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Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society Volumes 5 - 39
1 Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society Volumes 5 - 39
Clean secondhand
1959-1994. 35 volumes. 26cm. Blue buckram, gilt.

Bio. Mem. FRS Vols. 5-39, a good long run, nice condition from a private library and without the dustjackets, no library markings, stamps or lables, shipping at cost.

Published annually since 1955 each Memoir is carefully researched resulting in a unique biographical collection of celebrated lives and important achievements.

Price: 350.00 GBP
Bulletin of the British Museum of Natural History – Zoology
2 Bulletin of the British Museum of Natural History – Zoology
Clean secondhand
Bulletin of the British Museum of Natural History – Zoology, Volumes 1-2, 5-6, 8-12, 1950-1965, uniform navy cloth

Price: 270.00 GBP
Food and Fruit-bearing Forest Species - 3. Examples from Latin America
3 Food and Fruit-bearing Forest Species - 3. Examples from Latin America
9251023727 / 9789251023723 Clean secondhand
FAO., 1986. 30cm. Pp.xix,308. Numerous photos and figures. Softbound.

Food and Fruit-bearing Forest Species - 3. Examples from Latin America provides information on the ecology, distribution, nutritional value and main uses of the species described.

Original edition, one copy only.
Price: 26.00 GBP
La Faune Terrestre de l'Ile de Sainte-Helene
4 La Faune Terrestre de l'Ile de Sainte-Helene
Fine unused set
1970-1977. 4 volumes. 26cm. Pp.viii,227; x,530; x,533; x,575. 45 plates, 838 figures, 4 maps. Paperback, fine set.

La Faune Terrestre de l'Ile de Sainte-Helene, the standard account of terrestrial fauna of the volcanic tropical island of St. Helena.

Between 1791 and 1833, Saint Helena became the site of a series of experiments in conservation and reforestation. This environmental intervention was closely linked to the conceptualisation of the processes of environmental change and helped establish the roots of environmentalism. A Millennium Forest project was established in 2002 to replant part of the lost Great Wood and is now managed by the Saint Helena National Trust.

Although this work is, Latin names aside, entirely in French, St. Helena is a British Overseas Territory in the south Atlantic Ocean.

Volume 4 pictured
Price: 225.00 GBP
Proceedings of the First National Conference on Land Classification
5 Proceedings of the First National Conference on Land Classification
Clean secondhand
Univ. Missouri, 1940. 24cm. Pp.334. Black half-calf over linen backed boards, raised bands, gilt, trifle rubbed but a good copy.

University of Missouri, College of Agriculture, Agriculture Experiment Station Bulletin 421, nicely bound.

Price: 53.00 GBP
The Iraq Invasion of Kuwait, An Environmental Catastrophe, Al-Hassan, Jassim Mohammad
6 Al-Hassan, Jassim Mohammad The Iraq Invasion of Kuwait, An Environmental Catastrophe
Clean secondhand
Published by the author, Safat, Kuwait, second printing, revised, 1992. 29cm. Pp.162. 144 colour photos. Hardbound, jacket, fine copy.

The author is a professor of biochemistry with decades of experience on the venomous marine creatures of the Arabian Gulf. The Iraq Invasion of Kuwait, An Environmental Catastrophe describes with the aid of photographs the immense environmental problems of the period.
Price: 44.00 GBP
Viruses of Vertebrates, Andrewes, Sir Christopher
7 Andrewes, Sir Christopher Viruses of Vertebrates
Clean secondhand
Bailliere, Tindall and Cox, London, 1964. 24cm. Pp.xi,401. Hardbound, jacket trifle worn, nice clean copy. Wilson Smith's copy (1897-1965, FRS., virologist, Porton Down), with his signature.

Viruses of Vertebrates, clean secondhand.
Price: 12.00 GBP
The Intersection of Bats and Human Health and Welfare, Beltz, Lisa A
8 Beltz, Lisa A The Intersection of Bats and Human Health and Welfare
1119150035 / 9781119150039 New
2017. 26cm. Pp.300. Colour photos, figures, tables, bibliography. Hardbound.

This book examines the multifaceted interactions between bats and humans, and how each affects the other both positively and negatively.

Dr. Beltz's approach to this title includes a more comprehensive, balanced take on bats' role in human health and welfare - she aims to not only present them as disease carriers, but examines their positive contributions to human welfare from an ecological standpoint - bats pollinate valuable crops, and keep mosquito populations in check (subsequently limiting the spread of mosquito-borne disease like dengue, hemorrhagic and yellow fevers, malaria, and West nile and St. Louis virus encephalitis). Their guano is a key ingredient in fertilizer, and they also play a role in seed dispersal, which is key in restoring disturbed ecosystems.

Human activity also impacts bat populations, both in terms of population and species distribution. By altering bat habitats and food sources, humans have displaced bat populations and decreased colony numbers and sizes. Climate change has negatively affected bat populations, as well as the creation and utilization of wind turbines as sources of alternative energy, by displacing bats from their habitats.

The text itself is organized into seven sections, beginning with an introduction covering history and societal views on bats, descriptions of various groups of bats and their biology, etc. The second section discusses different bat-borne diseases that affect human and other animal populations, including SARS, Ebola, and rabies. The third section delves into bats and human activity, and the fourth section relates bat activity to incidence of arboviral diseases. The fifth section shifts to man-made factors that influence bat populations, and the sixth focuses on bat-human interactions by geographical region. The final section summarizes the text and posits different ways in which beneficial interactions between bats and humans may be increased and harmful interactions minimized by encouraging proximity to bats.

Price: 120.00 GBP
Alternative Life-History Styles of Animals, Bruton, Michael N (editor)
9 Bruton, Michael N (editor) Alternative Life-History Styles of Animals
9061936624 / 9789061936626 As new
KAP., 1989. 25cm. Pp.xvii, 616. Text figures, photos. Hardbound.

Expanded proceedings of a conference entitled 'Alternative Life History Styles of Fishes and Other Organisms' which was held in Grahamstown, South Africa, in June 1987, arising fromconceptual models of fish life-history research.

Price: 205.00 GBP
A Recipe for Successful Retrieving, Chadwick, Carol
10 Chadwick, Carol A Recipe for Successful Retrieving
Privately published, 2008. 24cm. Pp.27. 2 photos. Paperback.

A Recipe for Successful Retrieving is an easy 35-45 minute read with simple step by step instructions for teaching by imprinting vital retrieving skills to the German Shorthaired Pointer. Building on reward and repetition, the puppy can learn to retrieve happily and easily to hand.

The author has bred fourteen dual champion German Shorthaired Pointers.
Price: 7.95 GBP
Chemistry of Europe's Agricultural Soils. Part A: Methodology and Interpretation of the GEMAS Data Set. Part B: General Background Information and Further Analysis of the GEMAS Data Set., Clemens Reimann; Manfred Birke, Alecos Demetriades, Peter Filzmoser & Patrick O'Connor (editors)
11 Clemens Reimann; Manfred Birke, Alecos Demetriades, Peter Filzmoser & Patrick O'Connor (editors) Chemistry of Europe's Agricultural Soils. Part A: Methodology and Interpretation of the GEMAS Data Set. Part B: General Background Information and Further Analysis of the GEMAS Data Set.
3510968468 / 9783510968466 New
2014. 2 volumes. 28cm. Pp.520 ; 350. Softbound.

During 2008 and until early 2009, a total of 2108 samples of agricultural (ploughed land, 0–20 cm) and 2023 samples of grazing land (0–10 cm) soil were collected at a density of 1 site/2500 km2 each from 33 European countries, covering an area of 5,600,000 km2.

All samples were analysed for 52 chemical elements after an aqua regia extraction, 41 elements by XRF (total), and soil properties, like CEC, TOC, pH (CaCl2), following tight external quality control procedures. In addition, the agricultural soil samples were analysed for 57 elements in a mobile metal ion (MMI®) extraction, Pb isotopes and magnetic susceptibility.

The GEMAS project thus provides for the first time fully harmonised data for element concentrations and soil properties known to influence the bioavailability and toxicity of the elements at the continental (European) scale. The database is fully in compliance with the requirements of the European REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).

The study also provides valuable information for other European pieces of legislation related to metals in soil.

The concentrations of many elements (e. g., As, Bi, Co, Cu, Li, Mn, Pb) in soils of north-eastern Europe are up to three times lower than in the South-West of Europe. The break in concentration occurs along the southern limit of the last glaciation and is thus directly related to geology. The variable geochemical background from north to south makes it impossible to define one soil background level for any chemical element that is valid for the whole of Europe. However, areas with increased metal concentrations can be clearly identified, and are most often associated with known mineral districts and mining areas. Some major cities (e.g., London, Paris) are marked by local anomalies of elements like Au, Hg and Pb, typically linked to anthropogenic activities. Element concentrations decrease rapidly towards the surrounding natural background with distance to any one anthropogenic source. For several elements (e. g., Hg, P, S, Se) the regional distribution patterns are strongly affected by climatic conditions favoring the development of organic soil. On all geochemical maps, the effect of diffuse contamination remains invisible at the chosen continental scale and sample density. To reliably detect contamination, mapping at a much higher sample density, i.e., at the local scale, is needed.

Agricultural and grazing land soil samples show practically the same distribution patterns over Europe and very comparable element concentrations. This demonstrates the robustness of the low sample density geochemical mapping approach.

Part B of the GEMAS atlas provides a more detailed interpretation of the spatial distribution of selected elements (As, C, Cd, K, Th, U) at the European scale than was possible to provide in Part A, the geochemical atlas.

To highlight the importance of scale this part also provides interpretations of the data set at a more local scale (Scandinavia and Ukraine). Possibilities for more-in-depth uses of the data set from assessing the impact of agriculture (carbon stock), through risk assessment to unravelling geological processes (loess distribution) are demonstrated. Several chapters cover the background information needed for the interpretation of a geochemical atlas (geology, soil formation, mineral deposits). Finally, data on the regional distribution of some rarely analysed elements (B, Cl, F) at the European scale are pre- sented, based on the old FOREGS soil samples. A discussion of element concentrations, as measured in a very weak extraction (MMI®), helps to understand the geochemical processes governing the distribution of elements at the European scale, and allows us to better detect the impact of human activities on European agricultural soil. Part B also provides Tables summarising European legislation with regard to soil, and the key statistical parameters for the GEMAS samples.

Price: 195.00 GBP
Atlas of Micromorphology of Mineral Alteration and Weathering, Delvigne, J.-E
12 Delvigne, J.-E Atlas of Micromorphology of Mineral Alteration and Weathering
2709914204 / 9782709914208 New
1998. 30cm. Pp.496. 600 colour photomicrographs. Hardbound.

Atlas of Micromorphology of Mineral Alteration and Weathering includes more than 600 photographs of thin sections of rocks and weathered materials.

It illustrates all the steps of weathering of primary minerals, mainly in the humid tropics.
Price: 99.99 GBP
Zimbabwe Legacies of Stone, Past and Present, Dewey, W.J. & G.G. Bourgois (editors)
13 Dewey, W.J. & G.G. Bourgois (editors) Zimbabwe Legacies of Stone, Past and Present
2 volumes. 32cm. Pp.622. Numerous colour & BW photos and figures, maps. Hardbound, slipcase.

Zimbabwe Legacies of Stone, Past and Present, a fine quality referenced exhibition catalogue of artifacts.

Reduced from GBP£ 85.00

We have a quantity of new stock, now fewer than 25 copies, for sale at this special price. Please note that is volume is heavy and may require additional shipping if ordered individually, we will mail you if this is the case.

Price: 58.00 GBP
Rocks & Minerals of the World, An Illustrated Encyclopedia, Duda, R. & L. Rejl
14 Duda, R. & L. Rejl Rocks & Minerals of the World, An Illustrated Encyclopedia
1840560258 / 9781840560251 Clean secondhand
1998. 30cm. Pp.520. 450 colour photos, 300 line drawings of crystal forms, practical identification tables. Hardbound, clean secondhand copy in jacket.

Rocks & Minerals of the World, An Illustrated Encyclopedia, presents and illustrates over 600 various types of minerals and their important varieties with information on their crystals, the physical and chemical properties of individual minerals and the places they can be found. Explains the practical significance of rocks and minerals, their processing and cutting.
Price: 25.00 GBP
Elizabeth Taylor, My Love Affair with Jewelry, Elizabeth Taylor
15 Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor, My Love Affair with Jewelry
0500510997 / 9780500510995 Clean secondhand
T&H., first (only) edition, 2002. 32cm. Pp.240. 175 colour & 105 BW photo-illustrations. Hardbound, jacket, fine secondhand copy.

Tipped in are the two 'You' magazine 16-page pull-out sections (exclusive extracts from the book with colour & BW photos) published September and October 2002.

In 'Elizabeth Taylor, My Love Affair with Jewelry', the legendary actress talks about her fabulous collection of jewellery which sold at Christies, New York, in December 2011 realising in excess of USD$150,000,00, with every single item sold, individual items reaching five, ten, or even 50 times their estimate in some cases. The historic sale set a world record for the most valuable sale of jewellery in auction history.

Price: 350.00 GBP
Troubles with Bird Dogs, and What to Do about Them. Training Experiences with Actual Dogs Under the Gun, Evans, George Bird
16 Evans, George Bird Troubles with Bird Dogs, and What to Do about Them. Training Experiences with Actual Dogs Under the Gun
0876912048 / 9780876912041 Clean secondhand
1975. 24cm. Pp.[x],307. Frontispiece, 142 photos. Hardbound, jacket a little worn at ends and edges.

Troubles with Bird Dogs is the classic and definitive reference for working the English setter in its tradition role as a hunter, pointer, retriever gundog. Essential reading for every rough shooter.
Price: 53.75 GBP
Olive Propagation Manual, Fabbri, A. and others
17 Fabbri, A. and others Olive Propagation Manual
0643066764 / 9780643066762 Clean secondhand
25cm. Pp.152. Paperback.

This manual is intended as a practical guide underpinned with scientific principles for growers, olive propagators, teachers and students.

It aims to give extended information on seed germination, rooting of cuttings and grafting and micropropagation of the olive tree. Each topic has a detailed description of the procedures, a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of the techniques and a description of materials and equipment used.

Olive Propagation Manual is easy to read and use, with procedures illustrated in every step by photographs and drawings. While it is aimed at the grower, the book also provides some in-depth information on the physiology of the described processes for the more advanced reader. This information is presented separately so that readers can skip it without feeling any loss in the understanding of the basics.

Reduced from GBP£58.50
Price: 38.50 GBP
The Hunter-Gatherers of Gwisho, Fagan, Brian M. & Francis L. van Noten
18 Fagan, Brian M. & Francis L. van Noten The Hunter-Gatherers of Gwisho
Clean secondhand
1971. 26cm. Pp.xxii,230. 38 photo-plates, 68 figures & maps 29 tables (many folding). Paperback.

The Hunter-Gatherers of Gwisho is a monograph on the culture and habits of a 'Later Stone Age' prehistoric population in central Zambia.

Extensively referenced covering excavations and site descriptions, stratigraphy and chronology, ecology, population, economy, material culture and clothing. Includes the earliest archaeological record for the use of poison by late prehistoric hunters south of the Sahara. Graham Bell-Cross pops up with a useful appendix on the fish remains.
Price: 39.00 GBP
A Handbook of the World's Conifers, Revised and updated edition, Farjon, Aljos
19 Farjon, Aljos A Handbook of the World's Conifers, Revised and updated edition
9004324429 / 9789004324428 New
2017. 2 volumes. 28cm. Pp.1112. Colour photos & figures. Hardbound.

This second edition, revised and updated, of 'A Handbook of the World's Conifers' includes all the world's 615 species of conifers, of which some 200 occur in the tropics. It gives as much information about these and the Southern Hemisphere conifers as about the better known species, drawing on research into the taxonomy, biology, ecology, distribution and uses by the author over nearly 35 years. The result is a truly encyclopaedic work, a true handbook of all the world's conifers, richly illustrated by the author with his line drawings and photographs taken from the natural habitats of the species.

Readership : Botanical Institutes (libraries), Biological Faculties of Universities (libraries), dendrologists, foresters, horticulturists, ecologists, conservationists (forests and trees), members of botanical and dendrological societies.

Essential reference.

Price: 220.00 GBP
Wild Mammals : New Classification of the Ungulates / Mammifères sauvages : nouvelle classification des ongulés, François, Alain ; Claude Guintard & Jean-Pierre Mangin (editors)
20 François, Alain ; Claude Guintard & Jean-Pierre Mangin (editors) Wild Mammals : New Classification of the Ungulates / Mammifères sauvages : nouvelle classification des ongulés
2953618503 / 9782953618501 New
2010. 29cm. Pp.350. Numerous photos, figures & maps (mostly colour), indices. Softbound.

Both scientific and philatelic, Wild Mammals : New Classification of the Ungulates is a unique and wholly original book on hoofed animals, which deserves to be discovered by a wider public.

Jean-Pierre Mangin, President of the World Academy for Philately, one of its three authors, took up the challenge to avoid using photographs to illustrate the book. In all, he has selected two thousand stamps, two hundred coins, notes, maximum cards and post cards for its iconography. A first for a zoology book destined for the general public. Claude Guintard, Veterinary Doctor of Sciences at the Natural History Museum, Lecturer on Comparative Anatomy at the Nantes Veterinary School, provided scientific backing. Alain François, veterinarian, was in charge of all aspects concerned with the protection and hunting of wild game.

Marie-Noëlle Goffin, a stamp artist, has completed the visuals with eighteen drawings, in particular when the stamps provided no adequate illustrations. Parallel text in French and English.

Price: 53.00 GBP
Diagnostic Medical Parasitology, sixth edition, Garcia, Lynne Shore
21 Garcia, Lynne Shore Diagnostic Medical Parasitology, sixth edition
1555818994 / 9781555818999 New
2016. 30cm. Pp.xxii, [ii], 1388. Colour photos, text figures, maps. Hardbound.

The essential reference for selecting, using, and interpreting methods and results related to human parasitic infections.

This major work by Lynne Garcia, a recognized authority on diagnostic parasitology, has been completely updated to include the dramatic changes that have occurred in the field of diagnostic medical parasitology over the past decade. Diagnostic Medical Parasitology, Sixth Edition, features newly recognized human parasites, improved diagnostic techniques defined by new regulatory requirements, implementation of testing based on molecular techniques, expanded tables and colour photographs, and the latest information on parasitic infections.

Diagnostic Medical Parasitology contains two sections within this single volume. The first provides clear, concise diagnostic procedures for clinical laboratory use, including ordering and collection recommendations, techniques for parasite recovery and identification that are relevant throughout the world. This section also thoroughly examines the pros and cons of various diagnostic options, including extensive report comments for result clarification and enhancement.

The second section presents comprehensive discussions of common and uncommon individual human parasites. It provides information related to life cycle, morphology, and clinical disease in both the immunocompetent and immunocompromised patient including diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology, and prevention. There are also expanded sections on artifacts, case histories, and histologic findings that provide discussion and tips related to potential diagnostic problems. Both book sections feature extensive colour illustrations related to each technique and parasite presented, as well as expanded colour plates of human parasites.

Diagnostic Medical Parasitology is a unique and valuable resource for microbiologists and clinical laboratory scientists/bench technologists in diagnostic laboratories and academic settings, infectious disease physicians, pathologists, health care specialists, and public health professionals.

Price: 80.00 GBP
A History of the Cocker Spaniel, Grayson, Peggy
22 Grayson, Peggy A History of the Cocker Spaniel
0951919105 / 9780951919101 Clean secondhand
Privately published by the author, Malmesbury, 1992. 23cm. Pp.[ix], 324 + 1. Frontispiece, 20 BW photos & figures, list of champions, 42 pedigrees. Hardbound, jacket, fine copy.

Covers the early attempts to establish size and type, the evolution of the red and golden Cocker, the break between the English and American types, field trial dogs, and standards over the years.

Price: 20.00 GBP
Fauna of the USSR, Mammals, Voles (Microtinae), Gromov, I. M. & I. Ya. Polyakov
23 Gromov, I. M. & I. Ya. Polyakov Fauna of the USSR, Mammals, Voles (Microtinae)
Clean secondhand
Smithsonian, 1992. 24cm. Pp.xxv,725. 3 plates, 78 figures, 41 tables. Hardbound.

Fauna of the USSR, Mammals, Voles (Microtinae) deals with a subfamily of rodents which are of great practical importance as pests of agricultural crops as well as carriers and reservoirs of pathogens of several infectious diseases of animals and man.

The introductory part describes the body structure and its adaptive peculiarities, geographical distribution, history of study of the group and its phylogeny. The taxonomic part presents characteristics of more than 130 extant as well as extinct species combined into 42 genera and 8 tribes. The monograph concludes with a special section (by I. Ya. Polyakov) containing detailed biological characteristics of individual groups of voles including the data on the structural peculiarities and population dynamics, economic importance and control measures under different natural conditions.
Price: 30.00 GBP
An Account of the Origins and History of the German Shorthaired Pointer, Hardy, Michael Meredith
24 Hardy, Michael Meredith An Account of the Origins and History of the German Shorthaired Pointer
Privately published, Hive Printers, Letchworth, no date [1962]. 15 x 25 cm. Pp.23. 2 colour photos, 10 fine art reproductions. Binding : ebook / PDF, 22.00MB ; system requirements Acrobat 7 or above, Windows XP or above.

Price: 49.95 GBP
Katanga, Des animaux et des hommes, Hasson, Michel
25 Hasson, Michel Katanga, Des animaux et des hommes
9789492244178 New
2015. 2 volumes, 28cm. Pp.296 ; 496. Colour photos, lists of species. Hardbound, slipcase.

The first complete guide to the vertebrates of Katanga.

The first volume provides an overview of the province’s geographic and historical context before exploring customs and beliefs regarding the fauna. The author then discusses the animal-related activities that are hunting and fishing, before ending with the more contemporary concern of nature conservation.

The second volume is a guide to the vertebrates of Katanga. For each featured species, the description of biological characteristics is accompanied by details on folklore, beliefs, or hunting practices. Invertebrates are also examined in the context of their interactions with humans, and discussed in areas as varied as medicine, agriculture, and folklore.

French text, Latin nomenclature.

Price: 95.00 GBP
The Doberman Pinscher : Brains and Beauty, Humphries, Rod & Joanna Walker
26 Humphries, Rod & Joanna Walker The Doberman Pinscher : Brains and Beauty
0876052162 / 9780876052167 New
1999. 22x23cm. Pp.[xiv],242. Colour & BW photos, figures. Hardbound.

The Doberman Pinscher: Brains and Beauty gives potential owners, new converts and veteran Doberman lovers all they need to know about this strong but sensitive companion. There are chapters on the Doberman's history, buying a dog, grooming, temperament, understanding the breed standard, breeding, health concerns and more. Dog shows, obedience competitions and all the activities Dobermans can participate in are discussed. Five appendices include useful resources and top dogs in the breed.

This fine breed is widely used as a guide dog for the blind in the United States (and elsewhere) further details can be found at
Price: 18.50 GBP
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