The Contribution of Animals to Human Welfare

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Discusses how dogs and livestock can both make a positive contribution to human welfare. Animals improve the welfare of humans in many ways, ranging from providing companionship, improving mental health, facilitating rescues during natural disasters and as food. Dogs used in therapy, and as aids for people with disabilities, provide important benefits. Moreover, they can also be used to detect drugs and herd livestock. To ensure the welfare of such important partners, good breeding programmes and high-quality veterinary care are essential, and breeders must be careful to avoid producing dogs with congenital issues.

Livestock are another contributor to human welfare and are an important part of sustainable farming. Maintaining farmland in good condition is essential for a stable food supply, and several papers discuss research on how grazing livestock can improve farmland. More papers address ethical concerns and possible risks to human health regarding future livestock issues, such as the use of animals (e.g. cattle and pigs) as sources of transplant organs and in producing pharmaceuticals.

Humans benefit from animals in many ways and it is essential to ensure that the welfare of the animals is protected.

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Title: The Contribution of Animals to Human Welfare


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