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The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs, Sale, Peter F (editor)

Author    Sale, Peter F (editor)

Title   The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs

Condition   New

ISBN    0126151814 / 9780126151817

Inventory number   979440

24cm. Pp.754. Softbound.

Standard reference, much in demand, The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs is available again.

Contents :

P.F. Sale, Introduction.
W.N. McFarland, The Visual World of Coral Reef Fishes.
J.H. Choat and D.R. Bellwood, Reef Fishes: Their History and Evolution.

Trophic Ecology:
E.S. Hobson, Trophic Relationships of Fishes Specialized to Feed on Zooplankters above Coral Reefs.
M.E. Hay, Fish-Seaweed Interactions on Coral Reefs: Effects of Herbivorous Fishes and Adaptation of Their Prey.
J.H. Choat, The Biology of Herbivorous Fishes on Coral Reefs.
G.P. Jones, D.J. Ferrell, and P.F. Sale, Fish Predation and Its Impact on the Invertebrates of Coral Reefs and Adjacent Sediments.

Larval and Juvenile Ecology:
J.M. Leis, The Pelagic Stage of Reef Fishes: The Larval Biology of Coral Reef Fishes.
B.C. Victor, Settlement Strategies and Biogeography of Reef Fishes.
P.J. Doherty, Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Recruitment.
G.P. Jones, Postrecruitment Processes in the Ecology of Coral Reef Fish Populations: A Multifactorial Perspective.

Reproductive and Life History Patterns:
D.Y. Shapiro, Intraspecific Variability in Social Systems of Coral Reef Fishes.
D.R. Robertson, The Role of Adult Biology in the Timing of Spawning of Tropical Reef Fishes. R.R. Warner, The Use of Phenotypic Plasticity in Coral Reef Fishes as Tests of Theory in Evolutionary Ecology.

Community Organization:
R.E. Thresher, Geographic Variability in the Ecology of Coral Reef Fishes: Evidence, Evolution, and Possible Implications.
D. McB. Williams, Patterns and Processes in the Distribution of Coral Reef Fishes.
M.A. Hixon, Predation as a Process Structuring Coral Reef Fish Communities.
A.W. Ebeling and M.A. Hixon, Tropical and Temperate Reef Fishes: Comparison of Community Structures.
P.F. Sale, Reef Fish Communities--Open Nonequilibrial Systems.

Fisheries and Management:
G.R. Russ, Coral Reef Fisheries: Effects and Yields.

9780126151817. The Ecology of Fishes on Coral Reefs

Price = 56.99 GBP

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