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Herpetology, Current Research on the Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles

By: Adler, K (editor)

Price: £8.00

Inventory number: 000748

1992. 29cm. Pp.245. Photos. Cloth, fine copy. View more info

On Batrachians from Bolivia, Argentina and Peru, Collected by Nordenskiold 1901-1902 and Holmgren 1904-1905

By: Andersson, L. G

Price: £13.00

Inventory number: 000496

1906. 22cm. Pp.17. 1 plate. New wrappers. View more info

Vie et Moeurs des Amphibiens

By: Angel, F

Price: £10.00

Inventory number: 000434

1947. 23cm. Pp.317. 292 illustrations by the author. Original wrappers, fine uncut, unused copy. View more info

Atlas Anima. 3. Amphibia Reptilia

By: Aramata, Hiroshi

Price: £0.00

Inventory number: 979491

ISBN: 4582518230

Condition: Sold<br>

Heibonsha Ltd. Publishers, 1990. 27cm. Pp.375. Hundreds of colour plates and figures, very many plain figures. Hardbound.Hiroshi Aramata's Atlas Anima, Volume 3. Amphibia Reptilia, an immaculate copy in jacket and slipcase.A pictorial history of herpetology. Plate captions in Japanese, Latin and English overwise the text is entirely in Japanese.Sold View more info

Evolution in the Genus Bufo

By: Blair, W. F (editor)

Price: £40.00

Inventory number: 979472

ISBN: 0292720017

1972. 29cm. Pp.viii, 459. 81 colour photographs, numerous text figures & maps. Hardbound.Evolution in the Genus Bufo discusses the probable evolutionary history and present day distribution of the genus. View more info

Serpientes Venenos y Ofidismo en Centroamerica

By: Bolanos, R

Price: £15.00

Inventory number: 000371

1984. 21cm. Pp.136. Colour & BW photos, text illustrations and maps. PaperbackSerpientes Venenos y Ofidismo en Centroamerica, Spanish text, Latin nomenclature. View more info

South African Red Data Book - Reptiles and Amphibians

By: Branch, W.R. (editor)

Price: £15.00

Inventory number: 000359

1988. 29cm. Pp.vi,241. 38 photos & text illustr., 95 maps. Paperback. View more info

Les Gerrhosaurinae de Madagascar, Sauria (Cordylidae)

By: Brygoo, E. R

Price: £35.00

Inventory number: 979480

1985. 28cm. Pp.18 figures, 6 maps, 3 tables, keys. Softbound.Les Gerrhosaurinae de Madagascar, The Plated Lizards of Madagascar.Mémoires du Muséum national d'histoire naturelle. Nouvelle série, série A, Zoologie, T. 134.A review of the two endemic genera based on the study of 350 specimens, French text. View more info

A Guide to the Identification of the Frogs of the Witwatersrand

By: Carruthers, V

Price: £5.00

Inventory number: 000398

Conservation Press, Jo'burg, 1976. 21cm. Pp.78. 13 colour & 57 BW photos. Map. Boards.A Guide to the Identification of the Frogs of the Witwatersrand includes the hard-disk record 'Voices of the Frogs of the Witwatersrand' (13 species). Last few new copies. View more info

Les Serpents de la Guyane Francaise

By: Chippaux, J.-P

Price: £28.99

Inventory number: 001412

ISBN: 2709908298

1986. 27cm. Pp.165. 62 figures, 8 tables. Paperback.Les Serpents de la Guyane Francaise is the standard systematic guide to the snakes of French Guyana with keys to species. French text. View more info

Frogs of Southeastern Brasil

By: Cochran, D. M

Price: £95.00

Inventory number: 000435

1955. 23cm. Pp.xvi,423. Frontispiece, 34 photo-plates, 27 text figures. Wrappers. View more info

The Batrachia of North America

By: Cope, E. D

Price: £15.00

Inventory number: 000403

(1885) 1963. 23cm. Pp.525. 86 plates, 119 text figures. Hardbound. View more info

The Book of Indian Reptiles

By: Daniel, J. C

Price: £6.75

Inventory number: 000452

1983. 25cm. Pp.x,141. 41 coloured, 13 BW plates. Hardbound. View more info

The Crocodiles of Ceylon

By: Deraniyagala, P.E.P

Price: £44.00

Inventory number: 002786

Offprint Ceylon J.Sci., first edn., 1930. 25cm. Pp.7. 2 plates. Original wrappers, short tear to leading edge of front wrap, good copy, The Crocodiles of Ceylon, signed by author. View more info

The Testudinata of Ceylon

By: Deraniyagala, P.E.P

Price: £53.00

Inventory number: 002785

Offprint Ceylon J. Sci., first edn., 1930. 25cm. Pp.45. 7 plates. Original wrappers, last four pages and first two plates creased to upper right hand corner. Good copy, signed by author.The Testudinata of Ceylon is a detailed account of the species contained in seven genera. View more info

Serpents du Laos

By: Deuve, J

Price: £23.50

Inventory number: 001415

ISBN: 2709900432

1970. 27cm. Pp.251. 31 plates, 23 text illustrations, 2 maps. Wrappers.Serpents du Laos is the systematic guide to the venomous and harmless snakes of Laos and adjacent areas of Burma, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. French text. View more info

Synopsis of the Biological Data on the Loggerhead Sea Turtle Caretta caretta (Linnaeus 1758)

By: Dodd, C. Kenneth

Price: £18.50

Inventory number: 979469

1988. 28cm. Pp.110. 9 figures, 31 tables, bibliography. Paperback.Synopsis of the Biological Data on the Loggerhead Sea Turtle is the first report to collate and synthesise published data on the biology and management of Caretta caretta. More than 850 literature references were covered. Topics include taxonomy, morphology, life history, population biology, exploitation, protection, and management. View more info

Variation in Clutch and Litter Size in New World Reptiles

By: Fitch, H. S

Price: £6.50

Inventory number: 000915

1985. 25cm. Pp.76. Maps. Paperback. View more info

Revised Catalogue of the Herpetological Collection in Turin Univ. I. Amphibia

By: Gavetti, E. & F. Andreone

Price: £11.00

Inventory number: 000410

1993. 24cm. Pp.186. 52 photos. Hardbound. View more info

Checklist and Keys to the Terrestrial Proteroglyphs of the World (Serpentes: Elapidae-Hydrophiidae)

By: Golay, P

Price: £17.25

Inventory number: 000369

1985. 21cm. Pp.ix,91. 4 text figures. Paperback. View more info

Zoological Record. Amphibia, 1954, 1957-1961

By: Grandison, A.C.G. and others.

Price: £25.00

Inventory number: 000450

Published 1956-1964. 6 volumes in 5. Pp.74; 100; 59; 130; 81. Wrappers. View more info

The IUCN Amphibia-Reptilia Red Data Book. Part 1. Testudines, Crocodylia, Rhynchocephalia

By: Groombridge, Brian (compiler)

Price: £8.00

Inventory number: 000723

ISBN: 288032601X

1982. 24cm. Pp.xliii,426. Hardbound.The IUCN Amphibia-Reptilia Red Data Book. Part 1. Testudines, Crocodylia, Rhynchocephalia, long out of print, a couple of copies in stock. View more info

Die Schlangen Europas und rund ums Mittelmeer

By: Gruber, Ulrich

Price: £6.00

Inventory number: 000592

ISBN: 3440057534

1989. 20cm. Pp.248. 199 colour photos, 44 figures. Hardback.Die Schlangen Europas und rund ums Mittelmeer, superb photo-field guide, up-to-date information on more than 95 European and northern African snakes can be found in this book, original German edition, one (1) copy only at this price. View more info

Herpetologische Ergbnisse einer Forschungsreise in Angola

By: Hellmich, W

Price: £26.00

Inventory number: 000917

1957. 25cm. Pp.92. 8 photo-plates, 2 figs., map. Wrappers. View more info

Die Eidechsen Chiles, inbesondere die Gattung Liolaemus

By: Hellmich, Walter

Price: £60.00

Inventory number: 979486

1934. 29cm. Pp.140. 2 plates, 22 text figures, maps, tables. Original wrappers.Die Eidechsen Chiles, standard systematic account of the genus Liolaemus of the Andes, German text. View more info

Variation within the Leptodactylus podicipinus-wagneri Complex of Frogs (Amphibia; Leptodactylidae)

By: Heyer, W. R

Price: £5.00

Inventory number: 000446

28cm. Pp.iv,124. 46 photos. Softbound. View more info

Ghanese Lizards of the Genus Mabuya (Scincidae, Sauria, Reptilia)

By: Hoogmoed, M. S

Price: £6.00

Inventory number: 000614

1974. 22cm. Pp.62. 6 plates of photos. 19 figures. Paperback. View more info

In Crocodile Land, Wandering in Northern Australia

By: Idriess, I. L

Price: £7.00

Inventory number: 000717

(1946) 1952. 22cm. Pp.ix,241. 22 photos. Cloth.In Crocodile Land, good secondhand copy with jacket. View more info

Image for The Fish & Fisheries of the Gold Coast

The Fish & Fisheries of the Gold Coast

By: Irvine, F. R

Price: £20.00

Inventory number: 979735

Condition: Clean secondhand<br>

Crown Agents, 1947. 26cm. Pp.xv, [i], 352. 217 text figures. Original cloth, dustjacket, head of spine with 1cm split, jacket torn with loss. Trewavas / Banister copy with both signatures, newspaper obituary of Frederick Irvine pasted to fep.Includes Fishes of the Gold Coast - Marine Fishes (Norman & Irvine) pp.81-220, and Fresh-water Fishes (Trewavas & Irvine) pp.221-282, both with keys to genera, and an illustrated chapter on the crustaceans, sea turtles and marine mammals. View more info