Electricity in Fish Research and Management, Theory and Practice. Second edition

By: Beaumont, W. R. C :

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Electricity in Fish Research and Management, second edition provides a comprehensive discussion of the uses of both electricity and electrical principles in fishery management and research. It covers electric fishing (including theory, equipment, data analysis and practical factors affecting efficiency), fish barriers, fish counters and fish welfare issues.

The book concentrates on Electric Fishing (or Electrofishing); an internationally accepted and widely used procedure for sampling fish. Over the past 50 years electric fishing has become a standard method for fishery studies and management e.g. establishing population densities and abundance. However, due to the potential hazards of the method (both to operators and fish) there is a continuing need to develop and promote best practice guidelines.

The author has studied fish ecology for 40 years and understands the need for information that reaches out to all levels of understanding in the field. In this book theory and practice is explained using non-technical language and simple equations. It brings depth as well as breadth in both information and principles behind the methods and should be an invaluable tool to both fisheries managers and researchers.

Title: Electricity in Fish Research and Management, Theory and Practice. Second edition

Author: Beaumont, W. R. C :

Categories: Aquaculture, Fisheries, Fish Diseases

ISBN: 1118935586

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