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801 Vollestad, L.A. Age Determination of Anguilla anguilla (L.) and Related Species. - with - Marking and Tagging Methods Applied to Eel, Anguilla anguilla (L.).

1998. 2 vols in 1. 30cm. Pp.(iii),iii,27; [iv], 24. 4 figures, 1 table. Paperback.
Price: 12.00 GBP
802 von Ammon, Ludwig Schildkroten aus dem Regensburger Braunkohlenton
1911. 26cm. Pp.35. 4 plates, 1 double page photographic figure, 8 photos, figures & maps in the text. Original wrappers.

Schildkroten aus dem Regensburger Braunkohlenton describes and illustrates the fossil turtle finds of the region, German text.

Price: 45.00 GBP
803 Voskoboinikova, Ol'ga Stepanovna Rannie stadii razvitiia ryb severnoi chasti Okhotskogo moria / Ранние стадии развития рыб северной части Охотского моря / Early Stages of Fishes from the Northern Okhotsk Sea
5980920323 New
2012. 26cm. Pp.112. Figures, keys. Paperback.

Early Stages of Fishes from the Northern Okhotsk Sea, text in Russian, Latin nomenclature.

Price: 52.99 GBP
804 Waddington, Peter Koi Kichi
0952638118 New
Privately published by the author, first edition, first issue, 1995. 30cm. Pp.269. Hundreds of colour photos. Hardbound, slipcase.

New hardbound copy, signed by author, very slight age related shelf wear to slipcase, an immaculate copy.

Presents the history of the development and breeding of nishikigoi, unusually-coloured carp (or koi), and the spread of the activity throughout the world, with information on keeping koi. Everything a person wants to know about Koi Kichi, from varieties to creating a pool, to feeding, care and maintenance and simply enjoying.

This is the standard edition of ‘Koi Kichi’, hardback complete with slipcase and the original copies were sold out by 1999.

Price: 135.00 GBP
805 Wade, E. O. Z New Reconstructive Methods in Scientific Illustration with Reference to Systematic Herpetology

Thesis by published work submitted for the degree of D.Phil, Middlesex University, 2008. 30cm. Pp.116. 3 colour photo-plates, 40 figures & maps (some colour), 8 tables, bibliography, gazeteer. Hardbound.

Particular reference to the snakes of north Africa, especially Algeria and across the Sahara into tropical Africa. Nicely printed and laminated bound copy.

Price: 26.00 GBP
806 Wager, V. A The Frogs of South Africa

1965. 25cm. Pp.[vi],242. 80 colour & 100 BW photos, tadpole diagram for each of 101 species. Hardbound.

Price: 9.00 GBP
807 Waksman, S. A. & H. A. Lechevalier Guide to the Classification of Actinomycetes and their Antibiotics
Clean secondhand
Williams & Wilkins, first edn., 1953. 24cm. Pp.[ix],246. Original cloth

J.Nash-Wortham's mushroom bookplate to front paste down, very good copy.
Price: 20.00 GBP
808 Walker, H (editor) Food and The Memory
1903018161 New
Proc. Oxford Symp. Food, Cookery and Food History. Prospect Books, 2000. 24cm. Pp.318. Figures. Paperback.

Food and The Memory, was about GBP£30.00 new, fine copy.
Price: 20.00 GBP
809 Walker, Jane B ; James E. Keirans & Ivan G. Horak The Genus Rhipicephalus (Acari, Ixodidae), A Guide to the Brown Ticks of the World
052101977X New
28cm. Pp.656. 352 photos & figures. Paperback.

The Genus Rhipicephalus (Acari, Ixodidae), A Guide to the Brown Ticks of the World provides identification keys for adult ticks from the Afrotropical regions and elsewhere. For the nymphs and larvae, unique plates have been compiled in which line drawings of the capitula of similar species are grouped together to facilitate identification ; the highly-illustrated keys are to immature stages as well as adults. Brief well-illustrated descriptions of the known stages of every species are given, plus information on their hosts, distribution, and disease relationships. Tables providing data on host/parasite relationships and disease transmission are also included.
Price: 74.00 GBP
810 Wall, Frank Ophidia Taprobanica or the Snakes of Ceylon
(Government Printer, Colombo, 1921), Navrang reprint 1993. 23cm. Pp.xii, errata slip, 581. Portrait (G. Wall, 1820-1894), 98 text illustrations, folding map. Hardbound, maroon cloth, green dustjacket, good copy.

The first comprehensive account of the snakes of Sri Lanka, a good quality reprint, well printed and bound.

Price: 32.00 GBP
811 Wallach, Van ; Kenneth L. Williams & Jeff Boundy Snakes of the World : A Catalogue of Living and Extinct Species
1482208474 New
(2014), softback edition 2017. 26cm. Pp.1237. Softbound.

Snakes of the World : A Catalogue of Living and Extinct Species—the first catalogue of its kind—covers all living and fossil snakes described between 1758 and 2012, comprising 3,509 living and 274 extinct species allocated to 539 living and 112 extinct genera. Also included are 54 genera and 302 species that are dubious or invalid, resulting in recognition of 705 genera and 4,085 species.

Features :

Alphabetical listings by genus and species

Individual accounts for each genus and species

Detailed data on type specimens and type localities

All subspecies, synonyms, and proposed snake names

Distribution of species by country, province, and elevation

Distribution of fossils by country and geological periods

Major taxonomic references for each genus and species

Appendix with major references for each country

Complete bibliography of all references cited in text and appendix

Index of 12,500 primary snake names

The data on type specimens includes museum and catalog number, length and sex, and collector and date. The listed type localities include restrictions and corrections. The bibliography (running to about 400 pages) provides complete citations of all references cited in the text and appendix, and taxonomic comments are given in the remarks sections.

Price: 51.99 GBP
812 Wanzenböck, Josef & Ian J. Winfield (editors) Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes - 2011
3510470664 New
2013. 26cm. Pp.ix, 376. 107 figures, 52 tables, 3 appendices. Softbound.

This volume provides a well-balanced overview of most of the contemporary research on coregonid fishes presented at the 11th Inter­national Symposium on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes, held September 26–30, 2011 in Mondsee, Austria. These symposia on the Biology and Management of Coregonid Fishes have a long tradition. Since the first meeting took place in 1969, experts in coregonid biology have now met eleven times in Europe or North America.

This present volume is therefore the continuation of a long series of symposium proceedings, most of which have been published in Advances in Limnology. Within this context, the considerable advances that research has made over the years in understanding this fascinating group of teleost fishes are apparent in this volume.

Coregonid fishes are widely distributed across the northern hemisphere in an enormous variety of different forms. Many aspects of the biology of these fishes are similarly variable and are reflected in the first section of this volume. It begins with a topical review of population dynamics of whitefish in European Alpine lakes, includes several contributions related to fisheries and also embraces aspects such as migration behaviour, distribution and habitat, physiological performance, morphological variability, otoliths and cell morphology. The section contains contributions from eight countries, namely Germany, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Russia, Sweden and the USA.

The second section is devoted to evolutionary ecology and genetics. Six articles from Austria, Latvia, Norway, Russia and the USA give a timely overview of current research on the differentiation of populations, hybridisation, genetic variability and diversity.

Some populations and habitats of coregonids are endangered by the excessive exploitation and pollution of freshwater ecosystems. Even protected areas run the risk of being affected by climate change and its consequences and these issues are the focus of the third section on conservation. It comprises five articles from the UK, the USA and Norway.

The present volume continues with the original, integrative idea which formed the basis of the first symposium held in 1969, i.e. to provide an open and encouraging forum for researchers working on this remarkable group of fishes, to bring them together and to promote exchange across all sorts of boundaries. By doing so, it provides new impetus for the continuing research into coregonid as well as general fish biology.

Price: 96.00 GBP
813 Warrell, David A Guidelines for the Management of Snake-bites
9290223774 New
2010. 26cm. Pp.vii, 152. Colour photos, bibliography. Paperback.

Guidelines for the Management of Snake-bites [2nd edition] is a revised and updated version of similar guidelines published locally in south-east Asia about 20 years ago (special issue of the Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health, 1999). These guidelines aim to promote the rational management of snake-bite cases in various health facilities where trained health functionaries and quality snake antivenom are available. Presents about 7 pages of regional references.

Price: 35.99 GBP
814 Watanabe, M Fauna Japonica Cottidae (Pisces)
Clean secondhand
Tokyo News Service, 1960. 28cm. Pp.vii,218. 15 colour, 25 plain plates, 74 figs., 74 tables, keys. Quarter leather, cloth boards, gilt.

Fauna Japonica Cottidae, nice copy.

Price: 50.00 GBP
815 Weber, Max & Dr. L.F. de Beaufort Fishes of the Indo-Australian Archipelago
Brill, Leiden, 1911-1962. 11 volumes. 26cm. Portraits, text figures. Uniform blue cloth, gilt.

A rare complete set. Volume 1 contains the index of the ichthyological papers of Pieter Bleeker.

Regan / Trewavas / Banister copy, with ALS from Max Weber and a warm TLS from de Beaufort to Trewavas tipped in, two or three volumes with authors' compliments, leading margin to Vol.V stained and not affecting text.


Price: 0.00 GBP
816 Weigl, Richard Longevity of Mammals in Captivity; from the Living Collections of the World
3510613791 New
2005. 30cm. Pp.214. Paperback.

Longevity of Mammals in Captivity presents data of historical and present longevities of captive mammals, much from previously unpublished sources, including information on extinct and very rare species and subspecies. 3398 mammalian taxa have been exhibited in zoos and institutions. This is a record of their exact dates of arrival, birth, movement out of the collection or date of death, showing day, month and year. Anecdotal records have not been included.

One (1) copy left.
Price: 35.00 GBP
817 Wellby, Ian ; Ash Girdler & Robin Welcomme Fisheries Management. A Manual for Still-water Coarse Fisheries
1405133325 New
2010. 26cm. Pp.416. Hardbound.

The correct management of freshwaters and their fisheries is vital to ensure environmental protection and an appropriate level of stocking densities of healthy fish in designated angling water bodies.

Fisheries Management. A Manual for Still-water Coarse Fisheries, which is aimed primarily at fisheries managers and those considering buying or building lakes for fisheries, provides detailed information which is essential for all those involved in the area.

The contents of this very useful and comprehensive book have been written by practising fisheries managers and scientists and include basic principles in fisheries ecology, in management and in fish stock assessment. Chapters also include coverage of how conditions can be improved and fisheries enhanced through the use of nutrient management, habitat improvement and conservation, with important case study details included. Chapters on fisheries and the law and business best management practices are also included.

Price: 158.00 GBP
818 Werner, Uwe All About Shrimps, Crayfishes and Crabs in the Freshwater Aquarium, Paludarium, and Terrarium
3936027684 New
29cm. Pp.200. 370 colour photos. Hardbound.

All About Shrimps, Crayfishes and Crabs presents all the information required for the successful maintenance and breeding of these ever more popular aquarium residents. Uwe Werner describes all the forms relevant to the aquarium hobby in easy to understand, practical terms. The book covers: Dwarf shrimps, Fan shrimps, Long-arm shrimps, Swimming shrimps, European crayfishes, American crayfishes, Australian crayfishes, Dwarf crayfishes, Madagascar crayfishes, Aegla species, Fresh- and Brackish-water hermit crabs, Terrestrial hermit crabs, Freshwater crabs, Land crabs, Mangrove crabs, Fiddler crabs, Freshwater snapping shrimps, Horseshoe crabs.

Price: 29.95 GBP
819 Wernery, U ; J. Kinne & R.K. Schuster (editors) Camelid Infectious Disorders
9290449543 New
2014. 30cm. Pp.550. Softbound.

An up-to-date reference covering all infectious diseases in camelids.

The book is divided into chapters on bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases ; each section containing information on aetiology, epidemiology, clinical signs, pathology, diagnosis, prevention and control. Essential reference.

Price: 53.00 GBP
820 Westheide, W Polychaetes: Interstitial families, Second edition
1851532714 New
2009. 24cm. Pp.120. Paperback.

The minute polychaetes that occur in the interstitial spaces within sandy marine sediments are a diverse phylogenetic assemblage, representing seven separate orders (all of them specifically interstitial) and nine families. Since they occur together in the same microhabitat, Polychaetes: Interstitial families, Second edition departs from the general style and content of the other Synopses devoted to polychaetes, which are each concerned with one group of related species or families. This new edition of the Synopsis has been brought completely up to date, with many new references, an updated species list, and extensive additional information included about species featured in the first edition.

Price: 29.00 GBP
821 Wheeler, A Key to the Freshwater Fishes and Lampreys of the British Isles. -with- Key to the Shore Fishes of the British Isles
1994-1997. 2 volumes. 22cm. Paperbacks.

These fully tested and illustrated guides should enable most beginners to identify all of the 42 species of bony fishes that breed in freshwaters in the British Isles (and the 3 lampreys which may be encountered - although these are not true fishes but are often mistaken for them) and 50 species of fishes found in algal-rich pools on rocky shores at low tide, those which live between the tide marks, and those species which use the low tide zones as a nursery ground.

Price: 27.00 GBP
822 Whitfield, A.K. & H.M. Kok Recruitment of Juvenile Marine Fishes into Permanently Open and Seasonally Open Estuarine Systems on the Southern Coast of South Africa

1992. 30cm. Pp.39. 22 bar graphs, 4 figures, 1 table. Paperback.
Price: 6.00 GBP
823 Whyte, Robert & Greg Anderson A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia
064310707X New
2017. 22cm. Pp.464. 1300+ colour photos. Softbound.

Filling a major gap in the natural history of Australia 'A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia' uses photographs of living animals to help people identify many of the spiders they encounter. Covers all the known families of Australian spiders with stunning macro-photography revealing fascinating details not discernible to the naked eye. Containing the most uptodate taxonomic information this is the most comprehensive account of Australian spiders ever published.

Robert Whyte is an honorary researcher in arachnology at the Queensland Museum, having developed an interest in spiders with the encouragement of arachnologist Robert Raven. He has participated in five Bush Blitz bio-discovery expeditions in remote parts of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. He is an accomplished editor, author and journalist, with skills in photography and publication design.

Greg Anderson is a biomedical research scientist and heads the Chronic Disorders Program at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane. He has been interested in spiders since his early life in Newcastle and has travelled extensively around Australia and other parts of the world studying and photographing spiders. He has a particular interest in Comb-footed spiders.

Abbrevitated table of contents:
Foreword, Preface
Acknowledgements, Introduction
From arachnophobia to arachnophilia
How to use this book
Determining species – everything helps, including genitals
Australia’s rich arachnological history
Parts of a spider: the need-to-know terms
Shortcuts to identification
Spider families from A to Z (from page 46)
Little-known Spider Families
Photo credits
Spiders: family tree

Price: 38.50 GBP
824 Wiedmann,J. & J. Kullmann (editors) Cephalopods, Present and Past
3510651332 New
1988. 24cm. Pp.xiii,765. 16 plates, 375 figures, 25 tables. Paperback.

Cephalopods, Present and Past ; Proceedings of the Second International Cephalopod Symposium

Price: 99.00 GBP
825 Wigham, Geoffrey D & Alastair Graham Marine Gastropods 1: Patellogastropoda and Vetigastropoda
1908819316 New
2017. 24cm. Pp.150. Numerous figures. Softbound.

First of three volumes on the marine patellogastropod, vetigastropod and caenogastropod molluscs. This volume is primarily concerned with the two most recognisable (and possibly primitive) subclasses – Patellogastropoda and Vetigastropoda – the true limpets and topshells.
The keys are based primarily on the characters shown by fully-grown shells (enabling identification of empty shells), but some external body features are included when they offer important aids to identification. Each species account starts with its most useful diagnostic characters, followed by a description of the shell and body. Information on habitat, food, breeding and the general distribution of the species is also provided.

Price: 37.50 GBP
826 Wilks, E. & J Properties and Applications of Diamond
0750619155 New
1994. 26cm. Pp.525. Paperback.

Properties and Applications of Diamond provides a unique consolidation of all useful information, as well as a comprehensive survey of literature.

No other book covers this topical field with such breadth and clarity, making it both a fundamental introduction and an invaluable on-going reference.

Contents : Diamonds today; The Structure of Diamond; Impurities in diamond; Optical absorption and colour; Luminescence; The morphology of diamond; Geometric defects in the diamond lattice; Mechanical properties; Strength and fracture; Plastic deformation of diamond; Polishing and shaping diamond; Mechanical differences between diamonds; Friction; Polycrystaline diamond (PCD); Applications and Wear of Diamond; Wear and surface characteristics; Turning, boring and milling; Grinding; Sawing and drilling; Miscellaneous applications; Appendix 1 Some numerical values; Appendix 2 Units and conversion factors.
Price: 75.00 GBP
827 Williamson, W. C Investigations into the Structure and Development of the Scales and Bones of Fishes
Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. XXIX. 1851. 27cm. Pp.643-702. 4 plates. Quarter buckram, marbled boards, gilt-titled spine.

Investigations into the Structure and Development of the Scales and Bones of Fishes, good ex-library copy, bookplate and blindstamp, no external library markings.

Price: 55.00 GBP
828 Winterbottom, R. & R. C. Anderson A Revised Checklist of the Epipelagic and Shore Fishes of the Chagos Archipelago, Central Indian Ocean

1997. 30cm. Pp.28. 19 photos, table. Paperback.

80 new records for Chagos reported here. Updates Winterbottom et. al., 1989, and raises the total to 773 species with 89 changes in nomenclature.
Price: 14.00 GBP
829 Woo, P. (editor) Fish Viruses and Bacteria. Pathology and Protection
1780647786 New
2017. 28cm. Pp.392. Colour plates, figures. Hardbound.

Taking a disease-based approach, Fish Viruses and Bacteria: Pathobiology and Protection focuses on the pathobiology of and protective strategies against the most common, major microbial pathogens of economically important marine and freshwater fish.

The book covers well-studied, notifiable piscine viruses and bacteria, including new and emerging diseases which can become huge threats to local fish populations in new geographical regions if transported there via infected fish or eggs. A concise but thorough reference work, this book:
- Covers key viral and bacterial diseases of notable fish species;
- Reviews major well-established piscine pathogens as well as new, emerging and notifiable diseases; and
- Contains the most up-to-date research contributed by a team of over fifty world experts.

An invaluable bench book for fish health consultants, veterinarians and all those wanting instant access to information, this book is also a useful textbook for students specializing in fish health and research scientists initiating fish disease research programmes.

Contents :
1: Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus, Arun K. Dhar, Scott LaPatra, Andrew Orry and F.C. Thomas Allnutt
2: Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis Virus, Jo-Ann C. Leong and Gael Kurath
3: Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Virus, John S. Lumsden
4: Epizootic Haematopoietic Necrosis and European Catfish Virus, Paul Hick, Ellen Ariel and Richard Whittington
5: Oncogenic Viruses: Oncorhynchus masou Virus and Cyprinid Herpesvirus, Mamoru Yoshimizu, Hisae Kasai, Yoshihiro Sakoda, Nanako Sano and Motohiko Sano
6: Infectious Salmon Anaemia, Knut Falk and Maria Aamelfot
7: Spring Viraemia of Carp, Peter Dixon and David Stone
8: Channel Catfish Viral Disease, Larry A. Hanson and Lester H. Khoo
9: Largemouth Bass Viral Disease, Rodman G. Getchell and Geoffrey H. Groocock
10: Koi Herpesvirus Disease, Keith Way and Peter Dixon
11: Viral Encephalopathy and Retinopathy, Anna Toffan
12: Iridoviral Diseases: Red Sea Bream Iridovirus and White Sturgeon Iridovirus, Yasuhiko Kawato, Kuttichantran Subramaniam, Kazuhiro Nakajima,Thomas Waltzek and Richard Whittington
13: Alphaviruses in Salmonids, Marius Karlsen and Renate Johansen
14: Aeromonas salmonicida and A. hydrophila, Bjarnheidur K. Gudmundsdottir and Bryndis Bjornsdottir
15: Edwardsiella spp., Matt J. Griffin, Terrence E. Greenway and David J. Wise
16: Flavobacterium spp.: F. psychrophilum, F. columnare and F. branchiophilum, Thomas P. Loch and Mohamed Faisal
17: Francisella noatunensis, Esteban M. Soto and John P. Hawke
18: Mycobacterium spp., David T. Gauthier and Martha W. Rhodes
19: Photobacterium damselae, John P. Hawke
20: Piscirickettsia salmonis, Jerri Bartholomew, Kristen D. Arkush and Esteban M. Soto
21: Renibacterium salmoninarum, Diane G. Elliott
22: Streptococcus iniae and S. agalactiae, Craig A. Shoemaker, De-Hai Xu and Esteban M. Soto
23: Vibriosis: Vibrio anguillarum, V. ordalii and Aliivibrio salmonicida, Alicia E. Toranzo, Beatriz Magariños and Ruben Avendaño-Herrera
24: Weissella ceti, Timothy J. Welch, David P. Marancik and Christopher M. Good
25: Yersinia ruckeri, Michael Ormsby and Robert Davies

Price: 105.00 GBP
830 Woo, P.T. K. & J. Leatherwood (editors) Fish Diseases and Disorders. Vol.2. Non-Infectious Disorders, Second Edition
1845935535 New
2010. 26cm. Pp.1000. Photos & figures. Hardbound.

First published in 1998 and here thoroughly updated with new research and contributions.

Fish Diseases and Disorders. Vol.2. Non-Infectious Disorders, Second Edition, focuses largely on finfish. It covers non-infectious disorders of development, growth and physiology of wild and captive species, including genetic conditions, respiratory disorders, stress physiology, environmental factors and a new contribution to the relationship between welfare issues and disorders associated with intensive fish culture.

Price: 105.00 GBP
831 Woo, P.T.K. & J. Leatherwood (editors) Fish Diseases and Disorders, Second Edition, three volume set
1845935802 New
2006-2011. 3 volumes. 26cm. Pp.2800. Photos & figures. Hardbound.

Fish Diseases and Disorders, Second Edition, now complete in 3 volumes.

Volume 3 pictured

Price: 450.00 GBP
832 Woo, P.T.K. & K. Buchmann Fish Parasites, Pathobiology and Protection
1845938062 New
2011. 28cm. Pp.360. Hardbound.

Fish Parasites, Pathobiology and Protection. Focusing on pathobiology and protective strategies against protozoan and metazoan parasites of fish, this book reviews the latest research on important parasites: those that cause financial hardships to the aquaculture industry, have been introduced to new geographical regions through transportation of infected fish, are pathogenic to groups of finfish and detrimental to production, are highly adaptable and not host-specific with worldwide distributions, and that may serve as disease models for studies on other pathogens. It also highlights gaps in the knowledge to help direct future research.

Price: 100.00 GBP
833 Woo, P.T.K. (editor) Fish Diseases and Disorders. Vol.3. Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections, Second Edition
1845935543 New
2011. 26cm. Pp.1000. Photos & figures. Hardbound.

This third and final volume in the acclaimed Fish Diseases and Disorders trilogy addresses infectious diseases of finfish and shellfish caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi.

In Fish Diseases and Disorders. Vol.3. Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections, Second Edition the topics covered include infectious pancreatic necrosis virus, infectious hematopoictic necrosis virus, viral diseases of cold and warm-water fish, rickettsial and chlamydial infections, furunculosis, motile aeromonads, vibriosis, flavobacterial diseases and shellfish diseases. Written by experts in each discipline and updated throughout to reflect new developments in the field, including new chapters on alphaviruses, oncogenic viruses and genomics and proteomics, this is a must-have reference for fish health specialists and veterinarians, microbiologists, zoologists and researchers and students in aquaculture.

Price: 175.00 GBP
834 Woo, P.T.K. (editor) Fish Diseases and Disorders. Vol.1. Protozoan and Metazoan Infections, Second Edition
0851990150 New
2006. 26cm. Pp.800. Photos & figures. Hardbound.

Written by experts actively working in the area Fish Diseases and Disorders. Vol.1. Protozoan and Metazoan Infections, Second Edition provides a review of the major diseases of fish caused by protozoan and metazoan parasites. The new edition has been thoroughly updated since publication of the first edition in 1995. It covers recent advances in the understanding of fish diseases including the improvement of diagnostic techniques and understanding of phylogenetic relationships stemming from the application of molecular techniques. The book also contains more detailed information on pathogens that cause amoebiasis.

Price: 170.00 GBP
835 Wood, Elizabeth & Michael Aw Reef Fishes of South-East Asia, including Marine Invertebrates and Corals
147294058X As new
2016. 22cm. Pp.144. Colour photos. Softbound.

Reef Fishes of South-East Asia is a comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to the rich diversity of sea life found off the coasts of Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Includes concise descriptions of 270 species of fish, corals and invertebrates, accompanied by 300 full-colour photographs, and information on habitat, diet and behaviour. Clear line drawings are provided for quick identification of fish families.

Price: 8.95 GBP
836 Wood, Lawson Sea Fishes of the Mediterranean Sea including Marine Invertebrates
147292178X As new
2015. 22cm. Pp.128. Colour photos. Softbound.

Covers Gibraltar, Spain, France, Monaco, Corsica, Sardinia, Italy, Malta, Croatia, Greece, Crete, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

Price: 8.95 GBP
837 Wootton, Robert J & Carl Smith Reproductive Biology of Teleost Fishes
0632054263 New
2014. 26cm. Pp.496. Hardbound.

Reproductive Biology of Teleost Fishes is the first integrated review of the reproductive biology of the bony fishes, which are the most species-rich and diversified group of vertebrates.

Teleosts display remarkable variation in their modes of reproduction, and this volume is intended to provide a framework for understanding the remarkable reproductive diversity of this group. It describes their reproductive biology using, wherever possible, phylogenetic analyses and life-history theory as a means to interpret the information. The book addresses the genetic, physiological, behavioural, ecological, evolutionary and applied aspects of teleost reproduction in a comparative framework that emphasises the adaptive basis of reproductive diversity.

Reproductive Biology of Teleost Fishes provides a comprehensive synthesis of fish reproduction that will be of great interest to life scientists, particularly ecologists, evolutionary biologists, physiologists and advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and research workers requiring a comprehensive overview of fish reproduction. The book is suitable for courses in fish biology and ecology, reproductive physiology and reproductive genetics. It also addresses applied questions and will be of value for courses on fisheries science and aquaculture. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where biological sciences, fisheries science and aquaculture are studied and taught should have several copies of this important book on their shelves.

Price: 130.00 GBP
838 Zaccone, Giacomo ; Konrad Dabrowski, Michael S. Hedrick, Jorge M. O. Fernandes & Jose M. Icardo (editors) Phylogeny, Anatomy and Physiology of Ancient Fishes
1498707556 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.350. 35 colour plates, 49 figures. Hardbound.

This book on ancient fishes unites the work of many specialists coming from different areas of biology. Hagfishes, lungfishes, Chondrosteans, and Holosteans constitute the main subject of study. Fossil records and extant species are compared to establish the conservation or the degeneration of specific characters. However, phylogenetic relationships have mostly been revisited in the light of new molecular and developmental data. The morphology of several organs is also revisited.

This volume includes a phylogenetic account of the cardiac outflow tract, and the particulars of the heart and circulation in lungfishes. The control of breathing and the lung-swim bladder issue is discussed. The developmental anatomy of the sturgeon gut and accounts of the gut structure in lungfishes and garfishes are also included. Biochemical and physiological aspects of the behavior of lungfishes and gars are presented. Reports on the fish olfactory system, and on the amazing slime glands of hagfishes, are also covered.

Price: 88.00 GBP
839 Zientara, S ; D. Verwoerd & P-P. Pastoret (editors) New Developments in Major Vector-borne Diseases - Part I : An overview. Part II : Important diseases for veterinarians
9290449799 New
2015. 2 volumes. 30cm. Softbound.

Volume 1 focuses on the most important arthropod vectors (insects and ticks) and describes their taxonomy, biology, competence and development. It begins by defining ‘vector’, ‘vector-borne disease’ and ‘emerging disease’ and provides explanations that are in line with the OIE understanding of these terms. The zoonotic risks of infections transmitted by arthropod vectors are also discussed, as is the genetic resistance of certain vertebrate hosts to infection. In addition, this volume considers the influence of climatic and anthropogenic changes on the distribution of vectors and the infections they transmit. The last part of this volume focuses on surveillance and control methods for these infections.

The second volume looks at viral diseases, but also considers bacterial and parasitic diseases. The description of each disease has been updated in accordance with the most recent scientific research, focusing on epidemiology and control. Particular emphasis is placed on emerging diseases (such as infection with the Schmallenberg virus) and diseases that have a zoonotic component (such as West Nile fever). Diseases that have experienced a recent geographic expansion (bluetongue, fever due to the Chikungunya virus) are also discussed.

Two volume set.

Volume 1 pictured.

Price: 123.00 GBP
840 Zinsstag, Jakob ; Esther Schelling, Bassirou Bonfoh (editors) The Future of Pastoralism
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2016. 30cm. Pp.300. Softbound.

Two-thirds of the world’s agricultural land is grassland, either because these areas have limited rainfall or because the terrain is mountainous. Most of these semi-arid and high-altitude ecosystems are not suitable for growing crops, so they are predominantly used for various types of mobile livestock husbandry. Such systems are the only way that these grasslands can become a source of human nutrition, as humans cannot digest grass cellulose. Extensive pastoral livestock production is, therefore, the most productive use of these lands. Moreover, in addition to providing food for both humans and animals, pastoral livestock production absorbs carbon and sustains livelihoods that could not be maintained in any other way in these areas.

This review discusses human and animal health services and the added value of improved collaboration between the two under a ‘One Health’ approach. It provides a vision for the sustainable use of pastoral ecosystems, providing innovative ideas for livelihoods, economic development, sustained ecosystem services, animal health management and social and institutional development.

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841 Zwarenstein, H., N. Sapeika, & H. A. Shapiro Xenopus Laevis, A Bibliography

Univ.Cape Town, 1946. 22cm. Pp.[vi],51. Original cloth.

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