Freshwater Fish of the Northeast

By: Patterson, D.A. & M. Patterson

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2010. 26cm. Pp.144. 62 colour plates. Paperback.

Freshwater Fish of the Northeast is an illustrated guide to more than 60 freshwater fish from the ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams of New England and New York. Most anglers and locals are well aware of the most popular game fish that inhabit the waters of the Northeast, including the largemouth bass, the rainbow trout, and the yellow perch. But the habitats of New England and New York's inland waters boast a much broader array of fish than first meets the eye or hook. In "Freshwater Fish of the Northeast", the father-and-son team of David A. Patterson and Matt Patterson have fished the waters of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and, New York to catch and illustrate more than 60 of the region's most popular (or sometimes obscure) fish, from game fish to bait fish, and those in between.

This helpful guide includes detailed information on each species, describing their habits and habitats, behaviors, history, and lore. The Pattersons organize the book by fish family, including sunfish and bass (Centrarchidae), perch and darters (Percidae), salmon and trout (Salmonidae), bullhead and catfish (Ictaluridae), and many others. Each species is rendered in lifelike detail in pencil and acrylic paint, with close attention given to each fish's unique physical characteristics. Most of the illustrations are based on the authors' own live catches, in order to best capture the colours and traits of these fish in their native waters.

Title: Freshwater Fish of the Northeast

Author: Patterson, D.A. & M. Patterson

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