The Biology of Blennies

By: Patzner, Robert A., Emanuel J. Gonçalves & Philip A. Hastings (editors)

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The Biology of Blennies covers systematics, biogeography, feeding, reproduction and development, ecology and behaviour with a list of the valid species. With nearly 900 species, blennies are important members of most coastal marine communities.

Contents - Section 1. Systematics : Systematics of the Blennioidei and the Included Families Dactyloscopidae, Chaenopidae, Clinidae and Labrisomidae; Systematics of the Tripterygiidae (Triplefins); Systematics of the Blenniidae (Combtooth Blennies). Section 2. Biogeography : Biogeography of New World Blennies; Blennies in Temperate Seas. Section 3. Feeding and Sensory Systems : Diversity in the Diet and Feeding Habits of Blennies; Dentition and Taste Buds in Blennies; Nasal Olfactory Organs and Olfactory Bulbs in Blennies. Section 4. Reproduction and Development : Reproductive Organs in Blennies; Sexual Selection in Blennies; Alternative Reproductive Tactics in Blennies; Larval Development in Blennies. Section 5. Ecology and Behaviour : Communication in Blennies; Interspecific Relationships in Blennies; Patterns of Microhabitat Utilisation in Blennies. Section 6. Species of Blennies : List of Valid Species of Blennies

Title: The Biology of Blennies

Author: Patzner, Robert A., Emanuel J. Gonçalves & Philip A. Hastings (editors)

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