Rabies Control - Towards Sustainable Prevention at the Source

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Rabies Control, Proceedings of the OIE Global Conference on Rabies Control, Incheon-Seoul, Korea, September 2011.

This Compendium of manuscripts, prepared by speakers of the conference and reviewed by experts from its Scientific Committee, provides an overview of the current rabies situation worldwide and highlights the importance of rabies control at the animal source in achieving worldwide elimination of rabies in humans. The recommendations adopted at the end of the conference are also included.

Contents : Global perspective of rabies -- Towards sustainable prevention of rabies at the source: a case report from India -- Rabies in China -- Rabies elimination in Europe - a success story -- Epidemiological factors and control of rabies in North Africa -- Rabies and rabies control in African regions -- Epidemiology of rabies in Korea -- Epidemiology of rabies in Bhutan: geographical information system-based analysis -- Molecular tools for rabies diagnosis in animals -- Criteria for parenteral and oral immunisation of dogs against rabies -- Immunocontraception as a tool for rabies and canine population management -- Canine adenovirus antibodies in meso-carnivores in the United States of America: implications for oral rabies vaccination using recombinant adenovirus vaccines? -- Impact of animal rabies on local economy -- Cost of national wildlife rabies elimination programmes -- World Organisation for Animal Health standards and scientific activities for rabies control -- Rabies control: other relevant international standards and policies -- Local governments, municipalities and dog rabies control -- Rabies control and animal welfare -- Awareness and communication programmes for eliminating rabies at the animal source -- The economics of dog rabies control and the potential for combining it with other interventions -- Assuring the quality and sustainability of a rabies dog vaccination programme: vaccination, rabies surveillance and post-vaccination monitoring -- Public and private funding sources for sustainable rabies control programmes -- Catch, inject and release: immunocontraception as an alternative to culling and surgical sterilisation to control rabies in free-roaming dogs -- Mainstreaming rabies prevention and control at the national level: a focus on the national Veterinary Services -- OIE activities to support sustainable rabies control: vaccine banks, OIE twinning, and evaluation of the performance of Veterinary Services -- A 'showcase model' canine rabies prevention and elimination programme: the Bohol Rabies Prevention and Elimination Program -- Evaluation of various rabies elimination strategies in Latvia.

Title: Rabies Control - Towards Sustainable Prevention at the Source


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