Baensch Aquarium Atlas Volume 4

By: Baensch, Hans A. & Rüdiger Riehl

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Baensch Aquarium Atlas Volume 4, the latest edition, hardbound.

Covers approximately 700 species with emphasis on catfishes, killifishes, and cichlids.

Volume 4 introduces new species and varieties that before could only be found in widely scattered, hard to find literature.

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The Baensch / Mergus Aquarium Atlas is universally recognised as the leading aquarium reference with very high brand recognition.

The brain child of Hans Baensch (1941-2016) and first published in 1977 the Aquarium Atlas series has matured into a multi-volume set, enjoyed by beginners and experts alike.

Please note that Baensch Aquarium Atlas Volume 5, Baensch Aquarium Atlas Volume 6, and Catfish Atlas Volume 2 are only available in German, they are not available in English and there are no plans for any translated editions. If you wish to order the German editions please drop us a line.

Baensch Aquarium Atlas Volume 3, and Cichlid Atlas Volumes 1 & 2 are currently out of print, no reprints are planned.

Aquarium Atlas Volumes 1, 2, 4, Photo Index, 5, and 6 are available separately, please contact us for uptodate prices and availability, thank you. Volume 4 now limited stock.

Title: Baensch Aquarium Atlas Volume 4

Author: Baensch, Hans A. & Rüdiger Riehl

Categories: Freshwater Fishes, Baensch Aquarium Atlas,

ISBN: 3882440589

ISBN 13: 9783882440584

Condition: New

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