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Fish Diseases

Books on fish diseases, the viral, bacterial, fungal and non-infectious diseases of fishes, fish parasitology, toxicology and related subjects.

Fish Diseases

Aquaculture, Fisheries, Fish Diseases
:Fish Diseases

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Aquatic Animal Health Code, 20th edition 2017
1 Aquatic Animal Health Code, 20th edition 2017
9295108450 / 9789295108455 New
2017. 30cm. Pp.306. Softbound.

The value of the Aquatic Code is twofold: firstly, the sanitary measures recommended are the result of consensus among the Veterinary Authorities of OIE Members, and secondly, it constitutes a reference within the WTO SPS Agreement as an international standard for animal health and zoonoses of aquatic animals, as well as a key standard for the prevention and control of aquatic animal diseases.

The 2017 Aquatic Code is arranged in sections as follows: Section 1 includes chapters on notification of OIE listed diseases, criteria for listing aquatic animal diseases, OIE listed diseases and surveillance; Section 2 includes chapters on import risk analysis; Section 3 includes chapters on the quality of aquatic animal health services; Section 4 includes chapters on general recommendations for disease prevention and control; Section 5 includes chapters focused on topics relating to trade measures, import and export procedures and certification; Section 6 includes chapters on the control of hazards in aquatic animal feed and responsible and prudent use of antimicrobial agents in aquatic animals; Section 7 includes chapters on welfare of farmed fish during transport and killing; Sections 8 to 11 include disease specific chapters for OIE listed diseases of amphibians, crustaceans, molluscs and fish, and are designed to prevent the disease in question being introduced into the importing country, taking into account the nature of the commodity and the aquatic animal health status of the exporting country.

The 2017 edition includes updates of the table of contents and glossary, and revised text included in Chapter 1.1. Notification of diseases and provision of epidemiological information and Chapter 5.1. General obligations related to certification. Chapter 4.3. Disinfection of aquaculture establishments and equipment has been extensively revised and the title amended accordingly. Chapter 9.2. Infection with yellow head virus genotype 1 has been amended to clarify the scope of this chapter and the title revised accordingly. In addition, some minor consequential amendments have been made in Articles 1.4.3., 1.5.2., 2.1.4., 4.2.3. and 4.6.3. to ensure that the use of ‘vector’ is consistent with the new definition of ‘vector’.

Essential reference.

Price: 40.00 GBP
Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals, 7th edition 2016
2 Manual of Diagnostic Tests for Aquatic Animals, 7th edition 2016
9290448873 / 9789290448877 New
2016. 30cm. Pp.503. Softbound.

Although many publications exist on the detection and control of aquatic animal diseases, the Aquatic Manual is a key and unique document describing the methods that can be applied to the OIE-listed diseases in aquatic animal health laboratories all over the world, thus increasing efficiency and promoting improvements in aquatic animal health world-wide. The requirements published in this Aquatic Manual are recognised as international standards by the World Trade Organization.

Provides a uniform approach to the detection of the diseases listed in the OIE Aquatic Animal Health Code, so that the requirements for health certification in connection with trade in aquatic animals and aquatic animal products can be met. It includes bibliographical references and a list of the OIE Reference Laboratories for amphibian, crustacean, fish and mollusc diseases.

Price: 88.00 GBP
Pollution and Fish Health in Tropical Ecosystems, Alves de Almeida, Eduardo & Ciro Alberto de Oliveira Ribeiro
3 Alves de Almeida, Eduardo & Ciro Alberto de Oliveira Ribeiro Pollution and Fish Health in Tropical Ecosystems
1482212870 / 9781482212877 New
2013. 26cm. Pp.402. 54 photos & figures. hardbound.

Presents information about the different responses of fish to pollutants from the molecular levels to changes in behaviour, with emphasis on tropical species. It also discusses current topics such as the adverse effects of emerging compounds like nanoparticles and endocrine disruptor chemicals.

Table of Contents :

Introduction, Eduardo Alves de Almeidaz

Genes and Proteins Related with Biotransformation in Tropical Fishes: Perspectives in Aquatic Toxicology, Juliano Zanette

Nuclear Receptors in Fish and Pollutant Interactions, Afonso C.D. Bainy, Jacó J. Mattos and Marília N. Siebert

Fish Neurotoxic Pollutants, Helena Cristina Silva de Assis

Pollutants and Oxidative Stress, Francisco Filipak Neto

Genotoxicity and Mutagenicity, Marta Margarete Cestari

The Use of Fish Biomarkers in the Evaluation of Water Pollution, Thiago E. M. Parente and Rachel Ann Hauser-Davis

Blood Parameters of Estuarine and Marine Fish as Non-Destructive Pollution Biomarkers, Seriani, R., Abessa, D.M.S., Pereira, C.D.S., Kirschbaum, A.A., Abujamara, L.D., Buruaem, L.M., Félix, C., Turatti, G.C.R., Prado, L.R.B., Sousa, E.C.P.M. and Ranzani-Paiva, M.J.T.

Histopathological Markers in Fish Health Assessment, Ciro Alberto de Oliveira Ribeiro and Marisa Fernandes Narciso

Emerging Contaminants and Endocrine System Dysfunction, Daniele Dietrich Moura Costa

Nanoecotoxicology in Fish Species, Juliane Ventura-Lima, Alessandra Martins da Rocha, André Luís da Rosa Seixas, Carmen Luiza de Azevedo Costa, Isabel Soares Chaves, Josencler Luis Ribas Ferreira, Rafaela Elias Letts, José María Monserrat

Effect of Pollutants in Condition Index, Larissa Paola Rodrigues Venâncio and Claudia Regina Bonini Domingos

Behavioral Biomarkers and Pollution Risks to Fish Health and Biodiversity, Paulo Sérgio Martins de Carvalho

Price: 112.00 GBP
Bacterial Fish Pathogens, 5th edition, Austin, Brian & Dawn A. Austin
4 Austin, Brian & Dawn A. Austin Bacterial Fish Pathogens, 5th edition
9789400748835 New
2012. 26cm. Pp.xxxiii, 652. 48 photos & figures (31 in colour). Hardbound.

This completely updated fifth edition of Bacterial Fish Pathogens is a comprehensive discussion of the biological aspects of the bacteria which cause disease in farmed and wild fish. Since the 4th edition was published in 2007, there has been an upturn in the application of molecular approaches to taxonomy, diagnosis and vaccine development. New pathogens, e.g. Aeromonas schubertii, have been described. Also, there has been the emergence of diseases caused by bacteria which have not been cultured, and which have been equated with new taxa, i.e. ‘Candidatus’. Consideration is given to all the bacterial fish pathogens, including primary pathogens and opportunists.

Contents : 1. Introduction.- 2 Gram-positive bacteria (anaerobes and lactic acid bacteria’).- 3. Aerobic Gram-positive rods and cocci.- 4. Aeromonadaceae representatives (motile aeromonads).- 5. Aeromonadaceae representative (Aeromonas salmonicida).- 6. Enterobacteriaceae representatives.- 7. Flavobacteriaceae representatives.- 8. Francisellaceae representatives.- 9. Photobacteriaceae representatives.- 10. Pseudomonadaceae representatives.- 11. Vibrionaceae representatives.- 12. Miscellaneous pathogens.- 13.- Isolation/detection.- 14. Diagnosis.- 15. Control.- 16.- Conclusions.

Price: 193.00 GBP
The New Illustrated Guide to Fish Diseases, in Ornamental, Tropical and Pond Fish, Bassleer, Gerald
5 Bassleer, Gerald The New Illustrated Guide to Fish Diseases, in Ornamental, Tropical and Pond Fish
9080783129 / 9789080783126 New
2009, third edition. 28cm. Pp.232. 1000 colour photos. Hardbound.

The New Illustrated Guide to Fish Diseases, the latest edition, and one of the most authorative books on the subject, a highly practice oriented book.

Price: 41.00 GBP
Changing Trends in Managing Aquatic Animal Disease Emergencies, Bernoth, M.-E. (editor)
6 Bernoth, M.-E. (editor) Changing Trends in Managing Aquatic Animal Disease Emergencies
0253-1933 New
OIE Scientific and Technical Review 27 (1), 2008. 30cm. Pp.264. Softbound.

With the increase in the culture of ‘new’ aquatic animal species and the consequential discovery of new and emerging diseases, it appears timely to provide an update on the range of disease emergency management strategies.

The main purpose of this volume is to provide a state-of-the-art compilation and assessment of aquatic animal disease emergency management strategies, covering policies as well as operational tools, from international to farm levels. It aims to provide useful generic information on the different issues surrounding the management of aquatic animal disease emergencies, written by world specialists.

Price: 49.00 GBP
Furunculosis, Multidisciplinary Fish Disease Research, Bernoth,E.-M., and others (editors)
7 Bernoth,E.-M., and others (editors) Furunculosis, Multidisciplinary Fish Disease Research
0120930404 / 9780120930401 New
1997. 26cm. Pp.xiii,529. Hardbound.

Furunculosis: Multidisciplinary Fish Disease Research presents a fascinating insight into the opinions and the controversies which have led to current knowledge of this disease. It is the first book to cover one single fish disease by presenting not just the reviews, but also critical examination of the progress made by various disciplines. The multidisciplinary approach of the book makes it a valuable guide for veterinarians, fisheries biologists, and fish farm managers, as well as an excellent instructional text for students. The volume explores current research strategies and projects what developments can be expected in each field.

Price: 225.00 GBP
Bacteria and Fungi from Fish and other Aquatic Animals. A Practical Identification Manual. 2nd Edition, Buller, Nicky
8 Buller, Nicky Bacteria and Fungi from Fish and other Aquatic Animals. A Practical Identification Manual. 2nd Edition
1845938054 / 9781845938055 
Second edition, 2014. 26cm. Pp.688. Colour photo-plates. Hardbound.

Practical updated resource for the identification of bacteria found in animals inhabiting the aquatic environment, illustrated with colour photos.

Contains expanded biochemical identification tables to include newly identified pathogenic and saprophytic bacteria, molecular identification tests now available for a greater number of aquatic bacterial pathogens, more information on the pathogenesis and virulence of each organism and new coverage of traditional and molecular identification of fungal pathogens and quality assurance standards for laboratories.

Table of contents :

1 Aquatic Animal Species and Organism Relationship
2 Bacteriological Culture Techniques: Microscopy, Culture and Identification
3 Biochemical Identification Tables
4 Technical Methods
5 Fungi , Yeasts and Oomycetes from Fish and Other Aquatic Organisms
6 Techniques for the Molecular Identification of Bacteria
7 Preparation of Media for Culture and Identification
8 Further and Other Information Sources
Common name / Scientific Name
Glossary of terms

The first edition was published in 2003.

Price: 145.00 GBP
Parasitic Copepods of Mackerel- and Tuna-like Fishes of the World, Cressey, R & H. B
9 Cressey, R & H. B Parasitic Copepods of Mackerel- and Tuna-like Fishes of the World
Clean secondhand
Smith. Contrib. Zool. No.311. 1980. 26cm. Pp.iv,186. 139 figures. Paperback.

In Parasitic Copepods of Mackerel- and Tuna-like Fishes, 46 species of parasitic copepods, including one new genus and 8 new species, are reported from all known species of Scombridae, sub-family Scombrinae.

Price: 12.00 GBP
Fish Diseases, Eiras, Jorge; Helmut Segner, Thomas Wahli & B.G. Kapoor (editors)
10 Eiras, Jorge; Helmut Segner, Thomas Wahli & B.G. Kapoor (editors) Fish Diseases
1578084385 / 9781578084388 New
2008. 26cm. 2 volumes. Pp.1300. Photos & figures. Hardbound.

Fish Diseases is a reference book for fish farmers, managers, researchers and graduate students interested in fish diseases.

Contents : Volume 1 : - General Fish Histology: Renate Reimschussel - Diseases Caused by Virus: Diseases in Salmonids: D. Fichtner and S. Bergmann - Virus Diseases of Cyprinids: P.F. Dixon - Viral Diseases of Cultured Marine Fish: G. Bovo and D. Florio - Bacterial Diseases of Fish: Øivind Bergh - Fungal Diseases of Fish: D.J. Alderman - Microsporidia: Jirí Lom - Amoeboid Protists as Parasites of Fish: Iva Dyková - Diseases Caused by Flagellates: Pilar Alvarez-Pellitero - Diseases Caused by Apicomplexans: Dieter Steinhagen - Diseases Caused by Ciliophora: Angelo Colorni. Volume 2 : - Myxozoan Diseases: Stephen W. Feist - Diseases Caused by Monogenea: Ian D. Whittington and Leslie A. Chisholm - Digeneans as Enemies of Fishes: Stephen A. Bullard and Robin M. Overstreet - Diseases Caused by Cestoda: Joanna Danuta Borucinska - Acanthocephala: Horst Taraschewski - Phylum Nematoda: Anindo Choudhury and Rebecca A. Cole - Diseases Caused by Crustacea: Wojciech Piasecki and Annemarié Avenant-Oldewage - Non-infectious Diseases: Nutritional Factors: Delbert M. Gatlin III - Environmental Diseases of Intensively Reared Fish: David J. Speare - A Brief Guide for Aquaculture Veterinarians Attending a (Continental Water) Fish Rearing and Producing Facility. What should be Considered? What Steps should be Envisaged?: H.J. Schlotfeldt

Price: 125.00 GBP
The Diseases of Ornamental Fishes, Proceedings of a Symposium March 1st & 2nd, Waltham Lodge, 1980, Ford, D.M
11 Ford, D.M The Diseases of Ornamental Fishes, Proceedings of a Symposium March 1st & 2nd, Waltham Lodge, 1980
Clean secondhand
BSAVA., Waltham Symposium No.3. 1981. 25cm. Pp.311-414. Photos & figures. Wrappers.

The Diseases of Ornamental Fishes presents 9 papers, complete in itself.

Price: 20.00 GBP
The Biology and Troubleshooting of Facultative Lagoons, Wastewater Microbiology, Gerardi, Michael H
12 Gerardi, Michael H The Biology and Troubleshooting of Facultative Lagoons, Wastewater Microbiology
0470050721 / 9780470050729 New
2015. 26cm. Pp.240. Softbound.

Provides personnel a new understanding of how lagoon and fixed film sewage treatment systems work

* Tested in short-course situations by the author over the last 20 years

* Directs the material in a practical manner at operators who are responsible for process control and troubleshooting

* Reduces the jargon, chemical equations, and kinetics that overwhelm most operators and laboratory technicians

* Provides necessary information for understanding biological and chemical conditions at the treatment process

Price: 72.50 GBP
Fish Vaccination, Gudding, Roar ; Alte, Lillehaug & Oystein Evensen (editors)
13 Gudding, Roar ; Alte, Lillehaug & Oystein Evensen (editors) Fish Vaccination
0470674555 / 9780470674550 New
2014. 26cm. Pp.400. Hardbound.

Provides general information about disease prevention in fish by vaccination, as well as specific descriptions of the correct use of vaccines against the most important bacterial and viral infectious diseases of aquatic animals. Vaccination has, in a few years, become the most important method for disease prevention in aquaculture, and effective prophylaxis based on stimulation of the immune system of the fish is essential for further development of the industry. The book is written by some of the world's leading experts in the subject, drawn from many countries where aquaculture is a significant and expanding part of the economy.

Price: 133.00 GBP
Diseases of Carp and Other Cyprinid Fish, Hoole, David ; David Bucke, Peter Burgess & Ian Wellby
14 Hoole, David ; David Bucke, Peter Burgess & Ian Wellby Diseases of Carp and Other Cyprinid Fish
0852382529 / 9780852382523 New
2001. 26cm. Pp.280. 180 photos & illustrations (100 in colour). Hardbound.

Cyprinids rank as one of the most commercially important groups of freshwater fishes and are exploited for many purposes; as a human food source, especially in Europe and Asia; as sport fish; and as ornamental fish for ponds and aquaria. Certain species are also cultured as bait fish and several of the small cyprinids such as the zebra fish have become internationally accepted laboratory models for toxicology testing and molecular research. A thorough understanding of cyprinid health and diseases is fundamental to the successful management and exploitation of these fishes for freshwater fisheries, pisciculture and ornamental productions. Diseases of Carp and Other Cyprinid Fish is a practical guide to disease diagnosis, prevention and control includes numerous colour plates and covers a comprehensive array of diseases - infectious and non-infectious - of cultivated and wild cyprinids.

Price: 137.00 GBP
Salmon Lice, Jones, Simon & Richard Beamish
15 Jones, Simon & Richard Beamish Salmon Lice
081381362X / 9780813813622 New
2011. 26cm. Pp.336. Hardbound.

Salmon Lice is a single volume review of the parasite Lepeophtheirus salmonis, the key parasite standing in the way of sustainable and profitable production of salmonid fishes, including salmon, trout, charr, and whitefish.

Opening with a review of the biology, morphology, life cycle, and larval behavior of this parasite, Salmon Lice, then proceeds to review the distribution of planktonic larvae of salmon lice and addresses management techniques used in salmonid aquaculture and capture fisheries providing a practical assessment of the salmon lice issue, and exploring potential solutions to the problem.

Price: 185.00 GBP
Leeches, Lice and Lampreys, A Natural History of Skin and Gill Parasites of Fishes, Kearn, Graham C
16 Kearn, Graham C Leeches, Lice and Lampreys, A Natural History of Skin and Gill Parasites of Fishes
140202925X / 9781402029257 New
2004. 26cm. Pp.240. 20 photos & figures. Hardbound.

Many different kinds of animals have adopted a parasitic life style on the skin and gills of marine and freshwater fishes, including protozoans, flatworms, leeches, a range of crustaceans and even some vertebrates (lampreys). There is a parasitic barnacle, described first in the 19th century by Charles Darwin, fish lice that change sex and bivalve molluscs parasitic only when young.

Leeches, Lice and Lampreys explores for the first time in one volume, the remarkable biology of these little known and frequently bizarre animals. The following closely interwoven themes are considered for each group of parasites: how they find their hosts, how they attach, feed and reproduce, the damage they inflict and how the host’s immune system retaliates. Based on the British fauna, but extending where appropriate to examples from North America, Australia and elsewhere, the book is essential reading, not just for the professional parasitologist, but also for anyone interested in fishes and in this neglected field of British natural history. With the enquiring naturalist in mind, terms and concepts are explained as they arise, backed up by a glossary, and the text is liberally illustrated. An introductory chapter on fish biology sets the scene and common fish names are used throughout, as well as scientific names.

Price: 138.00 GBP
Aquaculture Virology, Kibenge, Fred & Marcos Godoy (editors)
17 Kibenge, Fred & Marcos Godoy (editors) Aquaculture Virology
012801573X / 9780128015735 New
2016. 25cm. Pp.566. Colour photos & figures offering high quality illustrations of viral structure, diagrams of viral disease processes, gross pathology and histopathology lesions, and summary tables to aid in understanding. Softbound.

To date textbooks on viruses infecting fish, crustaceans and molluscs, the three main aquatic animal farmed groups, have been on the whole “diseases-centric” and individual viral diseases selected based on “epizoo-centric” approaches with little to no coverage of the basic biology of the viruses, in contrast to textbooks on viruses infecting terrestrial – farmed, pet, and free-range (wild) – animals and humans. Despite considerable advances in animal virology in recent years coupled with an economically important global aquaculture industry, knowledge of viruses of animal aquaculture is still sparse and in some cases outdated although these viruses are closely related to well-known virus families.

The last book in fish virology (Fish Viruses and Fish Viral Diseases, Wolf, K.) was published in 1988. A lot of work has been done on fish viruses and many new aquatic animal viruses continue to be discovered.

Aquaculture Virology provides the current state of knowledge of aquatic animal viruses within the current virus classification and taxonomic context thereby allowing the reader to draw on the principles of general virology. This book is a systematic and concise resource useful to anyone involved with or looking to move into aquaculture and fisheries. Clinical veterinarians, aquaculture disease practitioners, biologists, farmers, and all those in industry, government or academia who are interested in aquatic animal virology will find this book extremely useful.

Price: 110.00 GBP
Condition and Health Indicators of Exploited Marine Fishes, Lloret, Josep ; Georiy Shulman & Malcolm R. Love
18 Lloret, Josep ; Georiy Shulman & Malcolm R. Love Condition and Health Indicators of Exploited Marine Fishes
047067024X / 9780470670248 New
2014. 26cm. Pp.264. Hardbound.

Outlines and discusses details of the basic principles and methods that are central to any study of fish condition, from a fish ecology and fisheries biology perspective.

Condition and Health Indicators of Exploited Marine Fishes describes the potential capacities of condition indicators, providing examples showing the use of these indicators to solve practical problems in connection with fish ecology and fisheries research. By focusing on wild fish populations, the book complements the increasing number of scientific works that are contributing to show how fish condition studies are key to reveal problems in marine aquaculture, the effects of pollution, fish disease, and the importance of fish in human nutrition and medicine.

Price: 133.00 GBP
Monogenea of Inland Water Fish in Africa, Paperna, I
19 Paperna, I Monogenea of Inland Water Fish in Africa
Clean secondhand
1979. 25cm. Pp.viii,230. 48 plates, 43 tables, 2 maps. Paperback.

Price: 53.00 GBP
Health Maintenance and Principal Microbial Diseases of Cultured Fishes, 3rd Edition, Plumb, J. A. & L.A. Hanson
20 Plumb, J. A. & L.A. Hanson Health Maintenance and Principal Microbial Diseases of Cultured Fishes, 3rd Edition
0813816939 / 9780813816937 New
2010. 28cm. Pp.400. Hardbound

Health Maintenance and Principal Microbial Diseases of Cultured Fishes is divided into sections on health maintenance, viral diseases, and bacterial diseases, and covers a wide variety of commercially important species, including catfish, salmon, trout, sturgeon, and tilapia.

Fully revised and updated, this book is a valuable resource for professionals and students in the areas of aquaculture, aquatic health maintenance, pathobiology, and aquatic farm management.

Presents a major revision of the valuable fish health maintenance section and covers new pathogens and advances in the field, illustrates methods for maintaining fish health through management of disease and offers sections on health maintenance, viral diseases, and bacterial diseases covering a wide variety of fish species.

Price: 147.00 GBP
Fish Pathology, 4th Edition, Roberts, Ronald J
21 Roberts, Ronald J Fish Pathology, 4th Edition
1444332821 / 9781444332827 New
2012. 30cm. Pp.576. Hardbound.

Fish Pathology, the new and fully updated full colour fourth edition with comprehensive details of the anatomy and physiology of teleosts, pathophysiology and sytematic physiology, immunology, neoplasia, virology, parasitology, bacteriology, mycology, nutritional pathology and other non-infectious diseases.

Price: 170.00 GBP
Risk Analysis in Aquatic Animal Health, Rodgers, C.J. (editor)
22 Rodgers, C.J. (editor) Risk Analysis in Aquatic Animal Health
9290445211 / 9789290445210 New
2001. 30cm. Pp.x, 346. Photos & figures. Softbound.

Risk Analysis in Aquatic Animal Health is a compilation of the presentations, session discussions and reports from the OIE International Conference held in Paris from 8 to 10 February 2000. This Conference provided the first opportunity to bring together experts in this important developing discipline. The meeting was held with the objective of provoking international dialogue and providing the latest information to scientists, academics and regulators responsible for developing, evaluating and implementing measures intended to protect aquatic animal health.

The poorly understood aspects of the life-cycles and survival parameters of fish and shellfish pathogens make the application of risk assessment difficult, even to the most studied models. However, as research is lacking in some important areas, risk assessment can be used to highlight research priorities. The Proceedings of this Conference therefore represent an attempt to resolve some of the surrounding issues and clarify the understanding of the risk analysis mechanism as applied to aquatic animals.

The contemporary nature of this topic is reflected in the content of the Proceedings which answers the current need for a reference work providing explanatory background detail. The final balance is a unique compilation of information that can be used both as an entry point for anyone wanting to learn more about the subject, as well as a tool for those who require the latest developments in the field.

The sections provide a combination of overview and more specific information on aquatic animal health related to risk analysis methodology, areas of application, standardisation of monitoring programmes, pathogen survival and detection techniques. Forward-looking recommendations are also made and appendices include the text of the Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS Agreement) and a list of useful websites.

These Proceedings provide an indispensable collection of authorative papers that will promote advances in risk analysis for aquatic animal health and produce the necessary impetus for generating further interest.

Price: 36.00 GBP
Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals, Third edition, Ross, L. & R
23 Ross, L. & R Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals, Third edition
1405149388 / 9781405149389 New
2008. 26cm. Pp.240. 39 photos & figures. Hardbound.

Anaesthetic and Sedative Techniques for Aquatic Animals provides the fisheries and aquaculture industry with vital information on the use of sedation and anaesthetics in the avoidance of stress and physical damage, which can easily be caused by crowding, capture, handling, transportation and release.

Now fully revised and expanded, the third edition has maintained its accessible format and incorporates new material with emphasis on: fish pain and welfare, a rapidly developing area of interest and debate, and anaesthesia and legislation, with an international perspective.

Price: 117.00 GBP
Fish Viruses and Bacteria. Pathology and Protection, Woo, P. (editor)
24 Woo, P. (editor) Fish Viruses and Bacteria. Pathology and Protection
1780647786 / 9781780647784 New
2017. 28cm. Pp.392. Colour plates, figures. Hardbound.

Taking a disease-based approach, Fish Viruses and Bacteria: Pathobiology and Protection focuses on the pathobiology of and protective strategies against the most common, major microbial pathogens of economically important marine and freshwater fish.

The book covers well-studied, notifiable piscine viruses and bacteria, including new and emerging diseases which can become huge threats to local fish populations in new geographical regions if transported there via infected fish or eggs. A concise but thorough reference work, this book:
- Covers key viral and bacterial diseases of notable fish species;
- Reviews major well-established piscine pathogens as well as new, emerging and notifiable diseases; and
- Contains the most up-to-date research contributed by a team of over fifty world experts.

An invaluable bench book for fish health consultants, veterinarians and all those wanting instant access to information, this book is also a useful textbook for students specializing in fish health and research scientists initiating fish disease research programmes.

Contents :
1: Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus, Arun K. Dhar, Scott LaPatra, Andrew Orry and F.C. Thomas Allnutt
2: Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis Virus, Jo-Ann C. Leong and Gael Kurath
3: Viral Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Virus, John S. Lumsden
4: Epizootic Haematopoietic Necrosis and European Catfish Virus, Paul Hick, Ellen Ariel and Richard Whittington
5: Oncogenic Viruses: Oncorhynchus masou Virus and Cyprinid Herpesvirus, Mamoru Yoshimizu, Hisae Kasai, Yoshihiro Sakoda, Nanako Sano and Motohiko Sano
6: Infectious Salmon Anaemia, Knut Falk and Maria Aamelfot
7: Spring Viraemia of Carp, Peter Dixon and David Stone
8: Channel Catfish Viral Disease, Larry A. Hanson and Lester H. Khoo
9: Largemouth Bass Viral Disease, Rodman G. Getchell and Geoffrey H. Groocock
10: Koi Herpesvirus Disease, Keith Way and Peter Dixon
11: Viral Encephalopathy and Retinopathy, Anna Toffan
12: Iridoviral Diseases: Red Sea Bream Iridovirus and White Sturgeon Iridovirus, Yasuhiko Kawato, Kuttichantran Subramaniam, Kazuhiro Nakajima,Thomas Waltzek and Richard Whittington
13: Alphaviruses in Salmonids, Marius Karlsen and Renate Johansen
14: Aeromonas salmonicida and A. hydrophila, Bjarnheidur K. Gudmundsdottir and Bryndis Bjornsdottir
15: Edwardsiella spp., Matt J. Griffin, Terrence E. Greenway and David J. Wise
16: Flavobacterium spp.: F. psychrophilum, F. columnare and F. branchiophilum, Thomas P. Loch and Mohamed Faisal
17: Francisella noatunensis, Esteban M. Soto and John P. Hawke
18: Mycobacterium spp., David T. Gauthier and Martha W. Rhodes
19: Photobacterium damselae, John P. Hawke
20: Piscirickettsia salmonis, Jerri Bartholomew, Kristen D. Arkush and Esteban M. Soto
21: Renibacterium salmoninarum, Diane G. Elliott
22: Streptococcus iniae and S. agalactiae, Craig A. Shoemaker, De-Hai Xu and Esteban M. Soto
23: Vibriosis: Vibrio anguillarum, V. ordalii and Aliivibrio salmonicida, Alicia E. Toranzo, Beatriz Magariños and Ruben Avendaño-Herrera
24: Weissella ceti, Timothy J. Welch, David P. Marancik and Christopher M. Good
25: Yersinia ruckeri, Michael Ormsby and Robert Davies

Price: 105.00 GBP
Fish Diseases and Disorders. Vol.2. Non-Infectious Disorders, Second Edition, Woo, P.T. K. & J. Leatherwood (editors)
25 Woo, P.T. K. & J. Leatherwood (editors) Fish Diseases and Disorders. Vol.2. Non-Infectious Disorders, Second Edition
1845935535 / 9781845935535 New
2010. 26cm. Pp.1000. Photos & figures. Hardbound.

First published in 1998 and here thoroughly updated with new research and contributions.

Fish Diseases and Disorders. Vol.2. Non-Infectious Disorders, Second Edition, focuses largely on finfish. It covers non-infectious disorders of development, growth and physiology of wild and captive species, including genetic conditions, respiratory disorders, stress physiology, environmental factors and a new contribution to the relationship between welfare issues and disorders associated with intensive fish culture.

Price: 105.00 GBP
Fish Diseases and Disorders, Second Edition, three volume set, Woo, P.T.K. & J. Leatherwood (editors)
26 Woo, P.T.K. & J. Leatherwood (editors) Fish Diseases and Disorders, Second Edition, three volume set
1845935802 / 9781845935801 New
2006-2011. 3 volumes. 26cm. Pp.2800. Photos & figures. Hardbound.

Fish Diseases and Disorders, Second Edition, now complete in 3 volumes.

Volume 3 pictured

Price: 450.00 GBP
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