Aquatic Animal Health Code, 21st edition 2018

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The value of the Aquatic Code is twofold: firstly, the sanitary measures recommended are the result of consensus among the Veterinary Authorities of OIE Members, and secondly, it constitutes a reference within the WTO SPS Agreement as an international standard for animal health and zoonoses of aquatic animals, as well as a key standard for the prevention and control of aquatic animal diseases.

The 2018 Aquatic Code is arranged in sections as follows: Section 1 includes chapters on notification of OIE listed diseases, criteria for listing aquatic animal diseases, OIE listed diseases and surveillance; Section 2 includes chapters on import risk analysis; Section 3 includes chapters on the quality of aquatic animal health services; Section 4 includes chapters on general recommendations for disease prevention and control; Section 5 includes chapters focused on topics relating to trade measures, import and export procedures and certification; Section 6 includes chapters on the control of hazards in aquatic animal feed and responsible and prudent use of antimicrobial agents in aquatic animals; Section 7 includes chapters on welfare of farmed fish during transport and killing; Sections 8 to 11 include disease specific chapters for OIE listed diseases of amphibians, crustaceans, molluscs and fish, and are designed to prevent the disease in question being introduced into the importing country, taking into account the nature of the commodity and the aquatic animal health status of the exporting country.

The 2018 edition includes updates of the table of contents and glossary, and revised text included in Chapter 1.1. Notification of diseases and provision of epidemiological information and Chapter 5.1. General obligations related to certification. Chapter 4.3. Disinfection of aquaculture establishments and equipment has been extensively revised and the title amended accordingly. Chapter 9.2. Infection with yellow head virus genotype 1 has been amended to clarify the scope of this chapter and the title revised accordingly. In addition, some minor consequential amendments have been made in Articles 1.4.3., 1.5.2., 2.1.4., 4.2.3. and 4.6.3. to ensure that the use of ‘vector’ is consistent with the new definition of ‘vector’.

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Title: Aquatic Animal Health Code, 21st edition 2018


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