Biologie des poissons d'eau douce européens (2° Édition)

By: Bruslé, Jacques & Jean-Pierre Quignard

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2013. 26cm. Pp.740. 64 watercolours, 70 maps, glossary, extensive bibliography. Softbound.

Biologie des poissons d'eau douce européens / The Biology of European Freshwater Fishes, second edition, is by its scope a broad and ambitious study in freshwater ichthyology. Covering all the ecophysiological, ecological and ethological aspects it provides a detailed presentation of 88 native and introduced species : their morphology, anatomy, geographical distribution, habitat, lifestyle and physiological activities. 453 extra-limital, exotic and other species are also listed.

This second edition has been extensively revised and expanded, given the importance of recent scientific data. With useful additions on habitats and lifestyles, this book is enriched by numerous genetic contributions that can be seen to have "revolutionized" the old concepts of paleo-historical origins and paleogeographic species. Extensions or reductions in geographic distributions have been subsequent to the transfer of anthropogenic origin, physical and chemical degradation of habitats and the recent impact of Global Warming, not to mention status changes in the minefield of systematics.

Intended for a wide audience. French text.

Title: Biologie des poissons d'eau douce européens (2° Édition)

Author: Bruslé, Jacques & Jean-Pierre Quignard

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