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Baensch Aquarium Atlas Volume 4

By: Baensch, Hans A. & Rüdiger Riehl

Price: £39.95

Inventory number: 979712

ISBN: 3882440589

Condition: New<br>

Baensch Aquarium Atlas Volume 4, the latest edition, hardbound.Covers approximately 700 species with emphasis on catfishes, killifishes, and cichlids.Volume 4 introduces new species and varieties that before could only be found in widely scattered, hard to find literature.One only at this priceThe Baensch / Mergus Aquarium Atlas is universally recognised as the leading aquarium reference with very high brand recognition.The bra... View more info

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Catfish Atlas Volume 1

By: Evers, H.-G. & I. Seidel

Price: £59.95

Inventory number: 003695

ISBN: 3882440643

Condition: New<br>

English edn., 2005. 19cm. Pp.944. 1000 colour photographs. Hardbound.The family Loricariidae, suckermouth -or armoured- catfishes, contains over 650 described species and a great number of still undescribed forms. Many of these are popular aquarium fishes. This first volume presents the subfamilies Hypoptopomatinae and Loricariinae, and the families Cetopsidae, Nematogenydae, and Trichomycteridae. An extensive introduction to their natural history is given with s... View more info

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Cichlid Atlas Volume 2

By: Römer, Uwe

Price: £65.00

Inventory number: 004275

ISBN: 3882440414

Condition: Clean secondhand<br>

Natural History of South American Dwarf Cichlids Part 2. 2006. 19cm. Pp.1320. 1280 colour photos, 400 figures, numerous diagrams & tables, 125 maps. Hardbound.Presents an overview of Apistogramma species with nominal lists of valid, invalid and still undescribed species and a completely revised and updated identification key to genera and species (one new genus and several new species introduced recently to the aquarium hobby are presented here for the first time... View more info