Genetic Sex Differentiation in Fish

By: Pandian, T. J

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2012. 28cm. Pp.220. Hardbound.

Genetic Sex Differentiation in Fish provides a comprehensive elucidation of the sex differentiation of gonochoric and hermaphroditic fishes, and examines sex chromosomes and sex determining genes, sex differentiation genes and steroid receptor genes, stem cells and germ cells. It emphasizes the need to search for more than one sex determining gene residing on different chromosomes, traces the origin of hermaphrodites from secondary gonochores, and explains the conservation of homologous sex differentiation and steroid receptor genes among gonochores and hermaphrodites.

The author highlights that the changes in the phenotypic morphotypes among gonochores are intrasexual but intersexual among hermaphrodites and identifies the optimal broodstock size, the appropriate candidate species for bait and food fishes and recognizes that the fishes do undergo menopause and reproductive senescence, which has an implication on the production of stem cells. He shows that the analysis of steriles and mutants has demonstrated the value of fishes as a system for genetic dissection of human development and diseases.

Title: Genetic Sex Differentiation in Fish

Author: Pandian, T. J

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