection of paintings of all living species by Australian natural history artist Lindsay Marshall. This comprehensive overview of the world’s rays summarises information such as general identifying features and distributional information about these iconic, but surprisingly poorly known, fishes. It will enable readers to gain a better understanding of the rich diversity of rays and promote wider public interest in the group.

Price: 99.99 GBP
439 Laurent, R. F Contribution to the Knowledge of the Genus Pelusios

1965. 26cm. Pp.vii,33. 3 photo-plates, 19 text figures. Wrappers.

Price: 17.00 GBP
440 Le Breton, G.T.O., F.W.H.Beamish & R.S.McKinley (editors) Sturgeons and Paddlefish of North America
1402028326 New
2004. 26cm. Pp.x,323. Hardbound.

Modern North American sturgeons and paddlefish are the result of 100 million years of evolution. Once an integral part of aboriginal culture, their numbers were decimated by overfishing and habitat destruction during the past two centuries.

Sturgeons and Paddlefish of North America details the extensive science aimed at helping these remarkable species recover from the brink of extinction, and describes the historical, biological, and ecological importance of North American sturgeon and paddlefish.

The text is enhanced by photographs and detailed line drawings. This comprehensive volume will be an invaluable resource for researchers, educators, and consultants, in academic and government settings, who work to further scientific understanding of these fishes. No other single compilation has documented current information in such detail.

Price: 170.00 GBP
441 Lebas, F., P. Coudert, H. de Rochambeau & R.G. Thébault The Rabbit - Husbandry, Health and Production
9251034419 New
25cm. Pp.226. 26 colour photos, 54 diagrams, 59 tables. Binding : ebook.

New revised edition, the standard reference. Presents an introduction and background to trade and production and discusses rabbit meat quality. Covers nutrition, feeding, reproduction, genetics, selection, pathology, housing, equipment, rabbitry management, the production of skins & hair for textiles, and rabbit breeding and rural development. Extensively referenced.

ebook, 14.82KB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.

Price: 37.50 GBP
442 Lebas, F., P. Coudert, H. de Rochambeau & R.G. Thébault The Rabbit - Husbandry, Health and Production
9251034419 New
25cm. Pp.226. 26 colour photos, 54 diagrams, 59 tables. Paperback.

New revised edition, the standard reference. Presents an introduction and background to trade and production and discusses rabbit meat quality. Covers nutrition, feeding, reproduction, genetics, selection, pathology, housing, equipment, rabbitry management, the production of skins & hair for textiles, and rabbit breeding and rural development. Extensively referenced.

Price: 47.50 GBP
443 Lee, Cheng-Sheng (editor) Dietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health
0470962887 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.376. Colour photos, figures, data tables. Hardbound.

Dietary Nutrients, Additives and Fish Health is a comprehensive review of dietary nutrients, antinutritional factors and toxins, and non-nutrient dietary additives, and their effects on fish performance and immune system function, as well as overall health.

The book opens with an overview of fish immune systems and health. Subsequent chapters delve into proteins and amino acids, lipids and fatty acids, carbohydrates, beta glucans, vitamins, minerals, antinutrients, mycotoxins, nucleotides, prebiotics, probiotics, organic acids and their salts, and plant extracts and their impacts on fish health, growth, and development. The text then concludes with a chapter on feeding practices. Essential reference.

Price: 160.00 GBP
444 LeGoff, Oliver The World of Caviar
0785810846 Clean secondhand
1999. 30cm. Pp.143. Colour photos & figures. Hardbound.

Useful introductory, general and photographic reference to the sturgeon species, their economic and social history and uses.

Price: 15.00 GBP
445 Lekang, Odd-Ivar Aquaculture Engineering, Second edition
0470670851 New
2013. 26cm. Pp.432. Hardbound.

As aquaculture continues to grow at a rapid pace, understanding the engineering behind aquatic production facilities is of increasing importance for all those working in the industry. Aquaculture engineering requires knowledge of the many general aspects of engineering such as material technology, building design and construction, mechanical engineering, and environmental engineering. In comprehensive book now in its second edition, author Odd-Ivar Lekang introduces these principles and demonstrates how such technical knowledge can be applied to aquaculture systems offering the reader coverage including: Construction and design of aquatic production facilities ; Water transportation and treatment ; Different production units ; Feed and feeding systems ; Instrumentation and monitoring ; Fish transportation and grading ; Cleaning and waste handling.

Price: 158.00 GBP
446 Leveque, C. & D. Paugy (editors) Les Poissons des eaux Continentales Africaines, Diversite, Ecologie et Utilisation par l'Homme
2709915898 New
2006. 24cm. Pp.564. 8 colour plates including 20 colour photos, 161 figures & maps. Paperback.

Les Poissons des eaux Continentales Africaines is a synthesis of multiple research activities on African freshwater fishes covering the diversity of environments, origins and ecology, biology and evolution, population richness and structure, the impacts of human activities on fish species and ichthyological populations, and a study of local fishing methods and fish farming. French text.
Price: 64.00 GBP
447 Lindgren, Elisabet & Thomas G.T. Jaenson Lyme borreliosis in Europe. Influences of climate and climate change, epidemiology, ecology and adaptation measures
9289022914 New
2006. 30cm. Pp.34. Figures, tables and maps (some colour), extensive bibliography. Binding : ebook

Ticks are highly sensitive to changes in seasonal climate. Since the 1980s, tick vectors have increased in density and spread into higher latitudes and altitudes in Europe. Future climate change in Europe is therefore likely to facilitate the spread of Lyme borreliosis in the same way, while reducing its occurrence in areas that become hotter and drier.

Although it is treatable with antibiotics, Lyme borreliosis is the most common vector-borne disease in Europe and may lead to severe complications of the neurological system, the heart, and the joints. It is caused by a spirochete, which is transmitted to humans by ticks whose reservoir animals are small rodents, insectivores, hares and birds.

Lyme borreliosis in Europe reviews the impacts of climate change on Lyme borreliosis in the region.

ebook, 1.1MB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.
Price: 8.00 GBP
448 Linke, Horst Labyrinthfische
3897452049 New
2013. 26cm. Pp.352. 616 colour photos. Softbound.

The first comprehensive book on the subject. Very well illustrated. German text.

Schon lange gab es kein umfassendes, alle Arten und sehr viele Zuchtformen der Labyrinthfische vorstellendes Standardwerk. Der Altmeister der Bettas, Makropoden und Guramis Horst Linke hat all seine Erfahrungen in dieses opulent ausgestattete Buch eingebracht. Hunderte von Arten hat er erfolgreich gepflegt und gezüchtet, in unzähligen Reisen sehr viele Biotope besucht und analysiert. Nur er konnte dieses Buch verfassen und mit seinen zauberhaften Farbaufnahmen ausstatten. Zu jeder Art gibt es komprimiert und detailliert Angaben über Vorkommen, Pflege und Zucht. Die sehr beliebten Bettas werden mit den neuesten, spektakulären Zuchtformen besonders ausführlich vorgestellt.

Price: 49.95 GBP
449 Llanover, Lady The First Principles of Good Cookery
0948537302 New
Brefi Press, 1991. 22cm. Pp.24,xii,491. Illustrated. Hardback, jacket, clean secondhand copy.

Originally published in 1867, The First Principles of Good Cookery was the only Welsh cookery book written in the English language at the time.
Price: 16.00 GBP
450 Lloret, Josep ; Georiy Shulman & Malcolm R. Love Condition and Health Indicators of Exploited Marine Fishes
047067024X New
2014. 26cm. Pp.264. Hardbound.

Outlines and discusses details of the basic principles and methods that are central to any study of fish condition, from a fish ecology and fisheries biology perspective.

Condition and Health Indicators of Exploited Marine Fishes describes the potential capacities of condition indicators, providing examples showing the use of these indicators to solve practical problems in connection with fish ecology and fisheries research. By focusing on wild fish populations, the book complements the increasing number of scientific works that are contributing to show how fish condition studies are key to reveal problems in marine aquaculture, the effects of pollution, fish disease, and the importance of fish in human nutrition and medicine.

Price: 133.00 GBP
451 Lobón-Cerviá, Javier Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management
1119268311 New
2017. 26cm. Pp.450. Hardbound.

This book summarizes the important aspects of brown trout’s biology and ecology. It includes several chapters focused on the impact caused by the species and on potential management strategies to, first, maintain numerous damaged populations within their natural distributional range and, second, ameliorate its impacts on exotic environments. Authors from all over the world involved in their study and management offer reviews and case studies that provide insight into theory and practice.

Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management will provide scientists, researchers and experts in salmonids with attempts to uncover the exit from the complex maze of controversies and challenges associated with this species.

Price: 180.00 GBP
452 Loeb, J Untersuchungen Zur Physiologischen Morphologie Der Thiere. I. Ueber Heteromorphose. II. Organbildung Und Wachstum
Hertz, Wurzburg. 1891. 2 vols in 1. 23cm. Pp.80 ; 82. 3 plates, figures. Cloth, spine off-colour otherwise a nice copy.

Untersuchungen Zur Physiologischen Morphologie Der Thiere.
Price: 50.00 GBP
453 Loiselle, Paul V A Revision of the Genus Hemichromis Peters 1858 (Teleostei: Cichlidae)

1979. 26cm.,124. 29 figures, 16 tables. Paperback.

A Revision of the Genus Hemichromis comprises :(I) The Hemichromis fasciatus species group; (II) The Hemichromis bimuculatus group; (III) The Hemichromis guttatus species group; (IV) The Hemicromis letourneauxi Species Group
Price: 12.00 GBP
454 Loiselle, Paul V A Revision of the Genus Hemichromis Peters 1858 (Teleostei: Cichlidae)
As new
1979. 26cm.,124. 29 figures, 16 tables. Paperback.

A Revision of the Genus Hemichromis comprises :(I) The Hemichromis fasciatus species group; (II) The Hemichromis bimuculatus group; (III) The Hemichromis guttatus species group; (IV) The Hemicromis letourneauxi Species Group

Price: 26.00 GBP
455 Loohuizen, R The Elder, In History, Myth and Cookery
1903018315 New
2004. 18cm. Pp.144. 20 photos. Paperback.

The elder is a tree or bush (or even a weed) for which humanity has found a use for each and every part: the leaf, the bark, the wood or branch, the flower, the berries or fruit. Some of these functions are both mythic and grounded in superstition: that the elder encourgaes the fertility of cattle for instance; or its relation to witchcraft; or its place in Celtic folklore. Others are more nearly medicinal: it was an essential to classical and medieval physicians. And, of course, it may be eaten or drunk. The flowers lend their fragrance to gooseberries, or are sensational as a Spring fritter. The berries are wonderful as ice-cream, or as wine.

Ria Loohuizen has pursued the elder into every corner of history, literature and kitchen usefulness. She claims that this is only the second book on the tree (the first being published in 1644).

The Elder, In History, Myth and Cookery explores its meaning to early physicians, its place in mythology and folklore, its occurance in literature and gives maximum exposure to recipes for medicaments, sweet dishes and drinks. Here you may find how to make elder ointments or lotions to ward off rheumatism as well as chilblains. And detailed instructions for elderflower champagne, or elderflower syrup, or elderberry wine. Then there are recipes for tarts, fools, jams, jellies, fritters, glazes and vinegars as well as details obout the Jew's Ear fungus which grows only on the elder tree.

This book was first published in Holland in 2002, this the first English edition, translated by the author. Ria Loohuizen has lived in America and Spain and is now living in Amsterdam. She is a translator of prose and poetry from English and Spanish as well as a published author of cookery books about the chestnut, wild mushrooms and the quince.
Price: 17.00 GBP
456 Lowe-McConnell, R.H. (editor) Man-Made Lakes

Symposia of the Institute of Biology No.15. 1966. 24cm. Pp.xiii,218. Text figures & maps. Hardbound, worn jacket, editor's copy, a few pencil annotations to text, signature to front endpaper.

Man-Made Lakes, clean secondhand
Price: 12.00 GBP
457 Lucas, John S. & Paul C. Southgate Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants, 2nd Edition
1405188588 New
2012. 26cm. Pp.648. Paperback.

This new edition of Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants covers all major aspects of the culture of fish, shellfish and algae in freshwater and marine environments. Subject areas covered include principles, water quality, environmental impacts of aquaculture, desert aquaculture, reproduction, life cycles and growth, genetics and stock improvement, nutrition and feed production, diseases, vaccination, post-harvest technology, economics and marketing, and future developments of aquaculture. Separate chapters also cover the culture of algae, carps, salmonids, tilapias, channel catfish, marine and brackish fishes, soft-shelled turtles, marine shrimp, mitten crabs and other decapod crustaceans, bivalves, gastropods, and ornamentals. There is greater coverage of aquaculture in China in this new edition, reflecting China's importance in the world scene.

For many, Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants is now the book of choice, as a recommended text for students and as a concise reference for those working or entering into the industry. Providing core scientific and commercially useful information, and written by around 30 internationally-known and respected authors, this expanded and fully updated new edition of Aquaculture is a book that is essential reading for all students and professionals studying and working in aquaculture. Fish farmers, hatchery managers and all those supplying the aquaculture industry, including personnel within equipment and feed manufacturing companies, will find a great deal of commercially useful information within this important and now established book.

Price: 83.50 GBP
458 Luczynski, Miroslav (editor) Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes - 1993. Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes held in Olsztyn, Poland August 22-27, 1993
3510470478 New
1995. 24cm. Pp.viii,485. 190 figures, 116 tables. Paperback.

Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes - 1993 contains the proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes. The objectives of the symposium were to address all aspects of biology, genetics, aquaculture and management of coregonid fishes, throughout their entire geographic range. The conference themes were: biology, life history and population dynamics; genetics and systematics; aquaculture; fisheries and fisheries management and human interventions.

Price: 89.00 GBP
459 Lundburg, John (editor) ANSP Special Catfish Volume
0910006660 New
2008. 26cm. Pp.234. Plates, figures. Paperback.

ANSP Special Catfish Volume : 13 papers on the taxonomy and systematics of catfishes from Africa, Asia and South America including descriptions of one new tribe, one new genus and thirteen new species, and phylogenetic studies of the families Mochokidae and Amblycipitidae.

Price: 53.00 GBP
460 Lusher, A., P. Hollman & J. Mendoza-Hill (editors) Microplastics in Fisheries and Aquaculture. Status of knowledge on their occurrence and implications for aquatic organisms and food safety
9251098824 New
2017. 29cm. Pp.128. Photos, figures, tables. eBook / pdf.

Provides an overview of the occurrence and effects of microplastics on aquatic organisms and makes recommendations regarding seafood safety, environmental risk assessment approaches and targeted monitoring of microplastics in the environment. This study provides detailed information on the most likely pathways in terms of sources, transport and distribution, a framework to assess the risks that may (or may not) affect commercial fish stocks and consumers, and an understanding of the scope and limitations of current microplastic sampling techniques.

Price: 26.00 GBP
461 Mackessy, Shaun P (editor) Handbook of Venoms and Toxins of Reptiles
0849391652 New
2009. 28cm. Pp.528. Hardbound.

Handbook of Venoms and Toxins of Reptiles provides an overview of current taxonomy, explains the similarities and differences in the venom delivery apparatus in different groups of reptiles, reviews state-of-the-art knowledge about specific venom components and their action, and summarizes effects of envenomation and treatment in humans on different continents.

Presents a view of reptile toxinology from the whole animal to the glands producing venoms to the molecular models and the mechanisms of actions of the toxins themselves.

Price: 87.00 GBP
462 Magnhagen, Carin ; Victoria A. Braithwaite, Elisabet Forsgren & B.G. Kapoor (editors) Fish Behaviour
1578084350 New
2008. 26cm. Pp.662. Photos & figures. Hardbound.

Fish Behaviour is an exciting overview of the many new insights offered by recent research on fish behaviour. The chapters are written by prominent international scientists and are aimed not only at fish biology students and researchers but anyone interested in the interplay between behaviour, ecology and evolution.

Price: 106.00 GBP
463 Maitland, P.S Keys to the Freshwater Fish of Britain and Ireland, with Notes on their Distribution and Ecology
0900386711 New
2004. 25cm. Pp.248. 48 colour photos, figures, maps. Paperback.

Revised edition, enlarged and updated. Fifty-seven species are recognised in a checklist for Britain and Ireland, several new.

Additionally, Sterlet, Siberian Sturgeon, Grass Carp, Channel Catfish and Brown Bullhead are also included in the keys to species (though not illustrated) because they may be encountered in fresh and estuarine waters within the British Isles.

All species in the checklist are illustrated by line drawings accompanying the relevant key couplets. Accurate identification is assisted by additional text in a new section summarising important external features of each species, their general body size, habitat, reproduction, food, distribution, and use for angling and fisheries.

In addition to the keys for identifying 23 families and 62 species of adult fish, keys to family level are also provided for identifying the eggs and post-larval stages, and the scales of adult fish; the scales are illustrated with photographs and line drawings emphasising the most important diagnostic features.

Price: 34.75 GBP
464 Maitland, P.S. & R.N. Campbell Freshwater Fishes of the British Isles
0007308507 New
(1992), 2009 reprint. 26cm. Pp.368. 21 colour photos, 2 colour plates, 150 b/w illustrations. Hardbound.

An in-depth look at the 55 species of fish that inhabit the fresh waters of Britain and Ireland. These include famous members of the salmon family, such as the Atlantic Salmon and the Brown Trout, and the obscure whitefish, species of which are confined to just a few lakes.

Freshwater Fishes of the British Isles gives a comprehensive overview of the life cycle of fish, as well as details on diet, behaviour and ecology. The book also contains the most up to date identification key to both the families and individual species of fish, allowing every species of freshwater fish to be conclusively identified.

As well as detailed descriptions of each family, there are also seven chapters on more general subjects, including fish conservation and the future of the fish fauna in Britain.

Price: 65.00 GBP
465 Makeyeva, Alla P ; D.S. Pavlov & D.A. Pavlov Atlas of Larvae and Juveniles of Freshwater Fishes of Russia
5873177147 New
2011. 30cm. Pp.383. Hardbound. In Russian.

Atlas of Larvae and Juveniles of Freshwater Fishes of Russia - The Atlas is the second edition of the monograph “Freshwater Ichthyoplankton of Russia (Atlas)”, Moscow University, 1998. The illustrations of prelarvae (free embryos), larvae, and juveniles of 175 fish species are included. Brief characteristics of reproductive biology are given for each family and species. The illustrations are accompanied by morphological characteristics. A short review on the reproduction of fishes and development of the young is presented. Of use to ichthyologists, zoologists and fish breeders interested in the freshwater fishes of the largest country in the world. Regretably the first author, Alla P. Makeyeva, passed away in August 2011, before seeing the work published. Text in Russian. Table of contents available on request.

АТЛАС МОЛОДИ ПРЕСНОВОДНЫХ РЫБ РОССИИ - Атлас является вторым изданием монографии «Ихтиопланктон пресных вод России (Атлас)» (М: МГУ, 1998), в которое включены иллюстрации, предличинок, личинок и ювенильных особей 175 видов костных рыб и миног. Даны краткие характеристики биологии размножения для каждого семейства и вида. Иллюстрации сопровождаются морфологическими характеристиками. Приведён краткий обзор литературы по размножению рыб и развитию молоди. Для ихтиологов, зоологов, экологов, рыбоводов, студентов и аспирантов университетов и ВУЗов, а также широкого круга любителей природы.

Already out of print, we have one (1) copy in stock.

Price: 95.00 GBP
466 Manconi, R. & R. Pronzato Atlas of African Freshwater Sponges
9074752551 New
2009. 30cm. Pp.214. 245 photos & figures. Paperback.

Atlas of African Freshwater Sponges is the first complete overview of the freshwater sponges found from Algeria to the Cape and of historical importance. Summarizes the knowledge of the spongillofauna of the African continent and provides new as well as historical illustrations and distribution maps for all the species, most of which are endemic to Africa.

A comparative analysis based on original diagnoses, holotypes and materials from historical collections is performed to supply detailed descriptions on 58 African species of the suborder Spongillina (order Haplosclerida). In view of the rapid decline of the biodiversity of Africa’s freshwater fauna as a result of climate change and other man-made influences, this publication will remain a milestone for the knowledge on the distribution of these animals. As filter feeders, they are extremely subject to even low levels of pollution and may therefore constitute an ideal gauge for the evaluation of the quality of surface waters.

Price: 49.99 GBP
467 Manekshaw, B. J Traditional Recipes of India
Clean secondhand
Nachiketa Publ., Bombay, 1974. 24cm. Pp.[viii],242. Figures. Hardound, jacket worn.

Price: 26.00 GBP
468 Manfredi, Nino La Vera Alimentazione Mediterranea
8870322157 Clean secondhand
Musumeci Editore, first edn., 1985. 25cm. Pp.191. 21 colour photos, numerous figures and illustrations. Hardbound, jacket, very good copy.

168 traditional recipes of Italian and Mediterranean cooking, Italian text.

Price: 53.00 GBP
469 Mao, Shou H Turtles of Taiwan. A Natural History of the Turtles

1971. 21cm. Pp.x,128. 14 colour & 22 BW photos, 28 text figures. Hardback.

Price: 32.00 GBP
470 Marais, J. & M. Bates (editors) Husbandry '88. Proceedings of the First H.A.A. Reptile Husbandry Symposium

H.A.A., 1990. 30cm. Pp.61. Photos & figures. Paperback.

Husbandry '88. Proceedings of the First H.A.A. Reptile Husbandry Symposium presents 19 papers

Price: 18.00 GBP
471 Markezich, A.L., C.J. Cole & H.C. Dessauer The Blue and Green Whiptail Lizards (Squamata: Teiidae: Cnemidophorous) of the Peninsula de Paraguana, Venezuela: Systematics, Ecology, Descriptions of Two New Taxa, and Relationships to Whiptails of the Guianas

1997. 26cm. Pp.60. 27 photos, figures & maps (some colour), 9 tables. Paperback.

Two colour morphs of whiptail lizards (Cnemidophorus), one brilliant blue and one bright green, occur in distinctly different habitats on the Paraguana Peninsula, Venezuela.

Multidisciplinary analyses (karyotypes, protein electrophoresis, colour pattern, scalation, using univariate and multivariate statistical techniques) revealed that the blue and the green lizards represent two distinctively different diploid bisexual species.

In The Blue and Green Whiptail Lizards of the Peninsula de Paraguana both new taxa are named and diagnosed.

Price: 6.95 GBP
472 Marshall, Brian The Fishes of Zimbabwe and their Biology
0620475358 New
2011. 30cm. Pp.300. Coloured figures. Softbound.

The Fishes of Zimbabwe covers all 158 species known to occur in Zimbabwe, these are illustrated and their distributions mapped. There are numerous graphs and tables pertaining to the biology of species.

Limited edition publication, 250 copies only for the European market.

Price: 40.00 GBP
473 Marshall, N.B The Life of Fishes
Clean secondhand
Weidenfeld & Nicholson, first edn., 1965. 25cm. Pp.[xi],402. Photos & figures. Hardbound, binding trifle worn, otherwise in good condition.

Marshall's The Life of Fishes, R.H.Lowe-McConnell's copy, signature to front endpaper.

Price: 8.00 GBP
474 Martin, Karen L. M. Beach-Spawning Fishes: Reproduction in an Endangered Ecosystem
1482207974 New
2014. 26cm. Pp.223. 10 colour plates, 43 figures. Hardbound.

Beach-spawning fishes from exotic locations on most continents of the world provide spectacular examples of extreme adaptations during the most vulnerable life cycle stages. The beauty, intriguing biology, and importance of these charismatic fishes at the interface of marine and terrestrial ecosystems have inspired numerous scientific studies. Adaptations of behavior, physiology, development, and ecology are gathered together for the first time in this book.

Beach-Spawning Fishes: Reproduction in an Endangered Ecosystem is a comprehensive guide to beach spawning, a charismatic animal behaviour that is seen in a surprising number of teleost species. This unexpected form of reproduction provides a window into the ecology of coastal areas, the behaviours and physiology necessary for fishes and their eggs to adapt to terrestrial conditions, and the threats and challenges for conservation and management. Beach-spawning species include important forage fishes such as the capelin, exotic fishes such as the fugu puffer, and the spectacular midnight runs of the California grunion.

Price: 67.99 GBP
475 Matsuura, Keiichi Phylogeny of the Superfamily Balistoidea (Pisces : Tetraodontiformes)

1979. 26cm. Pp.120. Figures, tables. Paperback.
Price: 6.00 GBP
476 Matthes, H A Bibliography of African Freshwater Fish
Clean secondhand
1973. 27cm. Pp.(x),[v],299. Colour map of drainages. Paperback.

A Bibliography of African Freshwater Fish, long out of print, one (1) copy in stock
Price: 32.00 GBP
477 Matthes, H Les Poissons du Lac Tumba et de la Region d'Ikela. Etude Systematique et Ecologique
Clean secondhand
1964. 26cm. Pp.(iv),204. 6 plates of photos & figures, 11 text illustrations, 15 tables (1 fldg), 2 maps. Wrappers.

Les Poissons du Lac Tumba et de la Region d'Ikela, standard systematic account, French text.

Price: 18.50 GBP
478 Mattson, Niklas S., Kongpheng Buakhamvongsa, Naruepon Sukumasavin, Nguyen Tuan, and Ouk Vibol Mekong Giant Fish Species : Their Management and Biology
2002-2005. 2 volumes. 26cm. Pp.31 ; 8. Colour photos, figures, tables, bibliography. Binding : ebook / PDF, 1.072MB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.

The IUCN Red List of threatened species includes two of the five giant Mekong species, Pangasianodon gigas (Mekong giant catfish) and Probarbus jullieni (Jullien’s golden carp or seven-striped barb), in the ‘endangered’ class. Two other listed species (Probarbus labeamajor and Probarbus labeaminor) are classified as ‘data deficient’. Although it is not on the IUCN list, the other giant species, Catlocarpio siamensis (Siamese giant barb), is now found rarely in the Mekong. These papers present a summary review of what is known about the biology and ecology of these species, and provide data on their habitats, migration, reproductive biology and life cycles and the results of experiments on artificial breeding.

Price: 26.00 GBP
479 Mayland, Hans J Der Malawi-See und seine Fische
3784202578 Clean secondhand
Landbuch, 1982. 22cm. Pp.336. Colour photos, maps. Hardbound.

Der Malawi-See und seine Fische, R.H.Lowe-McConnell's copy, label to title page, clean secondhand.

Price: 10.00 GBP
480 Mayland, Hans J Mittelamerika Cichliden und Lebendgebarende
3784202934 Clean secondhand
Landbuch, 1984. 22cm. Pp.304. Colour photos, figures, maps. Hardbound.

Mittelamerika Cichliden und Lebendgebarende / central American cichlids and livenbearers, German text, clean secondhand.

Price: 15.00 GBP
481 Mbega, J.-D. & G.G. Teugels Guide détermination des poissons du bassin inférieur de l'Ogooué
2870374119 New
2003. 26cm. Pp.166. 8 plates of colour photos, 166 figures & maps, keys to species. Paperback.

Guide détermination des poissons du bassin inférieur de l'Ogooué is a systematic guide to the identification of the fishes of the lower Ogooué Basin, Gabon, tropical west Africa. French text.

La publication de ce guide vise d'abord à actualiser les connaissances sur la faune ichtyologique du bassin inférieur de l'Ogooué, elle s'appuie sur les résultats d'un inventaire complet de sa faune ichtyologique réalisé entre septembre 2000 et janvier 2002 ; inventaire qui a été complété par l'examen des collections de poissons (provenant de la région) conservées dans des musées européens et de tous les travaux scientifiques qui ont été réalisés sur la faune ichtyologique de cette région.

Cet ouvrage qui compte 139 espèces regroupées en 44 familles et 84 genres s'adresse en premier lieu aux gestionnaires de la pêche et constitue un outil de base utile et insdispensable à une gestion efficace des ressources halieutiques de la région. Il vise également à sensibiliser l'opinion publique gabonaise, les pouvoirs publics et les ONG qui travaillent dans le domaine de la conservation de la nature et de la biodiversité.

Price: 44.00 GBP
482 McCormick, S.D; A.P. Farrell & C.J. Brauner (editors) Euryhaline Fishes
0123969514 New
2013. 25cm. Pp.572. Hardbound.

Some fishes are capable of life in both freshwater and seawater. These euryhaline fishes constitute an estimated 3 to 5% of all fish species. Euryhaline fishes represent some of the most iconic and interesting of all fish species, from salmon and sturgeon that make epic migrations to intertidal mudskippers that contend with daily salinity changes. With the advent of global climate change and increasing sea levels, understanding the environmental physiology of euryhaline species is critical for environmental management and any mitigative measures. This volume will provide the first integrative review of euryhalinity in fish. There is no other book that focuses on fish that have the capacity to move between freshwater and seawater. The different challenges of salt and water balance in different habitats have led to different physiological controls and regulation, which heretofore has not been reviewed in a single volume.

Price: 72.99 GBP
483 McDowall, R. M New Zealand Freshwater Fishes, an Historical and Ecological Biogeography
9048192706 New
2010. 28cm. Pp.xxi,449. Hardbound.

Current synthesis of taxonomic and ecological information on New Zealand’s freshwater fish fauna.

One of the key elements for understanding the origins and derivations of this fish fauna is that in all groups some or all of the species are diadromous, customarily spending a significant phase of their lives at sea. The distribution patterns reflect these changing habits, with diadromous species being broadly distributed but tending to be lowland in range, whereas the derived, non-diadromous species have narrower ranges, but are often found further inland and at high elevations. This book provides an ecological and historical synthesis of these divergent patterns across New Zealand’s geography and history.

Price: 185.00 GBP
484 McDowall, R.M. & R.S. Frankenburg The Galaxiid Fishes of Australia (Pisces: Galaxiidae)
1981. 24cm. Pp.162. 47 photos, text illustrations and maps, 20 tables. Wrappers.

The Galaxiid Fishes of Australia

Price: 26.00 GBP
485 McGinnis, Samuel M Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of California, Revised Edition
0520237277 New
2006. 18cm. Pp.528. 106 color photographs, 37 color plates, 114 line illustrations, 3 maps, 2 tables. Paperback.

This popular book is the only field guide to all of California's 130 freshwater fish species, both native and introduced.

Price: 22.95 GBP
486 McIlhenny, E. A The Alligator's Life History

SSAR reprint edn., 1987. 23cm. Pp.(xviii),117. 18 photos. Hardbound.

The Alligator's Life History, SSAR facsimile reprints in herpetology.

Price: 14.00 GBP
487 McKeown, S., F. Caporaso & K.H. Peterson (editors) 9th International Herpetological Symposium on Captive Propagation and Husbandry

1986. 28cm. Pp.[iv], vi, 265. Colour & BW photos, figures. Softbound.

9th International Herpetological Symposium on Captive Propagation and Husbandry presents 22 papers on the care and breeding of a wide range of species.

Price: 26.00 GBP
488 McKinney, B.J. & V.G. Springer Four New Species of the Fish Genus Ecsenius with Notes on Other Species of the Genus (Blenniidae: Salariini)

Smith. Contrib. Zool. 236. 26cm. Pp.iii,27. 11 figures, 12 tables, key to the 25 species, 4 new. Paperback.
Price: 4.00 GBP
489 McMillan, Donald B Fish Histology, Female Reproductive Systems
1402054157 New
2007. 26cm. Pp.210. 835 photos & figures (some colour). Hardbound.

Fish Histology describes the myriad ways in which fish have approached problems of reproduction — it is an amply illustrated comparative study of the microscopic structure of the female genital systems of fish. It is a compilation of thousands of micrographs — mostly electron micrographs — from classic works in the field and should prove valuable to investigators studying fish in areas such as ecology, physiology, and reproductive biology who may view histology as essential in their work but have little background in this area. It includes chapters on the origin of genital systems, the structure of ovarian follicles, mechanisms of ovulation, the cortical reaction, oviducts, oviparity, and amazing examples of viviparity.

Price: 235.00 GBP
490 McNitt, J I : P R Cheeke; S D Lukefahr & N M Patton Rabbit Production, 9th edition
1780640110 New
2013. 26cm. Pp.296. Paperback.

This is a fully updated edition of a highly successful book about the production of farmed rabbits (originally published by Interstate in 2000). The book concerns rabbits bred for meat and fur, but also has plenty of information on pet rabbits and show rabbits. Beginning with an introduction to the field of rabbit production around the world and some basic breed and equipment information, further topics then covered include rabbit diseases, feeding, reproduction, behaviour, welfare, genetics, showing, rabbit production in developing countries, fur and meat production, slaughter and the marketing of rabbit products.

Current areas of interest such as animal welfare and coat colour genetics are expanded in this new edition.

An important resource for all those involved in rabbit production, as well as the keen amateur rabbit enthusiast.

Price: 39.95 GBP
491 McPeak, R. H Amphibians and Reptiles of Baja California
23cm. Pp.iv,99. 365 colour photos. Paperback.

First full colour field guide to the snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs and salamanders of the Baja California Peninsula. Amphibians and Reptiles of Baja California features 150 species in colour.

Price: 7.99 GBP
492 McQueen, Stella & Rod Morris A Photographic Guide to Freshwater Fishes of New Zealand
1869663861 New
2013. 22cm. Pp.144. Colour photos, figures & maps. Softbound.

Includes all the freshwater fishes, both introduced and native species, with useful identification charts for the diadromous galaxids. Rod Morris has gone to great lengths to capture the very best images and numerous colour photographs through the book will assist in identifying the sexes, and the subtle differences between related species.

An extensive introduction includes highly topical coverage of freshwater ecology and conservation issues surrounding the quality of New Zealand's waterways, making this book an invaluable information resource.

Price: 10.99 GBP
493 Mehlhorn, Heinz (editor) Arthropods as Vectors of Emerging Diseases
3642288413 New
2012. 26cm. Pp.xv, 385. 123 photos & figures (23 in colour). Hardbound.

Without a doubt the recently accelerating globalization supports the import of agents of disease into countries where they never had been or where they had long since been eradicated, leading to a false sense of living on a “safe island.” These newly imported or reintroduced diseases – called “emerging diseases” – may lead to severe outbreaks in cases where the countries are not prepared to combat them, or in cases where viruses are introduced that cannot be controlled by medications or vaccines.

Arthropods are well known vectors for the spread of diseases. Thus their invasion from foreign countries and their spreading close to human dwellings must be blocked everywhere (in donor and receptor countries) using safe and effective measures.

Arthropods as Vectors of Emerging Diseases presents reviews on examples of such arthropod-borne emerging diseases that lurk on the fringes of our crowded megacities.

Contents : Culicid Mosquitoes as Vectors of Disease Agents in Europe.- Exotic Mosquitoes Conquer the World.- Future Strategies for European Pest Management.- Assessing Diversity and Abundance of Vector Populations at a National Scale: Example of Culicoides Surveillance in France after a Bluetongue Virus Emergence.- Bluetongue Disease: An Analysis of the Epidemic in Germany 2006-2009.- Impact of Insecticide Treated Nets (ITN) on Insects of Medical Veterinary Relevance.- The Changing Distribution Patterns of Ticks (Ixodida) in Europe in Relation to Emerging Tick-borne Diseases.- The Huge Risk due to Hyalomma Ticks.- Flies as Vector of Microorganisms Potentially Inducing Severe Diseases in Humans and Animals.- Flies as Vector of Parasites Potentially Inducing Severe Diseases in Humans and Animals.- Lice as Vectors of Bacterial Diseases.- Triatomines as Vectors of American Trypanosomiasis.- Fleas as Underestimated Vectors of Agents of Diseases.- Marine Crustaceans as Potential Hosts and Vectors for Metazoan Parasites.- Spotted Fever Rickettsiae and Rickettsioses in Germany.
Price: 122.00 GBP
494 Mehrtens, John M Living Snakes of the World in Color
080696460X Clean secondhand
Sterling Blandford, first and only edition, 1987. 26cm. Pp.440. 540 colour photos. Hardbound, jacket.

Landmark reference which describes and illustrates 413 species and 454 subspecies several photographed for the first time. Originally published at GBP£ 35.00 30 years ago. Good value, clean secondhand copy.

Price: 15.00 GBP
495 Mellor, David J. & A.C. David Bayvel (editors) Animal Welfare: focusing on the future
9290449292 New
2014. 30cm. Softbound.

Outlines contemporary thinking about factors that promote or jeopardise the productivity, health and welfare of the wide range of animals used for human purposes. It also considers likely future developments in animal welfare thinking and management and, where possible, references influences of the diverse practical, economic, political, socio-cultural and religious factors that may be encountered globally in various cultural contexts.

Price: 57.50 GBP
496 Mertens, R Herpetofauna Tobagana

1972. 24cm. Pp.22. Keys. Offprint. Fine copy.

Price: 14.50 GBP
497 Metwally, Samia & Susanne Münstermann Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccination and Post-vaccination Monitoring, FAO/OIE Guidelines
9295108256 New
2017. 30cm. Pp.78. Softbound.

The past decade has been an exciting period for the control of foot and mouth disease (FMD). The Progressive Control Pathway for FMD (PCP-FMD) was developed to provide a novel stepwise methodology for a cost-effective, risk-management approach to FMD control, and it is now the backbone for the implementation of the FAO-OIE Global Foot and Mouth Disease Control Strategy.

The costs of vaccination, one of the most important tools for managing this devastating disease, represent 90% of the total expense of FMD control, so it is essential to plan and evaluate vaccine and vaccination effectiveness. These guidelines provide expert advice on how to ensure the success of vaccination programmes. They are designed to guide and assess national or sub-national vaccination programmes at various stages of the PCP-FMD, and will be equally helpful for countries looking to regain FMD-free status following an incursion of FMD, in accordance with the standards in the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code. They stress the importance of having up-to-date information on the virus strains circulating in a given area and highlight the importance of effective Veterinary Services in the implementation of FMD control programmes.

Given that most readers and users may have a broad background in disease management and may not necessarily be FMD specialists, the contributors have sought to provide a balance of scientific background, methodology and practical examples.

Price: 30.00 GBP
498 Miall, L. C Monograph of the Sirenoid and Crossopterygian Ganoids
Pal. Soc., 1878. 28cm. Pp.32. 5 plates (1 folding, of recent Protopterus and Ceratodus from the BM). Black library buckram, gilt, original wrappers bound in. Front endpaper, front wrapper and half-title loose, tipped in. Previous owner's label (Moreton, F.G.S) to verso of front wrap, cut down. Blindstamp and library bookplate.

Monograph of the Sirenoid and Crossopterygian Ganoids a good clean copy.

Price: 35.00 GBP
499 Micha, J.-C., Plisnier, P.D. & V. Franck Biologie et exploitation des poissons du lac Ihéma (Bassin Akagera, Rwanda)
2870371551 New
1988. 26cm. Pp.212. Paperback.

Biologie et exploitation des poissons du lac Ihéma, a scientific account of the biology and fisheries of the freshwater fish fauna of Lake Ihéma, Akagera basin, Rwanda. French text, Latin nomenclature.

Price: 39.95 GBP
500 Millard, N. A. H. & J. Bouillon Hydroids from the Seychelles
Clean secondhand
1973. 25cm. Pp.viii,106. 5 plates, 11 figures, map. Paperback.

Price: 8.50 GBP
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