Atlas of Porcine Dermatology

2015. 30cm. Pp.456. Colour photos, figures. Softbound.

This lavishly illustrated Atlas, is the first of its kind and fills a gap in the global veterinary literature. Takes into account all aspects of porcine dermatology (it covers non-infectious diseases and those whose origins are neither parasitic nor fungal), thus facilitating differential diagnosis.

Several of the OIE-listed swine diseases, namely FMD, Aujeszky‘s disease, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, classical swine fever and African swine fever (some of which also affect other species) can result in cutaneous clinical signs in pigs. For many skin ailments clinical signs are crucial for establishing a diagnosis.

English language edition.

This Atlas is also available in French, please inquire.

Title: Atlas of Porcine Dermatology

Author: Gourreau,J.M ; R. Drolet, G.-P. Martineau, H. Morvan, P.-P. Pastoret, D. Pin & D. W. Scott (editors)

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