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501 Miller, Bruce S. & Arthur W. Kendall, Jr Early Life History of Marine Fishes
0520249720 New
2009. 26cm. Pp.376. 7 photos, 98 figures, 14 tables. Hardbound.

Early Life History of Marine Fishes brings together in a single reference much of the research available and its application to fishery science - knowledge increasingly important because for most fishes, adult populations are determined at the earliest stages of life.

Clear and well written, this book offers expert guidance on how to collect and analyze larval fish data and on how this information is interpreted by applied fish biologists and fisheries managers.

Price: 69.95 GBP
502 Miller, Robert Rush Peces Dulceacuícolas de México
9786077607205 New
2010. 28cm. Pp.652. 96 colour plates, 314 BW photos, 233 figures, 509 maps, 8 tables. Hardbound.

Revised edition of Miller's 'Freshwater Fishes of Mexico', Spanish text.

This first edition in Spanish is a substantive contribution to knowledge and faunal biodiversity conservation in Mexico. Peces Dulceacuícolas de México includes data from more than 500 species, nearly all illustrated, together with maps, distribution data, references and detailed information about the species. Updates the English edition of 2006.

El gran libro de la diversidad íctica de las aguas mexicanas finalmente está disponible en idioma español. Se trata de Peces dulceacuícolas de México, el magno estudio del biólogo estadunidense Robert Rush Miller.

Now out of print. We hold the remaining stock of about two dozen copies.
Price: 59.95 GBP
503 Miller, Robert Rush Freshwater Fishes of Mexico
0226526046 New
2006. 28cm. Pp.652. 96 colour plates, 314 BW photos, 233 figures, 509 maps, 8 tables. Hardbound.

Though Mexico is only one-fifth the size of the continental United States, it is home to nearly two-thirds as many freshwater fishes as those that swim the waters of the United States and Canada combined. Mexico's diverse freshwater fauna can be attributed to the country's highly varied physical geography, a wide latitudinal range, the largest river system in middle America, and, ironically, its oceans--many marine groups left the brine for the inland springs and never returned to the sea. No one knew these Mexican freshwaters or the fish that inhabit them better than the late world-renowned ichthyologist Robert Rush Miller.

A pioneer of the field, Miller undertook his first field excursion more than fifty years ago and, in the decades following, amassed the information necessary to write the first encyclopedia of Mexican inland ichthyology.

Providing keys to more than 500 native species, accompanied by detailed distribution maps and illustrations, Freshwater Fishes of Mexico offers a historical overview of the country's ichthyology, as well as syntheses of the unique biogeography of Mexican fishes and their current conservation status. Organized by family, the species accounts are supplemented with colour galleries containing photographs of live fishes in their native environments and natural habitats.

Exploring ecological, biological, and taxonomic issues, the book also considers the evolutionary history of the ichthyofauna itself and the human history of the scientists who researched it during the last several centuries. The life's work of Robert Rush Miller.

Price: 82.50 GBP
504 Mills, D.J., L. Evans & A. Charles Small-Scale Fisheries Management: Frameworks and Approaches for the Developing World
1845936078 New
2011. 26cm. Pp.258. Hardbound.

Small-scale fisheries make up a large proportion of world's fisheries, both by catch and participation. Effective management is essential to ensure access to fish for food and income. Covering social and economic aspects of the fishery management and governance challenge, Small-Scale Fisheries Management provides guidance on innovative and alternative management measures and methods for small-scale fisheries. The book covers key topics such as rights, policy, co-management, communications and trade, and is an important reference for researchers and students in fisheries science and management as well as fisheries research organizations and policymakers.

Price: 80.00 GBP
505 Mims, Steven Paddlefish Aquaculture
0813810582 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.320. Colour & BW photos, text figures, tables. Hardbound.

Paddlefish have become of increasing interest to the aquaculture community in recent years, as a potential new source of food and caviar. Native to North America, paddlefish show great promise both domestically and internationally as a commercially viable farmed species.

Paddlefish Aquaculture examines all aspects of the biology and culture of these fish, exploring their physiology, production, end products and the economics underlying a successful paddlefish operation. Chapters specifically cover paddlefish biology, propagation and early culture techniques, production for meat and caviar, international culture and history, paddlefish food products, bioaccumulants of contaminants in paddlefish, parasites and diseases, and the economics of paddlefish aquaculture.

Price: 119.00 GBP
506 Mischke, Charles C. (editor): Aquaculture Pond Fertilization, Impacts of Nutrient Input on Production
0470959223 New
2012. 28cm. Pp.308. Hardbound.

Aquaculture Pond Fertilization provides state-of-the-art information for successful fertilization strategies for a broad range of pond-raised species and attempts to rectify the seemingly contradictory nutrient recommendations by clearly defining the goals of specific types of aquaculture.

Chapters are divided into three sections. The first reviews basic concepts in fertilization applicable to all pond-based production. The second looks at specific nutrient management approaches. The third and final section of chapters looks specifically at key freshwater pond species ranging from tilapia to perch and discusses specific fertilization needs for the successful rearing of these in-demand fish.

Price: 176.00 GBP
507 Mock, Douglas W. & Geoffrey A. Parker The Evolution of Sibling Rivalry
0198577443 As new
OUP., 1997. 25cm. Pp.xiii, 464. Photos, text figures. Softbound.

One of the main tenets of evolutionary biology is that organisms behave so as to maximize the number of their genes that will be passed on to future generations. Parents often produce more offspring than they can rear in case special opportunities or calamities occur. This frequently leads to deprivations and even death of some offspring. This book is about the evolutionary diversity, importance, and consequences of such squeezes. In it the authors, top in their field, review the theory, field experiments, and natural history of sibling rivalry across a broad sweep of organisms, in a clear and accessible style that should appeal to both academics and natural historians.

Price: 35.00 GBP
508 Mol, Jan H. A The Freshwater Fishes of Suriname
900420766X New
2012. 25cm. Colour photos, maps. Hardbound.

The Freshwater Fishes of Suriname, hardbound.

Suriname has a rich inland ichthyofauna, currently some 480 known fresh- and brackish-water species, that is related to the most diverse freshwater fish fauna, that of the Amazon River.

Specialist interest in the freshwater fishes of Suriname extends back over two centuries. Suriname is the site of origin of the oldest extant preserved specimens of South American fishes, and 19 Surinamese fish species were described and figured by Linnaeus.

This book provides an introduction to the freshwater fish fauna of Suriname, and includes identification keys, photographs of the species (several of which are endemic) and descriptions of their habitats.

Price: 175.00 GBP
509 Mol, Jan H. A The Freshwater Fishes of Suriname
9004210741 New
2012. 25cm. Colour photos, maps. Softbound.

The Freshwater Fishes of Suriname, softbound.

Suriname has a rich inland ichthyofauna, currently some 480 known fresh- and brackish-water species, that is related to the most diverse freshwater fish fauna, that of the Amazon River.

Specialist interest in the freshwater fishes of Suriname extends back over two centuries. Suriname is the site of origin of the oldest extant preserved specimens of South American fishes, and 19 Surinamese fish species were described and figured by Linnaeus.

This book provides an introduction to the freshwater fish fauna of Suriname, and includes identification keys, photographs of the species (several of which are endemic) and descriptions of their habitats.

Price: 79.95 GBP
510 Molur, Sanjay ; K.G. Smith, B.A. Daniel & W.R.T. Darwall The Status and Distribution of Freshwater Biodiversity in the Western Ghats, India
2831713811 New
2011. 28cm. Pp.viii, 116. Colour photos, figures, maps. Binding : ebook.

Reviews the conservation status and distributions of 1,146 freshwater species belonging to four taxonomic groups : fishes (290 taxa), molluscs (77 taxa), odonates (171 taxa) and aquatic plants (608 taxa).

ebook, 14.3MB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.

Price: 17.00 GBP
511 Morais, Pedro & Francoise Daverat An Introduction to Fish Migration
1498718736 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.300. 13 colour & 23 BW photos and figures. Hardbound.

Comprehensive coverage of all life history strategies - amphidromy, diadromy, oceanodromy, and potadromy in one book.

The first section of this book reviews the history of fish migration studies, and the main trends and challenges of fish migration research. The second section describes the main processes and patterns associated with all migratory life history strategies, as well as the main problems associated with their conservation. The relevance of life history plasticity for migratory fishes has been highlighted in this section. Finally, the third section provides examples of the main methodologies used to study fish migration.

Price: 88.00 GBP
512 Morgan, David : Stephen Beatty, Michael W. Klunzinger, Mark G. Allen & Quinton F. Burnham A Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes, Crayfishes and Mussels of South-western Australia
0987164406 New
2011. 24cm. Pp.iv,69. 76 colour photos, 3 in BW, 2 colour figures, 32 maps, tabular key, bibliography, glosary, index. Softbound.

Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes, Crayfishes and Mussels of South-western Australia summarises all that is currently known about the iconic, yet often unnoticed species of fish, crayfish and mussels inhabiting the fresh waters of south-western Australia. It offers useful tips on how to recognise and identify these animals, as well as information about their distribution, behaviour, biology, and the threats they face. 11 native species of freshwater fishes, 9 endemic.

Price: 26.00 GBP
513 Mortimer, Jeanne A Marine Turtles in the Republic of the Seychelles. Status and Management
1984. 30cm. Pp.80. 4 plates of photos, numerous figures, maps and tables. Paperback.

Marine Turtles in the Republic of the Seychelles presents the results of a three year study on the present and past stocks of the green and hawksbill turtles.

Price: 18.50 GBP
514 Motos, L. & D. Wilson (editors) The Knowledge Base for Fisheries Management
0444528504 New
2006. 28cm. Pp.476. Hardbound.

Fisheries are in a state of crisis throughout the world. While there has been some success, truly effective fisheries management seems beyond our grasp. The knowledge needed for proper management contains a broad array of facts and connections from statistical stock assessments, to the information that allows government agencies to track compliance with rules and beyond.

The Knowledge Base for Fisheries Management describes the state-of-the-art knowledge about fishery systems. Seldom seen in a scientific publication regarding fisheries science, this book presents a multidisciplinary perspective of fisheries management. Leading fisheries scholars with backgrounds in biology, ecology, economics and sociology ask how management institutions can learn and put their lessons to use. The Knowledge Base for Fisheries Management offers a unique overview of the world of fisheries management and provides the background to draw conclusions of what is needed to improve management. Covering a wide range of regimes, case studies and professional perspectives, this publication will be an obligatory reference to anyone involved on fisheries management, assessment, policy making or fisheries development around the world.

Price: 160.00 GBP
515 Muller, Michael ; Philippe Cousteau, Jr., Dr. Alison Kock & Arty Nelson Sharks. Face-to-Face with the Ocean’s Endangered Predator
3836553597 New
2016. 37cm. Pp.334. Numerous full colour photos, 2 fold-outs. Hardbound.

Michael Muller has carved a career out of impressive encounters. Famed for his portraits of the world’s most elite actors, musicians, and sports stars, he has in the last decade built up one of the most spectacular portfolios of underwater shark photography.

Muller’s quest has been to document sharks with an unprecedented proximity and precision, bringing the Hollywood portrait session to the ocean predator. In ocean depths around the world, he approaches the sharks with a patented seven-bulb, 1200-watt plexi-encased strobe lighting rig, developed with NASA engineering, and often no cage.

This collection of Muller’s images, including the first-known photograph of a great white breaching at night, is a catalogue of adrenalin and awe. Arranged geographically, it follows Muller’s ocean adventures from Black tip and Sand Tiger sharks in South Africa to great Hammerheads in the Bahamas, with thrilling narratives from each trip documenting the challenges and near-misses along the way.

To compliment Muller’s work for advocacy organizations such as WildAid and EarthEcho, the images are contextualized with essays from Philippe Cousteau, Jr. and marine biologist Alison Kock, who discuss exploration and conservation of our oceanic kingdom. Culture writer Arty Nelson adds an overview of Muller’s work, while a technical section explains the precise equipment behind these spectacular shots. Together, these insightful texts and awesome images offer a record of breathtaking photographic feats, a tribute to the beauty and might of the shark, and a rallying cry for its fragile future.

Price: 44.99 GBP
516 Murcia, Pablo ; Sándor Belák & Massimo Palmarini (editors) Potential Applications of Pathogen Genomics
9290449969 New
2016. 30cm. Pp.300. Softbound.

Describes new high-throughput sequencing technologies and bioinformatic tools applied to pathogen genomics. In addition, applications of genomics to disease surveillance or during outbreaks of infectious diseases are also described. As sequencing data constitute a unique resource of information, there is also a section on databases and their possible applications to improving animal health worldwide.

The increasing power of high-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics and computational biology have revolutionised most aspects of biomedical and veterinary sciences. Such new technologies and tools have also had a big impact on the diagnosis, control and management of animal diseases.

Price: 62.00 GBP
517 Mustafa, Saleem & Rossita Shapawi (editors) Aquaculture Ecosystems, Adaptability and Sustainability
1118778545 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.424. Colour photos & figures. Hardbound.

Focuses on incorporating the elements of adaptability and sustainability in aquaculture for changing the course of its development towards the ecosystem approach.

The contents have been structured to justify the importance of forging synergies of aquaculture with other methods of seafood production for addressing the numerous challenges and meeting production targets. With the stabilization of capture fisheries, there is no alternative to aquaculture in seafood security, and this requires changing the course of production methods.

This uptodate reference contains synthesis of information on current practices and the wisdom of capitalizing on gains from established practices, and identifies new areas for reforms in charting the way forward. It suggests the need for new models of development that evolve in an innovation ecosystem for accelerating the merger of time-tested approaches with the modern knowledge deeply rooted in environmental compatibility.

Price: 130.00 GBP
518 Mutschmann, F Die Strumpfbandnattern. Biologie, Verbreitung, Haltung
1995. 21cm. Pp.172. 16 colour photos, 101 photos & text figs., 28 maps. Paperback.

Die Strumpfbandnattern, Thamnophis, text in German.

Price: 8.00 GBP
519 Nakamura, I Billfishes of the World. An Annotated and Illustrated Catalogue of the Marlins, Sailfishes, Spearfishes and Swordfishes Known to Date
9251022321 New
1985. 30cm. Pp.iv,42. 24 figs & maps, 19 tables. Paperback.

Billfishes of the World includes the two families and all 12 species of billfishes known to date. It provides a comprehensive and illustrated key to families and species, with a glossary of technical terms and measurements. Within each family are given individual accounts of species which include drawings, scientific and vernacular names, information on habitat, biology and fisheries, and a distribution map. The section including family and species accounts is followed by a table indicating the distribution of each species by major marine fishing areas. The work is fully indexed and there is ample reference to pertinent literature.

Price: 44.00 GBP
520 Nakatani, Keshiyu; A. A. Agostinho, G. Baumgartner, P. V. Sanches, M. C. Makrakis & Carla Simone Pavanelli Ovos e larvas de peixes de água doce : desenvolvimento e manual de identificação
8585545739 New
2001. 26cm. Pp.xviii, 378. Colour photos, figures, tables, keys to species, glossary, bibliography. Hardbound.

Guide to eggs and larval stages of freshwater fishes of Brasil. Text in Brazilian Portuguese, Latin nomenclature.

Price: 128.00 GBP
521 Nash, D. S The Morphology and Relationships of a Crocodilian, Orthosuchuc stormbergi, from the Upper Triassic of Lesotho

1975. 24cm. Pp.102. Figures. Paperback.

Price: 23.00 GBP
522 Naylor, Ernest & Angelika Brandt Intertidal Marine Isopods, Second edition
1908819235 New
2015. 24cm. Pp.viii, 144. Numerous text figures. Softbound.

Second edition of this iconic Synopsis, replacing Naylor 1972.

This new edition has been revised and brought up to date, with a new species list, extensive additional information included about the species, and many new references.

Price: 32.00 GBP
523 Naylor, Paul Great British Marine Animals, 2nd edition
0952283158 Clean secondhand
2005. 28cm. Pp.272. 420 colour photos, references, index of species, English and Latin names. Softbound.

Revised from the first edition of 2003 including 30 additional species and 90 new photos.

Identification guide to the following found in British waters : sponges, cnidarians, sea anemones, corals, hydroids, jellyfish, worms, crustaceans, crabs, lobsters, prawns, shrimps, barnacles, molluscs, chitons, sea snails, sea slugs, bivalves, cuttlefish, octopus, squid, echinoderms, starfish, brittle stars, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, feather stars, sea squirts, fish including sharks, rays, eels, cod, pipefish, sea scorpions, gurnards, clingfish, mullet, bass, weevers, wrasse, blennies, gobies and flatfish. 
Price: 15.00 GBP
524 Nédélec, Anne & Jean-Luc Bouchez Granites: Petrology, Structure, Geological Setting, and Metallogeny
0198705611 As new
2015. 26cm. Pp.xii, 335. Photos & figures. Hardbound.

This book - translated, edited, and updated from the original French edition Petrologie des Granites published by Vuibert in 2011 - gives a modern presentation of granitic rocks, or granites, from magma genesis to their emplacement into the crust and their crystallization. Mineralogical, petrological, physical, and economical aspects are developed in a succession of 14 chapters. Special 'info boxes' discuss topics for those wishing to deepen their knowledge of the subject. Also included is a glossary, a comprehensive bibliography, as well as descriptions of modern techniques.

Price: 30.00 GBP
525 Nelson, Joseph S., H.-P. Schultze & M.V.H. Wilson (editors) Origin and Phylogenetic Interrelationships of Teleosts
3899371070 New
2010. 26cm. Pp.480. 45 colour & 101 black-and-white figures, 19 tables, 6 appendices. Hardbound.

Origin and Phylogenetic Interrelationships of Teleosts presents a modern view including a compilation of synapomorphies of numerous teleostean taxa with a new proposal of their classification, a proposal that pycnodonts are the fossil sister group of teleosts, a phylogeny based on mitochondrial genome sequences, separate analyses of basal teleostean taxa (Osteoglossomorpha, Clupeiformes, Gonorynchiformes, Cypriniformes, Characiformes, Siluriformes, Salmoniformes, Esociformes) and the euteleostean Aulopiformes, karyological studies of Cyprinodontidae, and morphological analyses of the posterior part of the neurocranium.

Presents the current state of phylogenetic knowledge of the origin of teleosts and the interrelationships of teleost groups, both key issues in fish systematics, based on both morphological (of extant and fossil taxa) and molecular evidence. The many contributors to the volume present and evaluate progress in studying both characters and taxa and in establishing databases (morphological and molecular) that will be of use in future.

Price: 139.99 GBP
526 Nelson, Joseph S., Terry C. Grande & Mark V. H. Wilson Fishes of the World, 5th Edition
111834233X New
2016. 28cm. Pp.752. Text illustrations, bibliography. Hardbound.

Fishes of the World, Fifth Edition is the only modern, phylogenetically based classification of the world’s fishes. The updated text offers new phylogenetic diagrams that clarify the relationships among fish groups, as well as cutting-edge global knowledge that brings this classic reference up to date. With this resource, you can classify orders, families, and genera of fishes, understand the connections among fish groups, organize fishes in their evolutionary context, and imagine new areas of research. To further assist your work, this text provides representative drawings, many of them new, for most families of fishes, allowing you to make visual connections to the information as you read. It also contains many references to the classical as well as the most up-to-date literature on fish relationships, based on both morphology and molecular biology.

The study of fishes is one that certainly requires dedication—and access to reliable, accurate information. With more than 30,000 known species of sharks, rays, and bony fishes, both lobe-finned and ray-finned, you will need to master your area of study with the assistance of the best reference materials available. This text will help you bring your knowledge of fishes to the next level.

-Explore the anatomical characteristics, distribution, common and scientific names, and phylogenetic relationships of fishes

-Access biological and anatomical information on more than 515 families of living fishes

-Better appreciate the complexities and controversies behind the modern view of fish relationships

-Refer to an extensive bibliography, which points you in the direction of additional, valuable, and up-to-date information, much of it published within the last few years.

Fishes of the World, Fifth Edition is an invaluable resource for professional ichthyologists, aquatic ecologists, marine biologists, fish breeders, aquaculturists, and conservationists.

Price: 129.95 GBP
527 Neresheimer, E. & E.Wagler Die Lachsartigen (Salmonidae)
Handbuch der Binnenfischerei Mitteleuropas, Bd.III, Lfg.5 & 6. 1937-1941. 2 volumes. 24cm. Pp.152; iv,132. 21 plates, 151 figures. Paperback.

Systematics and biology, part 2 deals with the coregonids. German text, Latin nomenclature

Price: 50.00 GBP
528 Newton, Sir Isaac Optiks, or a Treatise of the Reflections, Refractions, Inflections and Colours of Light, Reprinted from the Fourth Edition with a Foreword By Prof. Albert Einstein
Clean secondhand
Bell, London, 1931. 19cm. Pp.xxviii,(i),414. Original cloth, jacket a little worn but a good clean copy.

Reprint of the fourth, final edition of Newton's Optiks of 1730.

Price: 65.00 GBP
529 Nichols, J. T The Fresh-Water Fishes of China
Clean secondhand
American Museum of Natural History, New York, 1943. 28cm. Pp.xxxvi,322. 10 colour plates, 143 figures. Original cloth.

The Fresh-Water Fishes of China, a very fine condition original copy.

Price: 150.00 GBP
530 Nijssen, H., L. van Truijl & I.J.H. Isbrucker A Catalogue of the Type-Specimens of Recent Fishes in the Institute of Taxonomic Zoology, Univ. of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1982. 30cm. Pp.173. Spiral bound paperback.

This Catalogue of the Type-Specimens of Recent Fishes in the Institute of Taxonomic Zoology aims to be complete to date and includes 714 nominal species or subspecies, and the published lecotype description for Sphoeroides meraukensis.
Price: 12.00 GBP
531 Nión, H; C. Ríos & P. Meneses Peces del Uruguay - Lista sistemática y nombres comunes
9974563186 New
2002. 26cm. Pp.105. Map. Paperback.

Peces del Uruguay - a checklist of the fishes of Uruguay with details of their systematics and nomenclature.

Deals with 670 species. Common names are given in Spanish and English, variations of the common names of the species are given for the neighbouring countries of Argentina and Brasil.

Includes a useful bibliography of regional publications. Spanish text.

Price: 32.00 GBP
532 Noakes, D.L.G ; A. Romero, Y. Zhao & Y. Zhou (editors) Chinese Fishes
9048134579 New
2009. 26cm. Pp.255. Hardbound.

Chinese Fishes documents the current state of research by Chinese scientists on fish biology and fisheries and brings together manuscripts by authors from research institutions, universities and government agencies.

There are papers on aquaculture, life history, genetics, marine and freshwater biology, conservation, physiology, new species descriptions, and truly amazing hypogean fishes.

There are papers dealing with some of the largest fishes and some of the smallest cave species. There are papers dealing with some of the most traditional forms of aquaculture and others with the most modern molecular techniques.

The volume includes papers on critically threatened native fishes as well as the most common food species, such as grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella). The information on rare and threatened species shows how China is dealing with their endangered fishes. The information on their carp species will be invaluable to those in other countries who will either take advantage of the productive carp species in aquaculture or try to manage them as invasive species outside China. For the first time we bring together a complete overview of the state of fisheries research in China.

Price: 126.50 GBP
533 Noakes, David L. G. & Jack A. Ward (editors) Ecology and Ethology of Fishes
906193821X Good ex-library
Proceedings of the 2nd biennial symposium on the ethology and behavioral ecology of fishes, held at Normal, Ill., U.S.A., October 19–22, 1979, published Junk, The Hague, 1981. 27cm. Pp.142. Text figures. Hardbound, good ex-library.

Price: 38.00 GBP
534 Noble, A. & P. Geetha The Indian Mackerel Rastelliger kanagurta (Cuvier), An Annotated Bibliography
1992. 25cm. Pp.126. Paperback.

The Indian Mackerel An Annotated Bibliography provides 578 references to the fish, fisheries and processing.

Price: 35.00 GBP
535 Nolf, D The Diversity of Fish Otoliths, Past and Present
9073242266 New
2013. 30cm. Pp.[ii], 581. 359 plates of photos and figures. 3 text figures, 2 tables, list of synonyms, bibliography, index of families and higher taxa. Hardbound.

Unique illustrated systematic catalogue of fish otoliths covering some 2000 fossil and recent fish species.

Presents a summary of over 1300 teleostean fossils with their geographic and stratigraphic origin, and an alphabetical list of all 1797 nominal otolith-based fossil fish species with assessments of their validity and nomenclature.

Price: 220.00 GBP
536 Nolf, D Dents de Requins et de Raies du Tertiaire de la Belgique
As new
1988. 25cm. Pp.184. 59 plates, 17 figures, species list, bibliography. Paperback.

Shark and Ray Teeth from the Tertiary of Belgium, French text.

Price: 35.00 GBP
537 Nollert, A. (editor) Verbreitung, Okologie und Schutz der Gelbbauchunke [Bombina variegata], Vol.1. Beitrage der internationalen Vortragstagung, Jena, November 1995. Vol.2. Bibliographie

1996. 2 vols. 21cm. Pp.325 (total). Numerous colour photos and illustrations. Paperback.

Price: 35.00 GBP
538 Norman, J. R A History of Fishes
Use, ex-library
Benn, first edn., 1931. 22cm. Pp.xv,463. 9 plates, 147 text figures. Original cloth, faded, backstrip worn at ends and edges, hinges intact, text block tight and in good condition.

A History of Fishes, the original issue, ex-libris Colin Smee, given to R.H. Lowe-McConnell in 1947, inscription on front endpaper.

Price: 50.00 GBP
539 Norris, S A Revision of the African Electric Catfishes, Family Malapteruridae (Teleostei, Siluriformes)
9075894449 New
2002. 30cm. Pp.155. Frontispiece (Malopterurus electricus, Boulenger), 78 figures, photos & maps, 14 tables, annotated bibliography. Paperback.

A Revision of the African Electric Catfishes delineates and diagnoses 2 genera, encompassing 19 species (14 new to science).

Price: 35.00 GBP
540 O'Connell, Sanjida Sugar. The Grass that Changed the World
1852270349 Clean secondhand
2004. 24cm. Pp.x, 246. Hardbound, jacket, signed by author.

The story of sugar is a story of life and death. As glucose it's the fuel that drives us. It also causes obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Sugar's rise in popularity led to the global spread of slavery, the destruction of indigenous cultures, the proliferation of colonial economies and the growth of multinationals. Sugar is a part of everyone's daily diet, lusted after and craved, at once a luxury and a necessity. It is produced in 121 countries worldwide and global production exceeds 120 million tonnes annually. We are literally drowning in sugar. In the last decade consumption in the West has increased by a third.

Sugar. The Grass that Changed the World, first edition, hardbound, signed copy, nice clear signature to title page.

Price: 53.00 GBP
541 OECD Multilingual Dictionary of Fish and Fish Products, Fifth Edition
1405157607 New
26cm. Pp.368. Hardbound.

The Multilingual Dictionary of Fish and Fish Products is a world standard guide to the names of fish and fish products traded internationally.

This fifth edition comprises 1187 items, with descriptions in English and French and the equivalents for the main headings in 18 other languages: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Croatian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Indexes are provided for each language, including an index of scientific names for species of fish, shellfish, etc. This is an essential reference for all those working in the arena of fisheries, aquaculture, seafood processing and the world trade in aquatic products. The information included is of great commercial use and importance.

Price: 125.00 GBP
542 Ogle, Derek R Introductory Fisheries Analyses with R
148223520X New
2015. 26cm. Pp.317. 76 photos. Hardbound.

Introductory Fisheries Analyses with R provides detailed instructions on performing basic fisheries stock assessment analyses in the R environment. Accessible to practicing fisheries scientists as well as advanced undergraduate and graduate students, the book demonstrates the flexibility and power of R, offers insight into the reproducibility of script-based analyses, and shows how the use of R leads to more efficient and productive work in fisheries science.

The first three chapters present a minimal introduction to the R environment that builds a foundation for the fisheries-specific analyses in the remainder of the book. These chapters help you become familiar with R for basic fisheries analyses and graphics.

Subsequent chapters focus on methods to analyze age comparisons, age-length keys, size structure, weight-length relationships, condition, abundance (from capture-recapture and depletion data), mortality rates, individual growth, and the stock-recruit relationship. The fundamental statistical methods of linear regression, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and nonlinear regression are demonstrated within the contexts of these common fisheries analyses. For each analysis, the author completely explains the R functions and provides sufficient background information so that you can confidently implement each method.

Additional Web Resource - the author’s website at includes the data files and R code for each chapter, enabling you to reproduce the results in the book as well as create your own scripts. The site also offers supplemental code for more advanced analyses and practice exercises for every chapter.

Price: 56.99 GBP
543 Oglesby, Arthur Fly Fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout
0946284873 Clean secondhand
Crowood, first edn., 1986. 24cm. Pp.311. Colour & BW photos, text figures. Hardbound, jacket, very good copy.

Fly Fishing for Salmon and Sea Trout is the first book to deal exclusively with the subject drawn from the author's forty years experience in Britain, Europe and North America.

Price: 15.00 GBP
544 Olsen, A.M Synopsis of the Biological Data on the School Shark, Galeorhinus australis (Macleay, 1881)
1984. 30cm. Pp.iv,42. 24 figs & maps, 19 tables. Paperback.

Synopsis of the Biological Data on the School Shark
Price: 6.00 GBP
545 Osse, Jan W. M. & Charles E. Hollingsworth (editors) The Threatened World of Fish
Clean secondhand
Proceedings of the seventh International Ichthyology Congress The Hague (The Netherlands), August 26-30, 1991. Ned. J. Zool., 1992. 24cm. Pp.129-524. Text figures. Softbound.

Presents 21 peer-reviews papers, a cross-section of most of the major fields of ichthyology.

Price: 44.00 GBP
546 Otal, Liliane Connaitre la Cuisine Marocaine
2879013356 Clean secondhand
Editions Sud Ouest, 1999. 26cm. Pp.64. Colour photos. Paperback.

Price: 35.00 GBP
547 Ozouf-Costaz, Catherine ; Eva Pisano, Fausto Foresti & Lurdes Foresti de Almeida Toledo (editors) Fish Cytogenetic Techniques: Ray-Fin Fishes and Chondrichthyans
148221198X New
2015. 26cm. Pp.216. 7 colour photo-plates, 20 figures. Hardbound.

Recent advances in fish cytogenetics have enhanced the interest in chromosome analysis in both fundamental (systematics and comparative genomics among fishes and other vertebrate groups) and applied (aquaculture, conservation and response to pollutants, whole genome sequencing of model fish species) research. Although the genomic material, the chromosomes, is basically the same in the various organisms, experience has clearly shown that fish chromosomes have to be handled with specific protocols.

In laboratories around the world, traditional cytogenetic techniques and molecular cytogenetics have seen a vast improvement but the technical details and protocols are often not published in scientific journals because of constraints in format and size and therefore they are not accessible to the whole scientific community. These shortcomings are very well known to fish cytogeneticists and the idea to prepare a specific manual was first discussed during the first "Workshop of Fish Cytogenetics" held in Concarneau (France), in 1992. Resulting from the above workshop, a draft compilation of the techniques and protocols in fish cytogenetics available at that time had been produced and distributed privately, but never published. There does not exist, at present, any published handbook or manual specifically dealing with fish cytogenetics.

This book fills this void by bringing together and updating the main techniques so that the traditional methods can be standardized. Moreover, this book includes novel developments or improvements; some of the protocols provided here are practically unknown to the scientific community and even now unpublished.

Price: 94.00 GBP
548 Padgett, George A Control of Canine Genetic Diseases
0876050046 New
1998. 26cm. Pp.[viii], 264. Text figures & tables. Hardbound.

In Control of Canine Genetic Diseases, renowned authority George A. Padgett, DVM, provides an expert road map to help dog breeders everywhere avoid the pitfalls they are almost destined to encounter. For anyone whose goal is to produce healthy, functional and beautiful dogs, this is the book they need. Dr. Padgett provides clear explanations of modes of inheritance, how to conduct and analyse test matings and how to lower the chances of producing affected puppies. Numerous tables, diagrams and graphs further enhance the text to facilitate the breeder's understanding.

Price: 17.99 GBP
549 Pandian, T. J Endocrine Sex Differentiation in Fish
1466575603 New
2013. 26cm. Pp.310. Hardbound.

Of all vertebrates, fish exhibit unparalleled diversity of sexual plasticity and flexibility, ranging from gonochorism to unisexualism, and exceptional patterns of functional hermaphroditism. Fish farming and monosex aquaculture have led to reproductive dysfunction with males producing less milt, and females failing to ovulate and spawn. Endocrine Sex Differentiation in Fish brings together relevant information on the role of the endocrine system on sexual differentiation in fish, and bridges the gap between molecular endocrinologists and fishery scientists.
Price: 49.99 GBP
550 Pandian, T. J Genetic Sex Differentiation in Fish
1578087996 New
2012. 28cm. Pp.220. Hardbound.

Genetic Sex Differentiation in Fish provides a comprehensive elucidation of the sex differentiation of gonochoric and hermaphroditic fishes, and examines sex chromosomes and sex determining genes, sex differentiation genes and steroid receptor genes, stem cells and germ cells. It emphasizes the need to search for more than one sex determining gene residing on different chromosomes, traces the origin of hermaphrodites from secondary gonochores, and explains the conservation of homologous sex differentiation and steroid receptor genes among gonochores and hermaphrodites.

The author highlights that the changes in the phenotypic morphotypes among gonochores are intrasexual but intersexual among hermaphrodites and identifies the optimal broodstock size, the appropriate candidate species for bait and food fishes and recognizes that the fishes do undergo menopause and reproductive senescence, which has an implication on the production of stem cells. He shows that the analysis of steriles and mutants has demonstrated the value of fishes as a system for genetic dissection of human development and diseases.

Price: 65.99 GBP
551 Panfili, J and others (editors) Manual of Fish Sclerochronology
2709914905 New
24cm. Pp.464. Numerous illustrations. Softbound with interactive DVD.

Sclerochronology, the study of calcified structures to reconstruct the past history of living organisms, is central to fish biology and fisheries management. Manual of Fish Sclerochronology aims to provide an overview of the current theoretical and practical aspects of sclerochronological studies. By providing information on the nature of calcified structures (otoliths, scales, skeleton), their uses in fish research and methods for preparation and examination, the manual constitutes a comprehensive guide for researchers, technicians and students either new to the field or interested in expanding their range of expertise. English language edition.

Price: 125.00 GBP
552 Paperna, I Monogenea of Inland Water Fish in Africa
Clean secondhand
1979. 25cm. Pp.viii,230. 48 plates, 43 tables, 2 maps. Paperback.

Price: 53.00 GBP
553 Parker, R. H The Durban Snake Park Guide
Clean secondhand
Fitzsimons Snake Park (Pty) Ltd., Durban, original issue, no date [c.1971]. 19cm. Pp.[i], 45. Colour photo cover, 8 original colour photos pasted in, 7 printed colour photos, 20 in BW, 4 figures. Printed stapled softcover, staples rusted, split at tail of spine but a good copy clean with no markings.

Guide to the Park, its venomous and harmless snakes, with notes on venom extraction and snake bite. Also the covers the crocodilians, monitor and other lizards, and freshwater turtles.

Over half of the colour illustrations are original colour photos cut to size and pasted in. The print run must have been very small.

Price: 125.00 GBP
554 Passmore, N.I. & V.C. Carruthers South African Frogs

1979. 28cm. Pp.xviii,270. Colour & BW photos & maps, record of frog calls. Cloth, nice fine copy in slightly scuffed dustjacket, signed by both authors.

Last one.

Price: 45.00 GBP
555 Patterson, D.A. & M. Patterson Freshwater Fish of the Northeast
1584658193 New
2010. 26cm. Pp.144. 62 colour plates. Paperback.

Freshwater Fish of the Northeast is an illustrated guide to more than 60 freshwater fish from the ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams of New England and New York. Most anglers and locals are well aware of the most popular game fish that inhabit the waters of the Northeast, including the largemouth bass, the rainbow trout, and the yellow perch. But the habitats of New England and New York's inland waters boast a much broader array of fish than first meets the eye or hook. In "Freshwater Fish of the Northeast", the father-and-son team of David A. Patterson and Matt Patterson have fished the waters of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and, New York to catch and illustrate more than 60 of the region's most popular (or sometimes obscure) fish, from game fish to bait fish, and those in between.

This helpful guide includes detailed information on each species, describing their habits and habitats, behaviors, history, and lore. The Pattersons organize the book by fish family, including sunfish and bass (Centrarchidae), perch and darters (Percidae), salmon and trout (Salmonidae), bullhead and catfish (Ictaluridae), and many others. Each species is rendered in lifelike detail in pencil and acrylic paint, with close attention given to each fish's unique physical characteristics. Most of the illustrations are based on the authors' own live catches, in order to best capture the colours and traits of these fish in their native waters.

Price: 24.00 GBP
556 Patzner, Robert A., Emanuel J. Gonçalves & Philip A. Hastings (editors) The Biology of Blennies
1578084393 New
2009. 28cm. Pp.494. Hardbound.

The Biology of Blennies covers systematics, biogeography, feeding, reproduction and development, ecology and behaviour with a list of the valid species. With nearly 900 species, blennies are important members of most coastal marine communities.

Contents - Section 1. Systematics : Systematics of the Blennioidei and the Included Families Dactyloscopidae, Chaenopidae, Clinidae and Labrisomidae; Systematics of the Tripterygiidae (Triplefins); Systematics of the Blenniidae (Combtooth Blennies). Section 2. Biogeography : Biogeography of New World Blennies; Blennies in Temperate Seas. Section 3. Feeding and Sensory Systems : Diversity in the Diet and Feeding Habits of Blennies; Dentition and Taste Buds in Blennies; Nasal Olfactory Organs and Olfactory Bulbs in Blennies. Section 4. Reproduction and Development : Reproductive Organs in Blennies; Sexual Selection in Blennies; Alternative Reproductive Tactics in Blennies; Larval Development in Blennies. Section 5. Ecology and Behaviour : Communication in Blennies; Interspecific Relationships in Blennies; Patterns of Microhabitat Utilisation in Blennies. Section 6. Species of Blennies : List of Valid Species of Blennies

Price: 113.00 GBP
557 Patzner, Robert; James L. Van Tassell, Marcelo Kovacic & B. G. Kapoor The Biology of Gobies
1578084369 New
2011. 28cm. Pp.650. Hardbound.

Among all vertebrates, gobies are second in diversity only to the teleost family Cyprinidae. The Gobiidae consists of more than 200 genera and nearly 2,000 species and make up the largest family of marine fishes.

Gobies account for as much as 50% of the energy flow in coral reef communities. Their small size, ability to adapt to numerous ecological niches and to be bred in aquaria has led to numerous studies both in the field and laboratory. Gobies are found from above the high tide line to depths of over 1,100 m. Some species are found only within caves, others deep inside sponges, and some others climb waterfalls to return to their native streams. They vary reproductively from gonochoric to hermaphrodite, monogamy to polygyny and promiscuity, some have short life spans and reproduce only once while others have longer life spans reproducing one or more times per year.

The Biology of Gobies written by over 30 experts from 15 countries summarizes what is known about the systematics, ecology, zoogeography, and general biology of the Gobiiformes. This foundation will provide the basic information necessary for future studies.

Price: 122.00 GBP
558 Paugy, D., C. Leveque & G. G. Teugels The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa. Poissons d'eaux Douces et Saumatres de l'Afrique de l'Ouest
9075894597 New
Second edition, revised & updated. 2004. 2 volumes & CD-ROM. 26cm. Pp.1274. 24 pages of colour photos, numerous illustrations and distribution maps for freshwater species. Softbound.

The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa is the standard reference covering the area from the Senegal river basin in the north-west to the Chad basin in the north-east and the Cross River in the south, includes the majority of the Sahelo-Sudan basins, except for the Nile, and the western Guinea area covering the Atlantic coastal basins from Guinea to western Ivory Coast.

The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa / Poissons d'eaux Douces et Saumatres de l'Afrique de l'Ouest is a quality identification guide to 584 species in 192 genera, particular reference to iconography. Text is in both English and French.

Price: 79.95 GBP
559 Paugy, D., C. Leveque & O. Otero (editors) The Inland Water Fishes of Africa. Diversity, Ecology and Human Use
9789492669100 New
2017. 26cm. Pp.678. Photos, figures, maps. Softbound.

Summarizes the current state of knowledge on African fishes and their populations, highlighting the mechanisms regulating their equilibrium and the causes contributing to their erosion.

Covers the diversity of environments, the origin and evolution of species, survival and adaptive strategies, the structure of fish communities, and the impact of human activity. It also devotes a section to fisheries and fish culture.

It is a reference not just for readers involved in African aquatic environments, but for anyone interested in biodiversity conservation in general.

Price: 58.50 GBP
560 Paugy, D., M. Stiassny and others The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa - with - The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of Lower Guinea, West-Central Africa
9075894597 New
2004-2008. 4 volumes. 26cm. Pp.2074. Colour photos, numerous text figures & maps, keys to species. Softbound.

Set comprising 'The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of West Africa / Poissons d'eaux Douces et Saumatres de l'Afrique de l'Ouest', second edition (revised & updated) together with 'The Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes of Lower Guinea, West-Central Africa / Poissons d’eaux douces et saumâtres de Basse Guinée, ouest de l’Afrique centrale', complete in 4 volumes. Text in both English and French.

Price: 150.00 GBP
561 Pavlidis, Michalis & Constantinos Mylonas (editors) Sparidae: Biology and Aquaculture of Gilthead Sea Bream and Other Species
1405197722 New
2011. 26cm. Pp.352. Hardbound.

The Sparidae, commonly known as breams and porgies, is a family of fishes of the order Perciformes, and includes about 115 species of mainly marine coastal fish of high economic value, exploited and farmed for human consumption, as well as for recreational purposes.

Sparidae: Biology and Aquaculture of Gilthead Sea Bream and Other Species brings together a huge wealth of information on the biology and culture of gilthead sea bream and other Sparidae species. Commencing with an overview of the current status of aquaculture of Sparidae, the book continues with comprehensive coverage of the family’s phylogeny, evolution and taxonomy, stress and welfare issues, and reproduction and broodstock management. Further chapters include coverage of early development and metabolism, production systems, nutrition, quality, and health management. A final cutting-edge chapter looks at genomic-proteomic research in Sparidae and its application to genetic improvement.

Price: 151.00 GBP
562 Pecl, Karl Fishes of Lakes and Rivers
1854228447 Sold
(Aventium, Praha, 1990), English edition, Magna Books, 1995. 23cm. Pp.223. Hundreds of fine plain & coloured figures by Jiri Maly & Kvetoslav Hisek. Hardbound.

Easily the best illustrated of the budget field guides dealing with 157 species of fresh and brackish water fish and lamprey species from Europe.


Price: 0.00 GBP
563 Perschbacher, Peter W. & Robert R. Stickney (editors) Tilapia in Intensive Co-culture
1118970667 New
2017. 26cm. Pp.368. Colour photos, figures. Hardbound.

Intensive tilapia co-culture is the commercial production of various species of tilapia in conjunction with one or more other marketable species. Tilapia are attractive as a co-cultured fish because of their potential to improve water quality, especially in penaeid shrimp ponds, by consuming plankton and detritus and by altering pathogenic bacterial populations while increasing marketable production.

Following introductory chapters covering ecological aspects of co-culture, tilapia feeding habits, historical use, and new models, Tilapia in Intensive Co-Culture is divided into co-culture in freshwater and marine environments. Co-culture core information is presented on Vibrio control, high-rate aquaculture processes, aquaponics, tilapia nutrient profile, and tilapia niche economics and marketing in the U.S, and with carp, catfish, freshwater and marine shrimp in the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia.

Tilapia in Intensive Co-Culture will be of great use and interest to researchers, producers, investors and policy makers considering tilapia co-culture in terms of environmental and economic sustainability.

Price: 130.00 GBP
564 Petzold, H-G Aufgaben und Probleme bei der Erforschung der Lebensausserungen der Niederen Amnioten (Reptilien)

1984. 24cm. Pp.310. Bibliography. Paperback.

Aufgaben und Probleme bei der Erforschung der Lebensausserungen der Niederen Amnioten, the original German edition, one (1) copy only

Price: 26.00 GBP
565 Pfeil, Joachim Graf von Studien und Beobachtungen aus der Südsee
Friedrich Vieweg und Sohn, Braunschweig, first edn., 1899. 26cm. Pp.xiii,322. 22 photo-plates. Original illustrated cloth, backstrip slightly worn, very occasional foxing, contents otherwise fine.

Studien und Beobachtungen aus der Südsee is the first complete ethnographic report of New Mecklenburg and Kerawara in the Melanesian Islands, Bismark Archipelago. A fine original copy. Bookplate of and ex-libris A. von Hansemann. German text.

Price: 1200.00 GBP
566 Pickering, A. D. (editor) Stress and Fish
0125545509 Good ex-library
Academic Press, 1981. 24cm. Pp.xiv, 367. Text figures. Hardbound, good ex-library.

Wide ranging symposium proceedings presenting original research in the context of a detailed review of the existing information with particular reference to the endocrinological/physiological responses of fish to stress and the problems of stress associated with intensive fish aquaculture.

Price: 35.00 GBP
567 Pierce, Rodney B Northern Pike, Ecology, Conservation, and Management History
0816679541 New
2012. 26cm. Pp.260. Colour photos, map, bibliography. Hardbound.

Northern Pike is the most complete collection of information to date on the species, for everyone from scientists and conservation biologists to general readers and recreational anglers, synthesizing the long history of northern pike management and describing recent efforts to better understand and manage this species.

Price: 34.00 GBP
568 Pietsch, Constanze & Philipp Hirsch Biology and Ecology of Carp
1482206641 New
2015. 28cm. Pp.400. 24 colour plates, 66 figures. Hardbound.

Carp are the backbone of a growing aquaculture industry. Ornamental koi carp fascinate hobby breeders. Carp allow for scientific progress as a model species in laboratories, concern ecosystem managers as an invasive species, and mesmerize anglers as big game. This book covers all these facets of carp.

Informative and engaging contributions from experts renowned in their fields present original results and review the current state of research on carp. Thirteen cross-linked chapters provide an easily accessible and exhaustive treatise of carp aquaculture, natural and artificial reproduction, feeding and growth, ecosystem effects of carp, and effects of disease agents and toxic substances on carp. Colour illustrations and infoboxes help the reader navigate technical terms and complex concepts, explaining how carp interact with their natural or artificial environments.

This book is suitable for everyone interested in carp—from scholars to anglers.

Price: 97.00 GBP
569 Pietsch, Theodore W Oceanic Anglerfishes, Extraordinary Diversity in the Deep Sea
0520255429 New
2009. 28cm. Pp.576. 69 colour illustrations, 15 BW photographs, 226 line illustrations, 20 tables. Hardbound.

Oceanic Anglerfishes is a comprehensive summary of all that is known about anglerfishes - morphology, diversity, evolution, geographic distribution, bioluminescence, and reproduction.

Describes in great detail the 11 families, 35 genera, and 160 known species of deep-sea anglerfishes.

Price: 74.95 GBP
570 Pillai, P.P. & B. Parakal Pelagic Sharks of the Indian Seas - Their Exploitation, Trade, Management and Conservation
2000. 25cm. Pp.95. 1 photo, 68 figures, 4 tables. Paperback.

Pelagic Sharks of the Indian Seas covers the taxonomy, with biological notes, of the pelagic sharks of Indian seas, their status in the Exclusive Economic Zone, artisan, mechanised and exploratory fishing, trade in sharks and shark products, their management and conservation and a useful regional bibliography.

Price: 35.00 GBP
571 Pinder, A. C Keys to Larvae and Juvenile Stages of Coarse Fishes from Fresh Waters in the British Isles
0900386673 New
2001. 25cm. Pp.136. Colour photos, figures. Paperback.

Keys to Larvae and Juvenile Stages of Coarse Fishes provides a series of keys to the early stages of 'coarse fishes' i.e. non-game fishes, that occur in British fresh waters.

During the first month of free existence, these fishes develop through a number of stages that are difficult for aquatic biologists (and most ichthyologists) to recognise. This difficulty in distinguishing one species from another has led to considerable neglect of these early stages and their impact on the surrounding biota as predators, competitors and prey. Until recently, studies on recruitment in these early stages were also few and far between. This series of keys provides a most necessary tool to assist such studies.

Keys to Larvae and Juvenile Stages of Coarse Fishes comprises keys to five developmental stages of coarse fish : free embryos, young larvae, intermediate larvae, older larvae and young juveniles. Clearly illustrated with line-drawings and colour photographs, it also includes notes on the collection, preparation and preservation of material.

Price: 31.99 GBP
572 Pisano, E; C. Ozouf-Costaz & F. Foresti (editors) Fish Cytogenetics
1578083303 New
2007. 26cm. Pp.510. Hardbound.

Fish Cytogenetics covers the major fields of current fish cytogenetic research presenting 18 contributions in systematics and evolution, biodiversity conservation, stock assessment and aquaculture, and genomics.

Price: 95.00 GBP
573 Pitcher, Tony J. (editor) Behaviour of Teleost Fishes, Second edition
0412429403 Used
1992. 24cm. Pp.vii-xx [lacks pp.i-vi : being the half-title, title, and table of contents for chapters 1 - 6], 715. Text figures. Softbound.

Good copy lacking only a few preliminary pages, published price about GBP178.00.

This book is about the behaviour of teleosts, a well-defined, highly successful taxonomic group of vertebrate animals sharing a common body plan and forming the vast majority of living bony fishes. There are over 22000 living species of teleosts, including nearly all the fish of importance in commercial fisheries and aquaculture. Teleosts are represented in just about every conceivable aquatic environment from temporary desert pools to the deep ocean, from soda lakes to sub-zero Antarctic waters. Behaviour forms the primary interface between these effective survival machines and their environ­ ment; behavioural plasticity is the key to the success of the teleost fishes. In the decade before the publication of the first edition of this book (1986) the study of animal behaviour underwent revolutionary changes under the dual impact of the new fields of behavioural ecology and sociobiology. Quantitative, experimentally-verifiable hypotheses about why individual animals behave were formulated for the first time and met with considerable success. Much of the early work in these new fields concentrated on birds and mammals, but material presented in the first edition of this book helped to demonstrate that fish behaviour is not just a simplified version of that seen in birds and mammals. but obeys the same ecological and evolutionary rules. In the five years since the first edition. much of the early theory has matured: optimal solutions to the problems of feeding and mating require subtle trade-offs of energy balance.

Price: 35.00 GBP
574 Ploeg, Alex ; Gerald Bassleer & Roberto Hensen Biosecurity in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry
9075352786 New
2009. 26cm. Pp.148. Paperback.

Biosecurity in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry discusses the characteristics of disease causing agents and biosecurity risk in all stages of the industry, possible approaches per type of operator are outlined.

Price: 26.00 GBP
575 Ploeg, Alex ; Svein A. Fosså, Gerald M.O. Bassleer, Shane Willis & Lim Lian Chuan International Transport of Live Fish in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry, updated and expanded edition
9789491354052 New
2012. 26cm. Pp.159. Paperback.

International Transport of Live Fish in the Ornamental Aquatic Industry ; this highly successful book is updated and expanded with additional chapters on Invasive Alien Species, Biosecurity and a template for creating Fish Health Certificates.

All aspects of transporting ornamental fish are discussed including legislation, preparation for shipment, mortalities due to transport and treatment on arrival.

Price: 26.00 GBP
576 Plumb, G ; S. Olsen & G. Pappas (editors) Brucellosis : Recent Developments in Diagnosis and Epidemiology Towards 'One Health'
9290449195 New
2013. 30cm. Pp.295. Softbound.

'Brucellosis : Recent Developments in Diagnosis and Epidemiology' presents a comprehensive overview of the state of knowledge of the ecology of brucellosis, a clearer understanding of the current situation and a summary of the outlook for the future, so as to allow the disease to be neglected no longer, or at least to be recognised as neglected.

The study of zoonotic brucellosis served as a basis for some of the great early advances in epidemiology, yet the disease remains the most common chronic bacterial infection in the world. It continues to cause important medical, veterinary, socioeconomic and conservation problems, mainly because its overall burden remains underestimated and often neglected.

Brucellosis manifests anywhere and knows no borders, moving liberally amongst humans, livestock, and terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. There is a need, therefore, for critical deliberation of its epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and prevention and management.

In responding to this need, the global scientific and technical community has recently made several advances : it has increased our understanding of molecular determinants and cell internalisation mechanisms; improved molecular characterisation techniques (leading to a better understanding of evolution, host specificity, and pathogenicity); developed more accurate multivariate empirical models of disease transmission and persistence probabilities; made progress in the integration of spatial epidemiology techniques; designed and implemented long-term adaptive risk management systems; developed new approaches to applying ecological principles to wildlife brucellosis in large landscape-scale environments; made innovative advances in vaccinology; and gained insights into emergent strains and novel hosts. Yet, despite these notable advances, there remain important challenges in the areas of risk assessment and management, the adoption of sustainable control interventions, and capacity building for improved epidemiological and economic decision-making.

In line with the emergence of the information age, exciting advances in brucellosis are being witnessed through the increasing global integration of brucellosis science and management communities. Indeed, one of the purposes of this issue of the OIE Scientific and Technical Review is to further encourage enterprising outreach amongst the human, wildlife, and livestock brucellosis communities, and thus deliberately nurture this continuing integration towards a One Health approach involving disease prevention and control programmes at the animal source.

As H.V. Wyatt observed, ‘History may repeat as farce, but diseases recur with historical memories.’

Contents :

•Lessons from the history of brucellosis
•Brucellosis in terrestrial wildlife
•Epidemiology of brucellosis in domestic animals caused by Brucella melitensis, Brucella suis and Brucella abortus
•Persistence of brucellosis in pastoral systems
•Risks of Brucella abortus spillover in the Greater Yellowstone Area
•An ecological perspective on Brucella abortus in the western United States
•Wildlife reservoirs of brucellosis: Brucella in aquatic environments
•Pathogenesis and pathobiology of brucellosis in livestock

Price: 57.50 GBP
577 Plumb, J. A. & L.A. Hanson Health Maintenance and Principal Microbial Diseases of Cultured Fishes, 3rd Edition
0813816939 New
2010. 28cm. Pp.400. Hardbound

Health Maintenance and Principal Microbial Diseases of Cultured Fishes is divided into sections on health maintenance, viral diseases, and bacterial diseases, and covers a wide variety of commercially important species, including catfish, salmon, trout, sturgeon, and tilapia.

Fully revised and updated, this book is a valuable resource for professionals and students in the areas of aquaculture, aquatic health maintenance, pathobiology, and aquatic farm management.

Presents a major revision of the valuable fish health maintenance section and covers new pathogens and advances in the field, illustrates methods for maintaining fish health through management of disease and offers sections on health maintenance, viral diseases, and bacterial diseases covering a wide variety of fish species.

Price: 147.00 GBP
578 Plumstead, Edna P. Fossil Floras of Antarctica
Clean secondhand
Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955-1958. Scientific Reports No.9. Geology. 1962. 30cm. Pp.154. 28 photo-plates, a few maps, folding tables. Wrappers, backstrip worn, good copy.

Fossil Floras of Antarctica, inscribed by the author to Richard Rose.
Price: 40.00 GBP
579 Poll, Max Faune de Belgique - Poissons Marins
Clean secondhand
1947. 26cm. Pp.(ii),452. 2 large folding plates of silhouettes, 267 figures, folding map. Original wrappers.

Faune de Belgique Poissons Marins, Fauna of Belgium marine fishes, French text, fine clean copy.

Price: 38.00 GBP
580 Poll, Max Révision des Synodontis Africains (famille Mochocidae)
1971. 26cm. Pp.iv, 497. 13 plates, 219 text figures & maps. Softbound.

Valuable analysis of the catfishes of Africa, each finely illustrated with several drawings and a distribution map. French text.

Price: 80.00 GBP
581 Potts, G.W. & R.J. Wootton (editors) Fish Reproduction, Strategies and Tactics
0125636601 Clean secondhand
Academic Press, 1984. 24cm. Pp.xiv,410. Photos, figures, tables. Hardbound, jacket, clean secondhand.

Fish Reproduction, Strategies and Tactics presents a series of articles covering aspects of theoretical modelling, ecology, behaviour and experimental laboratory studies and deals with some of the more commercially important aspects of fish reproduction with respect to aquaculture and fisheries biology. Special reference is given to the adaptive significance of reproductive patterns observed in teleost fishes.

Price: 195.00 GBP
582 Pratchett, Morgan S : Michael L. Berumen & B. G. Kapoor (editors) Biology of Butterfly Fishes
1466582898 New
2013. 28cm. Pp.320. Colour photos. Hardbound.

Butterflyfishes (family Chaetodontidae) are a highly conspicuous component of fish fauna on coral reefs throughout the world. In light of their strong dependence on coral, they are often regarded as the epitome of coral reef fishes.

Biology of Butterfly Fishes examines the ecology and conservation of coral reef butterflyfishes. It provides important insights on their evolution and key events and adaptations that have led to their proliferation within coral reef ecosystems.

Key to the longevity of butterflyfishes is the evolution of coral-feeding—a central focus of the ecological chapters in this volume. The book also highlights key threats and challenges related to the conservation of butterflyfishes and ends with an overview of current and future research directions.

Price: 82.00 GBP
583 Prochazka, K. & C.L. Griffiths Cancelloxus longior, A New Species of Xenopoclinin Fish (Perciformes: Clinidae) from South Africa

1991. 21cm. Pp.6. 4 figures. Wrappers.
Price: 4.00 GBP
584 Proctor, William Biological Survey of the Mount Desert Region. Part 2. Fishes. A Contribution to the Life-History of the Angler (Lophius piscatorius)
Clean secondhand
Wistar Institute, Philadelphia, 1928. 26cm. Pp.30. 5 heliotype plates of developmental stages, 3 maps. Original printed wrappers, library stamp, signed with author's compliments.

Price: 35.00 GBP
585 Prokofiev A.M. & E.I. Kukuev Systematics and Distribution of the Swallowerfishes of the genus Pseudoscopelus (Chiasmodontidae)
5873174474 New
2007. 26cm. Pp.162. 200 photos, figures & maps, 8 tables, revised key to species. Hardbound.

Pseudoscopelus is a genus of deep-sea fishes in the order Perciformes.

Systematics and Distribution of the Swallowerfishes recognoses 13 valid species, 2 new.

Price: 76.99 GBP
586 Punpoka, S A Review of the Flatfishes of the Gulf of Thailand and its Tributaries in Thailand
Clean secondhand
1964. 26cm. Pp.iv,86. 22 photos, key to species. Wrappers.

A Review of the Flatfishes of the Gulf of Thailand, clean secondhand copy

Price: 35.00 GBP
587 Rahman, A. K. M. Ataur Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh, Second edition
984322180 Sold out
2006. 28cm. Pp.400. Colour photos, figures. Hardbound.

This second edition of Freshwater Fishes of Bangladesh provides updated descriptions, identification keys and illustrations of all 265 species including their current status, nomenclature and availability.

This edition incorporates pictures and figures of all the recorded species including coloured photographs of most. Supplemented by a comprehensive reference list and scientific index, the book offers additional short accounts on the physical features of the land, climate, fish habitats, and an historical perspective of the exotic species introduced in the country.

Out of print

Price: 0.00 GBP
588 Rainboth, W. J Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong
9251037434 New
1996. 26cm. Pp.265. 216 colour photos. Binding : ebook.

Fishes of the Cambodian Mekong includes approximately 500 species of present or potential interest to, or likely to be encountered in, fisheries in the Cambodian Mekong. This covers all species historically recorded from Cambodian reaches of the Mekong as well as numerous new records by the author. It also includes species expected to occur in Cambodia which have been recorded from, or found by the author, in Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. An overview is given on the factors that have contributed to the diversity of the Mekong along with a basic introduction to taxonomy. A section on technical terms and measurements illustrates the characters used for the identification. As an aid to identification to higher taxonomic levels, an illustrated guide to orders and families is included. The species accounts provide information on synonyms and misidentifications, English names, Cambodian names (in Cambodian script), sizes, diagnostic features, one or more illustrations, and notes on fisheries, distribution, habitat and biology. The guide is fully indexed and a list of further literature is appended. Finally, 216 colour photographs of fishes of the Cambodian Mekong are presented. ebook, 51.1MB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.

Price: 21.00 GBP
589 Ramaswami, L.S. & A.D. Hasler Hormones and Secondary Sex Characteristics in the Minnow, Hyborhynchus

Reprinted for private circulation from Physiol. Zool. Vol.28. 1955. 25cm. Pp.7. 2 tables. Wrappers.
Price: 4.00 GBP
590 Randall, John E Shore Fishes of Hawai'i, New Edition
0824834275 New
2010. 25cm. Pp.232. 475 colour photos. Paperback.

First published in 1996, this new edition of "Shore Fishes of Hawai'i" updates our knowledge of Hawaiian fishes and has been expanded to include 372 species. The most important characteristics to identify a fish are given as well as the size attained and its distribution. Each species account begins with the common name, followed by the Hawaiian name (when known), and the scientific name. Because it is necessary to use some scientific terminology when giving the principal diagnostic characteristics of families or species of fishes and what they eat, a handy glossary appears at the back of the book.

Price: 22.95 GBP
591 Randall, John E Reef and Shore Fishes of the South Pacific: New Caledonia to Tahiti and the Pitcairn Islands
0824826981 New
2004. 30cm. Pp.720. 2018 colour photos. Hardbound.

The South Pacific has long been in need of a comprehensive guide to reef and shore fishes. Reef and Shore Fishes of the South Pacific covers the inshore fish fauna of New Caledonia, the Loyalty Islands, the southern Gilbert Islands (Kiribati), Tuvalu, Fiji, the Wallis Islands, Tonga, Samoa, American Samoa, the Tokelau Islands, the Phoenix Islands, the Cook Islands, the Austral Islands, Rapa, the Society Islands, the Tuamoto Archipelago, the Marquesas Islands, and the Pitcairn Islands.

It contains accounts of nearly 1,500 species of fishes, illustrated with more than 2,000 colour photographs, taken mostly underwater, (a few drab species are illustrated by only black and white photographs or drawings). Species accounts are headed by the English common name, the scientific name, the author or authors who described the fish, and the date of the description. This is followed by a concise list of the characteristics needed to identify the species, the total length it attains, its distribution, habitat, and in summary form what may be known of its biology. More than 600 references are given for those seeking more information on individual species. The introduction contains a two-page colour spread of the main external features of fishes. An extensive glossary of scientific terms precedes the index.

Price: 85.00 GBP
592 Randall, John E & Alfredo Cea Shore Fishes of Easter Island
0824835646 New
2011. 26cm. Pp.176. Colour photos. Hardbound.

The total number of Easter Island shore fishes known to a depth of 200 metres is only 139 species. However, an astounding 21.7 percent are known only from the island, second only to the Hawaiian Islands in the percentage of endemic fishes. Forty-four new species of fishes have been described, of which 25 are in scientific papers by Randall or by Randall and coauthors. Shore Fishes of Easter Island puts all of these fishes in one beautifully illustrated book.

Price: 38.50 GBP
593 Rataj, Karel A New Revision of the Swordplant Genus Echinodorus Richard 1848 (Alismataceae)
2004. 26cm. Pp.142. 250 photos & figures. Paperback.

New Revision of the Swordplant Genus Echinodorus deals with the taxonomy of 62 species (4 new), 2 subspecies, 2 varieties, and 2 new combinations. 54 species, subspecies, and varieties are cultivated by the author and the diagnoses have been corrected with reference to living plants. Cultivated species are briefly characterised as aquarium or terrarium plants.
Price: 33.95 GBP
594 Redhead, J Utilization of Tropical Foods: Animal Products
9251028788 Clean secondhand
FAO. 1990. 21cm. Pp.49. Illustr. Paperback, stamp to upper cover & title, out of print.

Price: 125.00 GBP
595 Reejhsinghani, A Delicious Goan Dishes
Clean secondhand
Ganesh Sahai, Bombay, for Aroona Publishing House, first edition, first impression, 1979. 18cm. Pp.135. Softbound.

Price: 17.00 GBP
596 Reif, W.-E Squamation and Ecology of Sharks
3510611837 New
1985. 28cm. Pp.255. 74 plates, 24 text figures. Wrappers.

Squamation and Ecology of Sharks is a detailed monograph on the placoid scales of living sharks and their functional significance.

Price: 45.00 GBP
597 Reilly, Robin Wedgwood
0333346491 Clean secondhand, fine copy in slipcase
Macmillan / Stockton Press, first (only) edition, 1989. 2 volumes. 28cm. Pp.727 ; 823. Volume I with 1039 BW & 189 colour plates. Volume II with 1248 BW & 113 colour plates. Hardbound, two colour cloth, gilt titles, silk markers. Fine set in slipcase.

Standard work on Wedgwood, Volume I pictured.

Price: 150.00 GBP
598 Reizer, C Revision Systematique et Raciation des Mormyrus de l'Afrique Centrale

1964. 26cm. Pp.(vi),60. 6 plates, 2 text figures, 4 maps, 13 tables (2 large folding). Paperback.

Useful scientific account of the mormyrid fishes of central Africa, French text.
Price: 12.00 GBP
599 Renaud, C.B Lampreys of the World. An annotated and illustrated catalogue of lamprey species known to date
925106928X New
2011. 30cm. Pp.116. Paperback.

Lampreys of the World provides an account for each of the 39 species. Each species account gives information on the taxonomy including synonyms, common names, diagnostic features of ammocoetes and adults, habitat and biology, geographic distribution, interest to fisheries and references.

Lampreys are widely distributed in the northern and southern hemispheres, but virtually absent in the intervening tropical zones.

Price: 22.50 GBP
600 Reynaud, Emmanuel G Imaging Marine Life: Macrophotography and Microscopy Approaches for Marine Biology
3527327444 New
2013. 24cm. Pp.280. Colour photos & figures. Hardbound.

Written by an international team of experts from the Tara Oceans Marine Biology Imaging Platform (TAOMI), this is the first and only compendium on marine imaging technologies, and includes all known underwater as well as on-land techniques.

TAOMI is imaging the largest collection of marine organisms in recent history, ranging from viruses to corals, and is duplicated on land to perform high throughput confocal analysis of plankton, X-ray tomography as well as cryo-electron microscopy. This unique platform combines underwater imaging with cytometry, stereomicroscopy, fluorescence microscopy and 3D microscopy, all of which are covered in this practical book, along with remote sensing, MRI, and optical projection tomography.

The definitive resource for every marine biologist who is planning to image marine species, whether underwater or on land.

Price: 70.00 GBP
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