Terrestrial Animal Health Code, 25th edition 2016

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2016. 2 volumes. 30cm. Pp.740. Softbound.

The value of the Terrestrial Code is twofold: firstly, the sanitary measures recommended are the result of consensus among the Veterinary Authorities of OIE Members, and secondly, it constitutes a reference for terrestrial animals within the WTO SPS Agreement as an international standard for animal health and zoonoses, as well as a key standard for the prevention and control of animal diseases.

The aim of the Terrestrial Code is to contribute to improve animal health and welfare worldwide and to assure the sanitary safety of international trade in animals (mammals, birds, reptiles and bees) and their products. This is achieved through the detailing of health measures in the Terrestrial Code. The Veterinary Authorities of importing and exporting countries should use the OIE standards to avoid the transfer of agents pathogenic for animals or humans, while avoiding unjustified trade barriers.

Volume I contains general provisions in seven sections in addition to glossary. Section 1 contains chapters for diseases diagnosis,surveillance and notification including chapters on notification of diseases and epidemiological information; criteria for the inclusion of diseases, infections and infestations on the OIE List; animal health surveillance. Section 2 has a chapter on import risk analysis. Section 3 is relating to quality of Veterinary Services including chapters on; evaluation of Veterinary Services; and veterinary legislation. Section 4 contains chapters relating to general recommendations for disease prevention and control including; application of compartmentalisation; collection and processing of bovine, small ruminant and porcine semen; collection and processing of in vivo derived embryos from livestock and horses; and official health control of bee diseases. Section 5 is dedicated to chapters relating to trade measures and includes chapters on; certification procedures and model veterinary certificates for live animals and animal products. Section 6 is relating to veterinary public health including chapters on; biosecurity procedures in poultry production and responsible and prudent use of antimicrobial agents in veterinary medicine. Section 7 is for animal welfare including chapters on transport of animals; slaughter; stray dog population; use of animals in research; and beef cattle and broiler chicken production systems.

Volume II contains disease specific standards for OIE-listed diseases including foot and mouth disease; infection with viruses of notifiable avian influenza; bovine spongiform encephalopathy; infection with African horse sickness virus; peste des petits ruminants; and classical swine fever.

This 25th edition incorporates modifications to the Terrestrial Code agreed at the 84rd General Session in May 2016. It includes an updated version of the table of contents, user’s guide and glossary, as well as a new chapter covering the welfare of working equids (7.12.) (volume I). Additionally, volume I includes revised text in the following chapters: notification of diseases, infections and infestations, and provision of epidemiological information; criteria for the inclusion of diseases, infections and infestations in the OIE list; diseases, infections and infestations listed by the OIE; evaluation of Veterinary Services; monitoring of the quantities and usage patterns of antimicrobial agents used in food-producing animals; slaughter of animals, killing of animals for disease control purposes; animal welfare and broiler chicken production systems; and animal welfare and dairy cattle production systems. The following chapters in volume II were also updated: infection with bluetongue virus; infection with epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus; infection with Rift Valley fever virus; infection with Trichinella spp.; infection with peste des petits ruminants virus; and infection with Taenia solium (porcine cysticercosis).

Terrestrial Animal Health Code 2016, 25th edition.

Title: Terrestrial Animal Health Code, 25th edition 2016


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